World of Tanks Best Tank Destroyer For Every Tier

Best Tank Destroyer For Every Tier
World of Tanks Best Tank Destroyer For Every Tier

Tank destroyers are vehicles, as the name suggests, for hunting tanks. In the World of Tanks, they are distinguished from tanks by (in most cases) the absence of a rotating turret and a much more powerful gun than tanks, and destroyers frequently have a higher concealment factor. 

Tier IV

Su 78M

Su 78M is getting ready for battle

The all-purpose tank destroyer of the Soviet Union It is worthy of recommendation for beginner players. It has decent mobility and a gun. By playing with it, you can perform well in almost any situation.


Tier V


German StuG is preparing a sniper shot

German tank destroyer. Due to its highly accurate gun, it is well suited for firing at the enemy from a longer distance. It also has decent mobility.


Tier VI


Hellcat using bushes to gain advantage

World of Tanks Legend. A vehicle much loved by players. It has a rotating turret, which is rare among tank destroyers. It is a powerful vehicle that has incredible mobility for a tank destroyer and a powerful gun. When playing with it, you can use the hit and run tactic.


Tier VII

SU 152

SU 152 waiting for the enemy

The Soviet machine. Here we have a very powerful gun, with a high penetration coefficient and damage dealt to the enemy with one shot. If you like to hit once and properly, this is the vehicle for you.



T28 Prototype

T28 rushing to take a proper position

An American tank destroyer that has a rotating turret. In addition, it also has very strong armor, as befits a tank destroyer, and a decent gun, which makes it very pleasant to play. Players appreciate this vehicle.


Tier IX

Strv 103-0

Strv 103-0 waiting for the victim

Swedish ninja-sniper. It has an incredibly high concealment factor. In addition, it has a very accurate gun. It is an ideal sniper-tank destroyer. If you like to shoot at the enemy from a long distance while hiding in the bushes, this is the perfect vehicle for you. The opponent has little chance of spotting you, and your gun will have no trouble piercing armor.


Tier X


Minotauro rushing to crush his opponents

The Italian beast. A destroyer with very powerful armor, especially frontal armor. If you hide the lower hull behind cover, you will be very difficult to defeat. This destroyer also has a clip-loading cannon, which allows you to inflict heavy damage on the enemy.

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