[Top 3] War Thunder Best Tier 1 Japan Tanks That Are Powerful

There were planes, now there are tanks!

It’s about time I started talking about tanks, tanks from Japan - to be honest, they’re not the best but they’re not bad as well. We will quickly analyze some of their best pros and explain how to play them properly, what to avoid doing and why they’re kick-ass! Let’s start:

3. Ho-Ro

Looks like lego.

But it can be rather deadly, thanks to its powerful 150mm howitzer cannon. If you fire a shell, the trajectory can curve and it is possible to fire over hills. In terms of armor, it’s not that sturdy so it is advisable to not engage in close-quarter combat, instead, do the good old shoot&scoot tactic, take cover often and fire your shells under the tanks - that’s an instagib!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • The HE shell is extremely strong, capable of instagibbing most if not all tanks
  • Maneuravble and quick, adds up to the survivability of the tank
  • Machine gun mounted on top, useful against lightly-armored vehicles

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2. Chi-Ha


For its rank, Chi-Ha is a rather fast tank - it can reach the maximum speed of 44 KM/H and it’s also pretty maneuverable at lower speeds. In terms of durability, this tank has sloped armor that’s capable of bouncing off shells and withstanding lower-caliber HE shells, although I advise you to not engage in close-distance combat, due to Chi-Ha being considered a light tank. Type 3 HEAT is also rather powerful, and can penetrate tanks and knock out crews rather easily!

Why this tank is fantastic:

  • For a tier 1 rank, it’s rather fast(44KM/H)
  • Maneuravble in low gear
  • Slightly easier to aim cuz of the vertical stabilizer

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1. Ro-Go Exp.

The best!

Ro-Go is known for its crew count, armaments, and above-average armor. The tank can be used by 7 people, which greatly increases the odds of survival. The armor on the other hand consists of thick metal plates that are sloped, which makes it possible for incoming shells to bounce off of them. This is not a small tank, so it’s also important to stay in cover and position yourself at an angle where it’s hard to shoot you. When it comes to the armaments, the 120mm cannon is capable of 1-shotting most tanks at its BR but make sure to preserve ammunition!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • A crew of 7 men
  • Reload speed is faster than on Ho-Ro
  • Capable of 1-shotting other tanks

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