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I love planes more than anything in this game and I’ll quickly mention the top 3 countries that are perfect factions for planes. I’ll analyze what these countries are great at, how many planes they’ve got, and what are their primary benefits. Anyways, let’s start:


Oh, those Russians.

Ruskies are pretty fun to play, they’ve got powerful planes in the early game and they’re noob-friendly. They’ve got one of the most powerful low-altitude planes and excellent bombers as well. If you’re worried about running out of ammo on your planes, well, the Soviet planes are known for not running out of ammo. Pick these guys if you’re a beginner, don’t pick them if you’re playing against Spitfires!

Why you should pick these guys:

  • Decent planes in the early game
  • Large amounts of ammo
  • Pretty noob friendly faction

More details:


2. USA

Yankee time.

I wanted to put the Yankees in the first spot but nah, I’ve saved the highlight for somebody else. So what is the USA good at? Well, they have a massive quantity of planes - around 160 in total, which means that you’ll never get bored of playing the best country in the world…

They’re well-armed, most of the American planes come with 50 cal machine guns which melt other enemy planes pretty fast, while being pretty durable themselves. Awesome faction!

Why this faction is awesome:

  • Durable planes
  • Decent weaponry
  • Balanced and fun to play

More details:


1. Germany


Krauts are in my opinion the best faction to play in War Thunder. Like the previously mentioned factions, Germany has awesome planes that are noob-friendly and excel in climb rates and firepower, which usually wins games. Certain planes can also be equipped with special ammunition which makes other enemy planes disintegrate in mere seconds, those bloody Germans! What else do you need - these planes are excellent at diving and they also have awesome energy retention, pick GERMONEH!

Why this faction is awesome:

  • Even more noob-friendly
  • Agile and mobile
  • Decent weaponry that wins games

More details:


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