Top 15 Free Military Games on PC

Take control of the battlefield with these 15 military games available on PC.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience the rush of military combat without the danger, maybe this category of games would interest you. Whether you prefer fast paced combat, battle royales, vehicular combat, or slow paced strategic battles, this genre offers something for everybody. Here’s our Top 15 Free Military Games for PC.


1. War Thunder

Watch this video for some good tips on how to start off your gameplay in War Thunder!

War Thunder is a vehicle combat simulation game, using vehicles from World War I to the modern era. It has a large stock of vehicles for players to unlock, including vehicles from over 30 different nations. Choose whether you’ll captain a ship, take control of a tank, or pilot your favorite aircraft as you jump into the match!

There are 3 different game modes, arcade, realistic, and simulation . It features competitive or casual playlists, and even has a single player game mode for the people who want to relive historic battles.Will you take to the air, land, or sea in this battlefield simulator?

Tank battles are intense in War Thunder, with realistic damage and destructible parts, the tanks feel good to pilot, and destroy. 


2. Operation: Harsh Doorstop

Watch this video for a good look at the state of the game going into 2024.

Operation: Harsh Doorstop (OHD) is a Milsim First Person Shooter released in 2023. It was developed by a Youtuber who was unhappy with the state of the gaming industry. He released it with the intention of providing a better emphasis on community and freedom of development. OHD offers modders a large amount of freedom, helping bring in players to the game.

It offers endless possibilities when you consider its open source options for multiplayer. Single player offline AI battles are also an option for those who don't want to play PvP. With up to 64 players in a match, and limitless possibilities for custom content, players can always find something new to experience in Operation: Harsh Doorstop.

Operation: Harsh Doorstop lets you jump into large scale simulated battles with your friends as you strategize and crush your enemies.


3. Conqueror's Blade

Check out Plumsion's video on what he wishes he knew when he started playing to insure you have a strong start in Conqueror's Blade.

Conqueror’s Blade combines real-time tactics and turn based strategy to bring medieval war combat to your screen. Jump in and take control of a warlord, and direct your forces on the battlefield to overcome the enemy’s army. Create your own warlord, customizing their appearance and weapon loadout to truly make them unique and fearsome on the battlefield.

Choose from 13 different classes, and jump into the battlefield to start giving orders to your troops. Either fight in a deathmatch against other warlords or lead armies in Field and Siege Battles. With events, weekly Territory Wars, and a unique House system (similar to guilds), there’s plenty for players to explore as they jump into this medieval war simulator. 

Lead your army by delivering orders, strategizing, and fighting next to your men on the frontline as you overcome the enemy forces. 


4. DCS World Steam Edition

If you plan on trying out DCS, give this video a watch for some A1 tips on how to start out.

DCS World is a flight simulation with extensively realistic aircraft that closely model their real life counterparts. Master flight of your favorite military aircraft, using realistic subsystems, flight paths, and models from WWII all the way through the early 21st century. The aircraft are incredibly detailed; interact with the various buttons and switches in the intricately recreated cockpits. 

DCS offers manuals detailing the history, systems, and operation of each aircraft, allowing the players to get an in-depth, real life knowledge of the planes they’re flying. Whether you want to participate in dog fights, suppress enemy air defense, or take part in various scripted missions, DCS World offers an incredibly realistic experience. With dozens of aircraft to choose from, what will you pilot in DCS World?

Swiftly destroy enemy combatants with a variety of aircraft as you master how to pilot each one, and become the most effective pilot in the air. 


5. Call of War: World War 2

For a good start in CoW, take a look at this breakdown of tips and tricks for new players by BMfox.

Call of War: World War 2 puts the player in the war room, in full control of a country's forces. Choose from various countries and help develop the nation's army to overcome the enemies' frontlines. You’ll lead your units on a war room style game map, and strategize the best way to approach the battle.

Game rounds will pit two players against each other, with the round ending when a player has earned enough Victory Points or the time limit has reached the end. Research new units, amass a large army, and eliminate the enemy forces as you lead your army across the enemy territory. Available to play on a variety of platforms, you can take the battle on the go, and play wherever you like. 

