[Top 5] War Thunder Best Dive Bombers That Are Powerful

Bombers that dive.

Today, we’re gonna talk about some of the best dive bombers in the world of War Thunder. What are dive bombers? Those are usually small planes that drop bombs from low altitudes at enemy ground targets, such as tanks, lightly-armored vehicles, or even bases. These planes are more vulnerable to attacks from dogfighters and artillery fire, but in the hands of a skilled user, they can be a massive pain in the butt. Let’s start with…

5. D4Y2


This is a lovely Japanese dive bomber, it can be armed either with 250kg or 500kg bombs that can obliterate large bases and convoys, although it’s a shame to drop these bombs on some petty vehicle convoys. They’re also excellent escape artists, as they can outmaneuver even the most flexible planes, such as Spitfires. If you’ve got the aim of a god, you can even down a heavy bomber with your rockets!

Why this dive bomber is awesome:

  • Fast and agile
  • Can intercept
  • The turret can shoot at enemy planes from behind

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4. Ju 87 D-3


No, this dive bomber is not dropping pizzas on the enemies. What it drops are excellent 250kg and 500kg bombs that are capable of destroying pretty much everything on its path, tanks columns, bunkers, bases, and god knows what else. It’s also surprisingly easy to land with this thing and keep enemies off your tail, due to the turret having large amounts of ammo. Nice and safe to use!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Powerful bombs
  • Durable
  • 7.92 machine guns

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3. SB2C-4 Helldiver

Yankee diver is the best diver!

Dive bombers are usually pretty heavy but this one is surprisingly agile for its weight. It’s best suited for ground attacks and performs well at destroying armed vehicle convoys and bunkers. It can be equipped with 250kg, 500kg, and even 1-ton bombs that mean serious trouble to enemy bases. If you’re bored of bombing stuff, you can also go on a bomber hunting due to its powerful machine guns!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Decent for killing enemy bomber planes
  • Excellent for ground attacks
  • A long list of bombs

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2. SB2C-1C Helldiver

Another Yankee plane?

Yes, why not. This heavy boy remains relatively agile at 300 km/h speeds and is even capable of dogfighting other enemy planes, which is surprising that a heavy dive bomber would be capable of destroying other planes. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can always stay on the OG path and do the good old bombing of ground targets and bases. It also has decent defensive armaments and incredible durability, that will keep this flying for ages!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Awesome accuracy of bombs
  • Capable of being 2 roles - dogfighter and bomber
  • Defensive gunners

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1. P1Y1 mod. 11 "Ginga"


A rank IV Japanese dive bomber. Probably the most underrated dive bomber of them all, what I love this plane for is its SPEED - you can easily escape from dangerous situations and not even give a crap about some petty enemies chasing you. It’s also equipped with probably the best torpedos in the game - Type 91 mod. This is also a magical plane, as the fuel tanks can sometimes extinguish themselves… Gunga ginga!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Agile and very maneuvrable
  • Awesome airbrakes
  • Equipped with the best torpedos

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