[Top 5] World of Tanks Best American Medium Tanks

WoT Best American Medium Tanks
Feel the passion of the fiery American Medium tanks!

What Are The Best American Medium Tanks? 

The Americans have one really nice medium tank line that is known to be versatile from T2 Medium Tank to the m48 Patton and some other worthy medium tanks as well to choose from.

5.  M4A1

M4A1 Sherman

Stylish M4A1 rolls out with camouflage and decels.

The American tier 5 medium tank M4A1 Sherman barely makes it onto this list at number 5. You might think this list would just be just all top tier tanks, but I like to also consider a good tank for its tier, maybe even the best tier 5 medium. This tank is considered a great well rounded tank with good mobility, speed, and armor, but also has the best view range out of all the tier 5 mediums.

What Makes M4A1 Awesome:

  • Two different great guns to choose, one with more penetration and reliable damage per minute when sniping, and other has more damage and reload speed
  • Excellent gun depression
  • The best view range out of all tier 5 mediums and an excellent radio range

Tank M4A1 Rating:  92/100 (OP score)

4. M4A3E8

M4A3E8 Sherman

A good look at the next Sherman.

Next up we have the next Sherman in the line, the tier 6 M4A3E8 Sherman. This one is a quicker, slightly more armored, improved rate of fire and accuracy version of its predecessor. This is a beloved tank that can easily be underestimated; you can also side step into researching the tank destroyer Jackson from this tank.

What Makes M4A3E8 Awesome:

  • Great rate of fire with decent damage per minute
  • Excellent mobility with a decent top speed
  • Good for a hull down position with its gun depression and strong turret

Tank M4A3E8 Rating:  93/100 (OP score)

3. T54E1


The T54E1 took a beating, but got its first star on its auto loading gun.

Now we jump to tier 9 with the American tier 9 the T54E1 medium tank. It is a unique American tank as it is slower with its still on the weak side for armor and the size of a heavy tank; this is because it is not part of the main American medium line, but a branching off from the light tank line. However, it is still effective because of the power of its auto loading gun that actually has a good reload time.

What Makes T54E1 Awesome:

  • Amazingly powerful gun for its fast reload rate
  • When angled right, the turret can bounce shots
  • Decent maneuverability that can sweep in and unload the clip
  • Being a bigger tank, it is great for ramming and has the second highest HP in its tier for mediums

Tank T54E1 Rating:  94/100 (OP score)

2. M46 Patton

M46 Patton

The mobile M46 Patton is on the move, taking no prisoners.

Here is the other American medium tier 9, the M46 Patton. It still has the great maneuverability that its line is known for even though it is slower than other tier 9 medium tanks, but still has a quick acceleration and low gun dispersion that can use the surroundings for its benefit. This tank can be a dangerous opponent to most medium and light tanks of its tier and even punish heavy tanks with its fast reload time.

What Makes M46 Patton Awesome:

  • Excellent gun depression and gun dispersion values, with the nice reload time
  • Great view range with decent camouflage that can spot other tanks before they spot it
  • Amazing damage that makes it the third highest damage per minute tank out of all tier 9 medium tanks

Tank M46 Patton Rating:  95/100 (OP score)

1. M48 Patton

M48 Patton

A day at the beach with the beautiful M48 Patton.

Finally, we reach number 1 and of course the deserving tank that gets this spot is the final American medium tier 10, the M48A5 Patton. It is a great example of a jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none kind of tank. It now has strong armor, stronger than most other mediums, but less speed than its predecessor. It still has a reasonable maneuverability, gun depression, and a nicely improved versatile gun.

What Makes M48 Patton Awesome:

  • Great versatile gun with nice damage, speedy aim time, and excellent gun handling
  • Bouncy round turret with nice gun depression that will work well in hull-down positions
  • Decent maneuverability and good turret traverse
  • Has one of the best view ranges in the entire game

Tank M48 Patton Rating:  96/100 (OP score)


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