Control different unit types, from tanks, planes, ships, and infantry units as you trek across Europe and battle your enemies. 


6. World of Warplanes

World of Warplanes has alot to offer, and new players may need guidance. Check out the video above for a good starting point.

World of Warplanes is an MMO aircraft shooter that's been around since 2013, with a successful re-release in 2017. Featuring over 300 aircraft from 7 different countries, including the US and China, players have plenty of freedom on what they take control of. Choose whether you want a bomber, fighter, multirole fighter, heavy fighter, or a ground attack plane and jump into combat to dominate your enemies. 

As you play you’ll rank up individual countries' tech trees to unlock more and more of their aircraft, with a cap at tier X. Once you unlock the aircraft of your choice, keep playing to unlock upgrades and customizations. With over 4000 possible configurations, you truly can make the aircraft your own as you take to the sky and eliminate the enemy forces. 

Pilot and customize your favorite aircraft as you take to the skies and take out the enemy in this fast paced aerial combat game. 


7. World of Tanks

Check out these tips for new players to World of Tanks!

World of Tanks is a long standing multiplayer tank battle simulator.The player is deployed onto one of over 30 possible maps, where they must destroy the enemy tanks or capture the enemy base to win the match. There's a variety of tank classes available for players to choose from, with standard armor piercing tanks to artillery based vehicles, there's something for every player. 

Players will level up a specific country as they use their respective vehicles, unlocking access to higher level and ultimately better tanks. There are alot of detailed mechanics in place with WoT, where even individual modules on your vehicle can be damaged, leading to strategic shots paying off for the player. Jump in, take aim, and destroy your opponents in this realistic tank battler. 

Out smart, and out maneuver other players as you climb the ranks and unlock better tanks for your collection.



This video highlights POLYGON's gameplay and showcases reason you should be giving it a shot in 2024.

POLYGON is an FPS with unique low-poly visuals that manage to look clean, and help keep the game running smoothly on most PCs. It was developed by a singular person, and released for free in 2020. Gameplay feels like a blend of CoD and Battlefield, but with its own unique look.

Players are dropped into large scale maps with 64 players altogether fighting in one match. The gunplay feels very satisfying, and with a variety of guns to choose from, your loadout will dictate the pace you play the game at. With the game being free to play, the only cash options are for cosmetics, so don’t worry about the pay-to-win mechanics that often pop up in most free-to-play titles.

Hold the high ground and eliminate the enemies reinforcements as you fight to hold the objective, or hit the score limit in POLYGON.


9. World of Warships

This video breaks down some of the basics of how the game works, and aims to help new players jump in.

World of Warships is brought to us by the same developer who brought us World of Tanks and World of Warplanes, but this time with a focus on naval combat. Players can fight against each other, join together to defeat AI enemies in a PvE experience, or duke it out in a competitive game mode to see who tops the leaderboard. Players have a variety of weapons at their disposal when taking on combat. 

Utilize three weapon types in this slow paced tactical shooter where positioning means everything. Use torpedoes, ship artillery, and aircraft to efficiently eliminate your enemies. Progress through the ranks, unlock the ship of your dreams, and become the captain who dominates the seas.

Dispatch aircraft to assault the enemy from the air while you launch torpedoes in the water to dominate and destroy the enemy's ships. 


10. KARDS - The WW2 Card Game

KARDS has a unique battle system, take a look at the video above for good tips to help you build your deck.

If you prefer a more strategic, slower paced game, then KARDS may be for you. KARDS is a collectible card game based in WWII. Players will be given ample amounts of resources to unlock and develop their decks with cards from multiple countries. Choose which WWII power you’ll play as and lead their forces to victory by outsmarting and outplaying your opponent.

Each match you’ll need to defend your headquarters by deploying units onto the field, and countering your opponents moves. Compile a deck of 40 cards from some of the key countries involved in WWII, and maximize your units efficiency in battle. Offering PvE, PvP, and competitive game modes, no matter your style of play, there's something for all players to participate in.

You’ll have to eliminate the enemy forces that stand in your way to destroy the enemy headquarters and claim the victory.


