World of Tanks Best German Tanks For Every Tier

World of Tanks Best German Tanks
German Tier X giving their show before fight

Hello, Tankers,

We know tanking culture is mostly based on Germans. In WW2 they started with Blitzkrieg, which is based on tanks and armored vehicles. By the time they improved vehicles step by step.

Sometimes they couldn’t stop themselves from greatness. They’ve done essentials like Tiger, Panther. They even went further and made projects like Maus which is 200 tons.

WW2 German culture is everywhere in the game. Especially with their ammo rack and transmission. It’s hard to get used to playing with them but after that, you will enjoy it.

Heavy armor like a boss, check! Huge guns on paper chassis, check! Moving howitzer with the transmission, check! What are you expecting more? Now let’s see the best German tanks tier by tier.


Tier IV

Stug III. B.

  • DPM— 2850 Hp (HE shell)
  • Penetration— 53 mm
  • Aim Time— 1.92 sec
  • Dispersion— 0.53 m
  • Turret?— No
  • Stationary camo %— 23.14 / 4.84
  • View range—310 m
  • Radio range—433 m



  • A tank destroyer that yourself shouldn’t be underestimated. Even its HE shell can penetrate its enemies for tier IV. Can deal huge damages, one-shot sometimes. 
  • Heavily armored targets won’t be a problem too. Use HE again, maybe can’t deal all alpha damage (410 Hp) but this gun can hurt anyway.
  • Its armor is not the best, but useful. 50 mm armor is good for tier IV. The problem is its armor vertical, with no effective armor thickness. You should stay at the angle after shooting. 
  • Its gun is not accurate in long-range, for best fire support you have to get closer.
  • In close range, you can be an easy target thanks to its turretless design so you have to be careful.


Tier V

Pz. Kpfw. IV. Ausf. H.

  • DPM— 3207 Hp
  • Dispersion— 0.53
  • Penetration— 53 mm
  • Top Speed—40 mm
  • Thickest Armor— 80 mm
  • View Range— 350 m

*105 mm gun with HE shells preferred.



  • Pz. 4 H is a funny tank for tier V. With a 105 mm gun and HE shell, it can one shot most of thin armored enemies. It can deal lots of damage with non-penetrations.
  • Its mobility is not perfect but good for taking fast positions. You have to be close to the enemy because of poor dispersion. It’s too hard to hit enemies at long range.
  • Its overall armor is a bit useless. Because of vertical armor it has not much effectiveness. And its German, frontal penetration can damage the engine and ammo rack.
  • Its greatness is its gun. Shoot the enemy and retreat. Try to not get shots. 


Tier VI

VK 30.02 (M)

  • DPM— 2011 HP
  • Penetration— 150 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.21 sec.
  • Top Speed— 55 km/h
  • Thickest Armor— 100 mm



  • The real predecessor of Panther. 
  • Like Panther, its hull armor is pretty weak. Its turret can bounce some tier VI shells especially the gun mantlet but is not trustable. Taking damage is not a big deal thanks to its high HP. 
  • Great gun for tier VI medium tank. Excellent accuracy and DPM with good penetration value. Playable in long-range with no doubt. Hills won’t be a problem with 8-degree depression, not the best but still doing its job.
  • With a great Maybach engine, it can easily reach its top speed. The top speed is not bad either.
  • The problem is its nation. Like many German tanks, its engine can get damaged with frontal penetrations. (Gearbox is at lower glacis.) and its ammo rack is vulnerable too. Its big silhouette can make it easy to hit targets.


Tier VII


DPM—2112 Hp

Dispersion— 0.31 m

Penetration— 198 mm

Top Speed— 55 km/h

Thickest Armor—120 mm

View Range— 380 m



  • Here is the mobile sniper tank of tier VII. With German accuracy and great penetration, you can hurt enemies a bit. A bit because a 75 mm gun not dealing huge damages (135 Hp alpha damage).
  • Its armor seems thick, but not useful. Don’t go to the front lines. Let enemies come and kill them slowly.
  • Frontal shots can damage the engine so hide as you can. The ammo rack is vulnerable too. Cause it’s German.
  • Its gun with 198 mm penetration can penetrate even tier IX’s. For tier VI and VII, its armor can be useful when angling. 



Rhm.-Borsig Waffenträger

  • DPM— 2666 Hp 
  • Penetration— 246 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.21 sec
  • Dispersion— 0.34 m
  • Turret?— Yes
  • Stationary camo %— 22.52 / 3.44
  • View range— 360 m 
  • Radio range— 700 m



  • Exterminator of tier VIII, nicknamed the Roomba, shortly RHM.
  • With a 128mm gun, it can deal lots of damage with ease. With great penetration and accuracy, it’s a fatal TD.
  • Thanks to its turreted design it is more functional, more deadly. With great camouflage, it can snipe without getting spotted.
  • The problem starts when it gets spotted. Low mobility with paper-thin armor can cause annoying results. All enemies will take revenge on you in this situation. 
  • Be careful when taking positions, don’t move into close quarters. Patience is the key for RHM players.


Tier IX

Leopard Prototyp A

  • DPM— 2479 HP
  • Penetration— 278 mm
  • Aim Time— 1.92 sec.
  • Dispersion— 0.3 m
  • Top Speed— 65 km/h
  • View Range— 400 m
  • Stationary camo %— 14.54 / 3.04



  • Shortly Leo PTA, an excellent sniper with a great gun.
  • Its 105 mm gun is one of the best guns in the game. Great alpha damage, penetration, accuracy gathers together then here it is.
  • Including a great view range and camouflage values, it is a great tank destroyer instead of a medium tank. With great mobility, you can take position fast or flank enemies with no effort. Very agile, very practical.
  • It’s a Cold War-era tank, which means this time the engine doesn’t get damaged easily like before. Instead, they preferred having no armor. Leo PTA is a paper-thin target for everyone. Do not try to face enemy shells. Thanks to its very thin armor HE shells can be a real problem too.


Tier X


  • DPM— 2305 HP
  • Penetration— 246 mm
  • Aim Time— 2.01 sec.
  • Top Speed— 20 km/h
  • Turret Armor— 260 mm
  • Hull Armor— 200 mm



  • Maus has opposite characteristics than its name. Very huge, super armored beast.
  • Maus is a fear factor to the enemy. They usually load gold shells for penetration because at great angles Maus is almost impenetrable. Especially in city maps or no chance to get flanked, it can crush anybody.
  • The best tank for side scraping, best overall armor, highest HP, thickest side armor…
  • Its 128 mm gun is great if it penetrates. Because its penetration values it bit low for tier X tank. But it has a high-velocity shell, good DPM, and good accuracy. Still doing its job.
  • Its armor’s basic weak points are lower glacis and turret cheeks. If they are directly looking at the target, most of the tier X tanks can penetrate. But if you angle the hull and turret after shooting the target, they can’t penetrate you anymore. This situation guides enemies to load gold shells. This time weak points get weaker but this tank can face gold shells too.
  • Huge, slow, cumbersome. Great targets for SPG’s. High chance to get flanked. 
  • After all, it’s one of the most enjoyable tanks in World of Tanks.

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