World of Tanks Best Russian Tanks for Every Tier

World of Tanks Best Russian Tanks
IS-7 on the snow

Hello, tankers,

We know Mother Russia has an important role for tanks. They won WW2 with tanks, lots of tanks. The T-34 you know showed the importance of sloped armor to every army, every tank designer. 

They’ve done marvels of engineering like IS-7, Obj. 279. They are excellent tanks even nowadays. They’ve done excellent work for tankers.

But our main thing is World of Tanks. In-game Soviet tanks are generally mobile, greatly armored tanks with bit-poor gun stats like aim time, accuracy, penetration.

But our main thing is not generalizing Soviet Tanks, the main thing is the best Soviet Tanks for every tier. Here is the list of them.


Tier V


  • DPM— 2002 Hp
  • Penetration— 120 mm
  • Hull armor— 75 mm 
  • Turret armor— 110 mm
  • Top speed— 34 km/h



  • Kv-1 is an important tank for new players. Early experiment for heavy tank logic. 
  • Kv-1 has all-around armor, which increases its survivability.
  • One of the most important things for Kv-1 users is angling. Angle anywhere, anytime. Then watch the enemy shells bouncing. If you stay straight, Kv-1s armor won’t be effective. Don’t forget it’s not invincible, don't stay in the open.
  • The gun is average, but not the best. 160 Hp alpha damage is not bad, but accuracy and penetration are poor.
  • Kv-1 is a cumbersome tank. It takes time to reach its top speed. Traverse speeds are slow. 
  • Be careful, don’t get flanked, you can’t answer flankers because of slow traverse speeds. 
  • Side and rear armor are thick, but not effective because of flat armor.


Tier VI


  • DPM— 2372 Hp (HE shell)
  • Penetration— 86 mm
  • Hull armor— 75 mm
  • Turret armor— 75 mm 
  • Top speed— 35 km/h



  • The boogeyman of tier VI. No one wants to face its 152 mm howitzer.
  • With HE shells it can penetrate 86 mm armor with 910 Hp alpha damage it can one-shot most light armored enemies.
  • When armored enemies appear, no problem again. HE shells maybe can’t deal their alpha damage, but they can deal huge damage anyways.
  • Problem starting with Kv-2’s survivability. Same hull as Kv-1. For tier VI, it’s not enough. Thanks to its gun, it uses a fridge instead of a turret. So the turret is generally weak.
  • Mobility is likely Kv-1, hard to access top speed, slow traverse speeds...
  • Its howitzer is a big deal, but it has a lot of weaknesses too. Reload time 23 seconds, dispersion and aim time are too high. 
  • If you miss your shot and can’t hide, you are probably a dead tank. 
  • So don’t stay alone, don’t trust your armor and don’t miss your shot with Kv-2.
  • It is not the strongest maybe, but gameplay experience and fun are more important for choosing.


Tier VII


  • DPM— 2203 Hp 
  • Penetration— 212 mm 
  • Aim Time— 2.21 sec 
  • Dispersion— 0.39 m 
  • Turret? — No 
  • Stationary camo % — 20.18 / 4.22 
  • View range— 350 m 
  • Radio range— 525 m 



  • Su-100 M1 is a very surprising tank destroyer.  
  • It can penetrate most tier X tanks, it can bounce tier IX shells.  
  • Thanks to the small silhouette you can use your camouflage and engage enemies. If needed it can change position so fast.  
  • Enemy penetration from the front can damage the engine in front and maybe cause the engine to catch fire. Be careful when taking positions.  
  • Avoid higher-tier shells. Don’t let enemies go to your sides. 
  • You will give them hell no doubt. 




  • DPM— 2086 HP
  • Penetration— 190 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.01 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.34 m
  • Top Speed— 51 km/h
  • View Range— 380 m



  • T-44 is a great all arounder. Firepower, mobility, armor. It has everything bit by bit.
  • Firstly its 100 mm gun. It has great aim time and accuracy. But the more surprising thing is it has a useful depression, unlike other USSR tanks. DPM is enough but penetration…
  • Penetration is not good enough for its tier. Especially for face-to-face battles.
  • Then comes its mobility. Its lack of penetration can be avoided with mobility. Flank enemies with no effort. Top speed, acceleration, traverse speeds are all useful for any action. 
  • If you don’t like action, camouflage is great thanks to its low silhouette.
  • Armor is not bad, not good either. It can bounce shells, especially from the turret. Hull is not that bad either. The problem is the ammo rack which is next to the driver. It causes problems anytime.
  • Flanking, hit-and-run missions and saving distance with enemies make this tank more useful.


Tier IX

Obj. 263

  • DPM— 2249 HP
  • Penetration— 270 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.01 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.41 m
  • Top Speed— 55 km/h
  • View Range— 360 m
  • Camouflage Values— 14.14 / 2.16



  • Obj. 263, our old tier X friend, giving hell tier IX’s nowadays.
  • Its 130 mm gun was taken from IS-7 and upgraded. With excellent penetration and aim time, it is more dangerous than IS-7’s gun. But they forgot something. Accuracy… Even mid-range accuracy is poor. 
  • It’s a Soviet tank. So, there is no depression, turretless design with bit-poor gun traverse angles making everything much harder.
  • It has excellent frontal armor. It can even face gold shells. Very durable, trustable. Other than front armor not trustable. Paper-thing side and rear armor, with no roof. Very vulnerable against flanking and arty shells.
  • Excellent mobility satisfies players. Great top speed, acceleration. You can take position faster than other TD’s and heavy tanks. In dangerous situations, retreating won’t be any problem either. 
  • Thick armor with great top speed makes ramming very easy. It can deal huge damages.


Tier X

Obj. 268 V4

  • DPM— 2392 Hp 
  • Penetration— 293 mm  
  • Aim Time— 2.4 sec 
  • Dispersion— 0.4 m  
  • Turret? — No  
  • Stationary camo % — 13.91 / 1.88 
  • View range— 370 m 
  • Radio range→ 720 m 



  • We can’t say it’s a tank destroyer, heavy tank or medium tank. It can do everything they can. 
  • Here is one of the most overpowered tanks in the game. The power of the Stalinium comes again like a masterpiece. A frightening, overwhelming tank destroyer. 
  • You can go wherever you want with its great mobility; you can shoot whoever you want. You can stand all enemy shells with your frontal armor. 
  • You can use it as a normal tank destroyer or like a heavy tank or medium tank it doesn’t matter. Your only problem would be showing your sides.  
  • Gun is not accurate at long distances. There is a weak spot on the engine bay’s upper side.  It’s hard to penetrate with an AP shell, but HE shells can damage there. 
  • Sometimes cupolas can be dangerous too. Use your mobility to not get shot at and engage enemies at the same time. They can’t hurt you easily.

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