11. War Selection

Check out Strategy Strikes video on tips and tricks to help elevate your gameplay in War Selection.

War Selection is an RTS resource management game where you take control of a civilization and help them build up their military to conquer the map. Maps are procedurally generated every game ensuring no match plays out the same. Similar in gameplay to Civilization, Age of Empires, etc., players will develop a nation from the stone age into the industrial era. 

Compete against other players or the AI in any of the 9 game modes available. In Survival players will face ever increasing hordes of AI enemies as they progress their civilization, and survive for as long as they can. If that's not your speed, try Armageddon, where 64 players compete to be the largest and most advanced civilization.The smallest civilizations are destroyed by meteors throughout the match, until there's one player left standing. 

Go from a tribal civilization living in huts to a well developed industrial country with access to tanks and artillery as you develop to strengthen your borders and eliminate your opponents.


12. Combat Master: Season 1

Combat Master offers alot to new players, check out the video above for some excellent tips on how to start!

Combat Master is an FPS arena shooter that will feel familiar to fans of CoD and other AAA titles in the market right now. With a heavy emphasis on slick movement and gunplay, Combat Master guarantees a smooth, fast paced experience. Grind and level up to unlock more guns and customizations as you compete in various game modes against other players. 

With the game available on almost all platforms, grouping up with your buddies and dropping into a match is easier than ever. Season 1 brought in a new host of content, including the Combat Zone, which is Combat Master’s battle royale. There's also a new battle pass, with a decent sized collection of cosmetics for players to unlock. 

Season 1 of Combat Master brought in a host of custom weapons and skins for customizing your loadout for players to grind for.


13. Enlisted

Enlisted is a game with alot of depth, for help starting out watch the video above to ensure you have a strong start.

Enlisted is a boots-on-the-ground WWII FPS shooter where players can truly feel immersed in the action. Players take control of a squad of soldiers, and issue commands to your AI squadmates, or take control of them individually as you push the objective. Your loadout options are dictated by the country you fight for in each battle, and the classes available to them. 

There are three options available for squad types as well. Take to the air, and control a team in an aircraft dominating dog fights. Tank squads are also available, allowing you to crush your opponents with a variety of armored vehicles on the ground. The final squad type is the OG infantry squad, where you control a team of foot soldiers, and storm the objective on foot to secure the victory for your team.

Enlisted’s unique squad system allows players to stay in the fight longer, and use special tactics to overcome enemy forces and hold key positions on the map, such as a trench on the frontlines.


14. CoD Warzone

Watch the video above for 20 Tips on how to get started in Warzone in 2024!

Warzone is the free to play battle royale release from Call of Duty that pits 100 players against each other to see who will be the last squad standing. With weapons that span across 3 of CoD’s main releases being ported into Warzone, your choice of loadout is up to you. It also hosts a variety of game modes, including Battle Royale, Plunder, and Resurgence.

Whether you wanna go solo, with a duo, or a squad of four, there’s a warzone for you to jump into and fight to be the last man standing. The battle pass every season offers unique cosmetics, often pairing with changes to the maps and events that tie into the unlockables. Customize your loadout to flex on the enemy as you decimate the opposing squads in this popular FPS. 

Drop into the warzone, call in your loadout, and bunker down as you wait for the enemy squads to push your location.


15. Planetside 2

Planetside 2 has alot of in depth mechanics that players may not understand, watch this guide for some excellent tips on how to start.

Planetside 2 is a MMOFPS, where 3 factions fight over control of Auraxis. Players will jump into battles on persistent maps that flow as the day goes on with up to 2,000 players at a time. It boasts having ground and air vehicles, alongside its 6 different infantry classes to choose from. With ongoing battles always taking place, players can jump straight into the action as soon as they install the game. 

The factions fight for control over 5 continents, each measuring approximately 64km2 in size, making the map a total of roughly 320km2. The continents are opened depending on the event, and players fight for control of individual zones within the continent. Players can also build their own bases on the continent serving as a deployment point for vehicles, and defensive bases of operations to help hold their territory.

Squad up and take control of key territories and choke points as you fight for your faction in Planetside 2.


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