[Top 5] War Thunder Best Premium American Tanks That Are Powerful 2022

Yankee stuff is always the best!

Hello, guys. How about we talk about a few premium American tanks today? They’ve got some of the most powerful and unique tanks, known for decent speed and armor that can withstand plenty of damage from other tanks. I’m gonna discuss them one by one, mention some of their best features, and why you should grind for them. Also, I will mention tanks from different tiers! Let’s start with:

5. M2A4

Tiny but deadly.

That’s what my GF says at least. You may wonder to yourself, how can a tank of this size pose any threat on the battlefield? Well, it has plenty of armor, especially in the front, it’s also sloped, which can make incoming projectiles bounce off of it. It’s also fast, it can reach speeds of 64 KM/H, which is very good for a tank in tier I, just make sure not to crash into other buildings at that speed, as it might cause your crew to be knocked out. Also don’t play alone, as little and fast this feller might seem, he might struggle against higher-rank vehicles.

Why this tankette is awesome:

  • Small and fast, pain in the ass to hit
  • Above-average backward speed can get out of bad situations relatively well
  • The main cannon is also decent, although it may struggle a little bit against higher BR tanks - in that case, stick with your team and provide extra firepower

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4. T34 Calliope

Sweet Jesus.

This feller can fire a salvo of rockets capable of incapacitating or even destroying other enemy tanks, besides this, it’s also equipped with a 75mm M3 cannon, which is excellent against other tanks in this tier. Keep in mind that the rockets on top of the tank are exposed and if hit directly or even by shrapnel, it means that you’re gonna die. Brutally. That’s why it’s important to take cover at all times, hide in bushes, and don’t go full Rambo. If you can do this, you should see plenty of success with this feller!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Excellent firepower against other tanks in this tier
  • Vertical stabilizer makes it easier to aim while on the move
  • Turret is sturdy and so is the front of the tank

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3. M6A2E1

The American Sniper.

What this guy does well? Sniping other targets from afar and retreating if stuff gets too heavy - both the forward/backward speed is 31 KM/H. When it comes to the armaments, it’s equipped with a terrifying 105mm cannon capable of 1-shotting enemy tanks. If planes are a problem, then the .50 cal mounted on the top will be more than enough to fend them off. Be always aware of your surroundings, don’t get flanked, as experienced players will exploit the weaknesses of this tank, which are a few weak spots located on the tank. 

Why this tank is awesome:

  • An excellent sniper, 105mm cannon is strong enough to 1-shot stuff
  • can easily get out of bad situations due to the extremely fast backward speed
  • If players are unexperienced, they might have a hard time destroying you

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Another weird-looking tank, cuz why not!

This guy on the other hand is pretty good at flanking, although it can also be used as a sniper, as the armor on this guy is not the best. One of the most incredible features of this tank is its incredible reload speed, which is 5 seconds, and mobility, it can reach speeds of even 73 KM/H. Besides, it’s also equipped with smoke grenades that can save your tank or your teammates. Fun and badass!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Moves very quickly, can take your opponents by surprise
  • The cannon is rather deadly, especially if you point your cannon on the sides of other tanks
  • Smoke grenades are perfect for confusing enemies or for retreating

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1. M60 AMBT

The most badass tank there is.

The tank is equipped with a 120mm cannon, if it’s loaded with APFSDS rounds, you can easily eliminate other tanks. The armor is okay, the sides have extra layers of protection that should help against low-caliber weaponry. There’s also a 25mm cannon mounted on the roof of the tank, which is effective against low-altitude helicopters. If you compare this tank to other M60s, you’re gonna be surprised by the speed of this tank - it can reach speeds of 65KM/H. It’s a tier VII tank, so it’s equipped with the thermal vision that can improve your chances of survival if you pay attention to the sky - thermal vision allows you to spot helicopters and incoming projectiles, if that’s the case, deploy your smokes and withdraw. 

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Effective against helicopters and is rather survivable
  • Better speed than other M60 tanks
  • Decent main cannon with penetrating rounds

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