Best Artillery For Every Tier in World of Tanks

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Artilleries making someones life unbearable.

Hello, tankers!


We know in the game SPGs make people mad and angry. But its role is very important for winning the game.

But do you know what’s its role for winning? 

Think about an excellent armored enemy vehicle in a hull-down position on the distance (like Maus, Obj. 268 V4). You can’t even penetrate him. 

There comes your hero! SPGs are engaging them. Dealing damages stuns its crew. Making a good opportunity for pushing forward.

Another example, you have very low HP and an enemy is watching your corner. You can’t peek cause it’s gonna blow you up easily. 

Here is the SPGs role again. Damage the enemy, force the enemy to retreat.

As you can understand, the SPGs role is very important for winning.

They have lots of disadvantages too. In city maps like Himmelsdorf, they are useless.  Their HP is too low, usually getting one shot. Their view ranges so poor for enemies coming towards them. They can see you before you see them. Their armor paper-thin, even Pz. 1 C. 's 7.92mm gun can penetrate most SPGs.

Our goal in this article is to choose the best for our team. Going to choose every non-premium SPGs for every tier objectively. Our criteria will be: aim time, reload time, gun dispersion, having a turret or not (it’s so important for aiming. Turning hull makes the focus circle much bigger than turning turret.), mobility, stun time, alpha damage and penetration.

*%100 crew and best configurations were chosen.

**No additional upgrades.

*** Premium and collector vehicles not included.


Tier V

M 41 HMC

  • Aim Time-- 7 sec.
  • Reload Time-- 25 sec.
  • Gun Dispersion-- 0.82m
  • Turret? -- Partially 
  • Mobility-- 56.3 Km/h top speed, 15.35hp/t
  • Stun Time(min.)-- 6.24 sec.
  • Alpha Damage-- 550 Hp
  • Armor Penetration-- 38 mm


  • M41 Hmc is a great boomer for its tier. Thanks to its great mobility and wide gun traverse it can aim easily without turning.
  • With its 155mm howitzer, it can deal huge damages with its great accuracy. 
  • If the tank position is not able to engage the enemy, no problem! With great mobility, you can change your position quickly. 
  • If the enemy is pushing though you can run away and hide in a better position without getting spotted.
  • Its problem is shell travel and aiming time longer than its opponents. Should be wise and need to have a foresight before shooting.


Tier VI


  • Aim Time-- 4.9 sec.
  • Reload Time-- 19.9 sec.
  • Gun Dispersion-- 0.72m
  • Turret? -- Partially
  • Mobility-- 56.3 Km/h top speed, 18.95 hp/t
  • Stun Time(min.)-- 6.24 sec.
  • Alpha Damage-- 550 Hp
  • Armor Penetration-- 39mm


  • M44’s characteristic is much like M41 Hmc. But it’s aiming time and reload time way better than it. 
  • It has the same style of play as M41. Same gun caliber, same movement capability.
  • It’s opponents’ problems, especially not having good gun traverse and accuracy.


Tier VII

G.W. Panther

  • Aim Time-- 5.1 sec.
  • Reload Time-- 27 sec.
  • Gun Dispersion-- 0.64m
  • Turret? -- Yes
  • Mobility-- 46 Km/h top speed, 11.67 Hp/t
  • Stun Time(min.)-- 9.9 sec.
  • Alpha Damage-- 680 Hp
  • Armor Penetration-- 39 mm


  • Fear of tier VII, VII’s heavy tanks. Germany’s psychological damage vehicle. The Dracula (due to its Dracula cape-like armor on the rear and side of its gun.). 
  • With turret, high damage for its reload time, good aiming time. No doubt about choosing G.W Panther.
  • With low dispersion, you can give enemies hell. Shoot them constantly. They will give up or blow up.
  • But be careful when enemies get close. You have bad mobility for running away. They will take revenge when they see you. 





  • Aim Time--  5.3 sec.
  • Reload Time-- 46 sec.
  • Gun Dispersion-- 0.77m
  • Turret? -- Partially
  • Mobility-- 38.6 Km/h top speed, 13.45 Hp/t
  • Stun Time(min.)--  12.6 sec.
  • Alpha Damage-- 1050 Hp
  • Armor Penetration-- 52 mm


  • Another American in front of us. 
  • This time caliber got bigger (8 inches), penetration has increased. But mobility and turret traverse angles decreased. For tier VIII low caliber guns can’t damage enemies much cause of less penetration. 
  • Cause of the higher caliber reload time increased very much. So you don’t want to miss your shot. Thanks to American aiming you will hit enemies easily. Deal them with huge damages. One-shot most paper-thin targets.
  • Careful when turning the hull you don’t want the focus circle to get bigger.
  • This time mobility is poor. You can’t avoid enemies easily like other Americans


Tier IX



  • Aim Time-- 5.2 sec.
  • Reload Time--  42 sec.
  • Gun Dispersion-- 0.75 m
  • Turret? -- Yes
  • Mobility-- 56.3 Km/h top speed, 18.22 Hp/t
  • Stun Time(min.)-- 12.6 sec.
  • Alpha Damage-- 1050 Hp
  • Armor Penetration-- 52 mm


  • Again, an American. M53/M55 like its lower predecessors.
  • Its gun mixture of good accuracy, reload time and alpha damage. 
  • With great mobility, you can change the position where enemies are and engage them. They are coming towards you? Runaway. Take a position, engage them again.
  • It’s a hurtful SPG for all enemies. Great armor penetration deals huge damages to well-armored enemies. 
  • Turreted design lets you engage moving targets too.
  • In all respects, it's an excellent tank.


Tier X

Conqueror GC


  • Aim Time-- 6.1 sec
  • Reload Time-- 46 sec.
  • Gun Dispersion-- 1.08 m
  • Turret? -- Partially
  • Mobility-- 34.3 Km/h top speed, 14.73 Hp/t
  • Stun Time(min.)-- 13.2 sec
  • Alpha Damage-- 1200 Hp
  • Armor Penetration-- 59 mm


  • Nightmare of Tier X heavies. Giving death from heaven. Nicknamed as Conqueror Orbital Laser Carriage.
  • It has a low range, it has no great mobility, it has a long shell travel time. But no problem. Thanks to its short barrel gun, the shells hit targets vertically. That means hitting from the thinnest armor. With 59mm penetration it can deal lots of damage.
  • It has lethal alpha damage and dangerous splash damage. Even the missing shots can hurt enemies much.
  • Because of the short barrel, you can’t take positions like other SPGs. You have to be much closer to enemies to engage the entire map. It has the best frontal armor for an SPG. So its survivability could be better sometimes. 

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