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What is a heavy tank and whats its main purpose?

Heavy tanks are the toughest vehicles in the game. They are well armored and have great firepower. Played correctly, they are the shield for their teammates, and due to their armor and big health pools, they can soak large amounts of incoming damage.

Nevertheless, if you are conducting this vehicle, avoid the open space because the amount of its armor reflects negatively its deliverness.


WoT Best Tier III Heavy Tank – Type 91

Type 91 is a Japanese Tier III ‘Heavy’ tank. It’s the lowest Tier Heavy tank in the game and the first Heavy Tank in the Japanese Heavy Tank Line.

Doubtlessly, this vehicle is the best piece of this category in Tier III (not because of the qualities it possesses, but because it is the only Heavy Tank in Tier III).

What makes Type 91 awesome:

  • 81mm of penetration on the top gun;
  • Great rate of fire – It fires almost 29 rounds per minute;
  • 12 degrees of gun depression;
  • 2000 damage per minute;


WoT Best Tier IV Heavy Tank – Pz. Kpfw. B2 740 (f)

Pz. Kpfw. B2 740 (f) is a German premium Tier IV Heavy Tank.

Even though it’s a premium vehicle (and we all know how well Wargaming balances premium tanks), we had to put it on this list because it has all the attributes of a Heavy Tank – pretty good armor, decent gun handling, and nice rate of fire.

What makes Pz. Kpfw. B2 740 (f) awesome:

  • Pretty good Rate of Fire – 27.6 rounds per minute;
  • 1.14 seconds needed for full aim;
  • 10 degrees of gun depression;
  • 60mm of frontal hull armor, 60mm on the sides;


WoT ​Best Tier V Heavy Tank – KV – 1

KV – 1 is a Soviet Tier V Heavy Tank. In terms of regular vehicles, it is the first real Heavy Tank you will drive or encounter in this game.

Since World of Tanks is not a noob-friendly game, this Heavy Tank line should be the first pick for new players. You will learn the basics of Heavy Tank gameplay and some of your mistakes will be forgiven –  after all, you are driving a legendary WWII vehicle with vodka armor!

What makes KV – 1 awesome:

  • 3 decent guns - please use reliable 85mm gun (good alpha damage, 120mm of standard penetration and you will not get used on ‘derp’ gameplay);
  • Excellent armor for its tier – you will learn how to angle your tank, how to side scrape (one of the most important HT techniques),
  • 110mm of turret armor;


WoT Best Tier VI Heavy Tank – T – 150

T – 150 is a Soviet Tier VI Heavy Tank. If you are one of those Tiger 131 statistic fans, please – we are talking about real Heavy Tanks in the game!

T – 150 is the updated KV -1. Good all-rounder, and personally my favorite Tier VI Heavy Tank.

This vehicle will help you develop Heavy Tank techniques that you initiated with KV – 1 and when you’re done with the grind, you’ll possess the basics for playing this category in the higher Tiers.

What makes T – 150 awesome:

  • 167mm of penetration on standard, and 219mm on premium rounds;
  • 300 alpha damage;
  • 90mm of frontal hull armor, angled properly it can reach 121mm of effective armor;
  • Good sidescraper;
  • 7 degrees of gun depression (pretty good for Soviet vehicles);



WoT Best Tier VII Heavy Tank – T29

T29 is an American tier VII Heavy Tank. According to the majority of players, it is the best vehicle in this Tier.

The hull down God. Even Tier IX tanks will struggle to penetrate your turret (good luck with that). Use your turret armor, great gun depression, and solid gun handling to dominate any battlefield.

Used properly, this vehicle will give you some games to remember.

What makes T29 awesome:

  • 279.4mm of frontal turret armor and 12 degrees of gun depression;
  • 102mm of frontal hull armor – angled properly, it will bounce some shots;
  • 198mm of penetration on standard, and 245mm on premium rounds;
  • 320 alpha damage;


WoT Best Tier VIII Heavy Tank - T26E5 Patriot

T26E5 Patriot is American Tier VIII Premium Heavy Tank. At first glance, it may seem like a standard T26E5 with USA skin, but the difference between these two tanks stands in farming credits – no skin = less money!

T26E5 Patriot is a hull down beast with an excellent rate of fire, great gun depression, and pretty good penetration.

Defender lovers, please stay away from me! I am trying not to talk about overpowered tanks, as much as I can.

What makes T26E5 Patriotawesome:

  • 230mm of penetration on standard rounds;
  • -10 degrees of gun depression;
  • APCR – standard ammunition;
  • 279mm thick gun mantlet;
  • Great rate of fire – this tank fires almost 10 rounds per minute – with a decent crew and properly equipped;


WoT Best Tier IX Heavy Tank – WZ 111 model 1-4

WZ 111 model 1-4 is a Chinese tier IX Heavy Tank. If you have ever played with IS – 7 (one of the Soviet Tier X Heavy Tanks) and if it felt right playing it, you will most definitely enjoy playing with this vehicle.

It has great mobility, pretty good gun handling for a 130mm gun, excellent base view range for a Heavy Tank. It is similar to T10 – Soviet Tier IX Heavy Tank, but 490 alpha damage highlights this vehicle in comparison to the previous one.

What makes WZ 111 model 1-4 awesome:

  • The maximum speed of 50km/h;
  • 490 alpha damage with a more than decent gun handling;
  • 400m of base view range;


WoT Best Tier X Heavy Tank – WZ 111 model 5a

WZ 111 model 5A is a Chinese Tier X Heavy Tank. Presenting this tank to the game didn’t feel right at first, especially to all of us who adored the 113 (other Tier X Chinese Heavy Tank). However, as much as it pains me to say this (113, I still adore you!) this tank is currently number one Heavy Tank in Tier X.

Compared to the mentioned 113, this vehicle offers more reliable armor and better gun handling.

It has great mobility, excellent gun for a Heavy Tank, sturdy frontal turret armor and one of the best gun elevations in the game.

What makes WZ 111 model 5A:

  • The maximum speed of 50 km/h;
  • 300mm of frontal turret armor;
  • 0.37 dispersion;
  • 490 alpha damage;
  • 23 degrees of gun elevation;

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