[Top 5] War Thunder Best Rank 6 Premium Tanks That Are Excellent

For premium players.

We have discussed various ranks of tanks but now, it’s special. We’re gonna mention some of the coolest tanks to play as in the gruesome world of War Thunder. I’ll quickly discuss them and explain why they’re fun&why you should try ‘em out!

5. Rooikat 105


Yes, a tank on wheels. It has excellent mobility, and due to the thermal optics, it can easily spot enemy tanks. It has access to some powerful shells early, which makes it a more dangerous tank. Fun to play but remember to play it safe, due to the armor being MEH!

Why this tank is dope:

  • Fun to play
  • Mobile
  • OP main gun

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4. Sho't Kal Dalet

Sounds like some tank that was invented by Blood Elves…

Why this tank is fancy? Well, because of its name - it’s very unique! But besides the name, it has to offer an OP 105mm L7 main gun and 4 machine guns that are great for scaring off planes and helicopters. It has the awesome speed for a medium tank. It’s best suited for sniper gameplay but it can also be played in close quarters but ya need to be very careful!

Why this tank is dope:

  • OP main cannon
  • E.R.A. Protection
  • 4 MGs in total

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3. AGS 

What the hell is this?

I dunno but the cannon is massive and I’ll be damned if that thing is not capable of 1-shotting everything it touches. It’s a great flanker/ambusher but also a support tank, due to its useful smokes that can be used to withdraw from combat or protect your buddies. It’s even equipped with a laser rangefinder and an awesome weapon reload time, which is 5 seconds quicker than most rivalry tanks.

Why this tank is dope:

  • Awesome gun depression
  • Mobile
  • Fast reload speed

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2. PT-16/T14 mod.


This tank is kinda boxy but it can be overlooked with how goddamn fast it is, and how fast the reload speed of the main cannon is thanks to the autoloader and powerful shells, such as the 120mm DM23 rounds. Useful for flanking and useful for sniping, you pick which one is the best. You can also try shoot and scoot tactics and annoy the crap out of your enemies!

Why this tank is dope:

  • Good for sniper/flanker gameplay
  • Excellent speed
  • Short reload time

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1. T-72M2


What can be said about this soviet sweetie? Well, it’s a great support tank, as it can deploy over 11 smoke grenades - your teammates will love you and it can save your life multiple times. The tank has access to thermals and LWS. In terms of armaments, it’s equipped with 30mm autocannons that can easily wreck light vehicles. Heavier armaments are quite penetrative and can pack a punch in combat. Fun to play and it has to be my favorite tank of them all!

Why this tank is the best:

  • Plenty of smoke grenades
  • 30mm autocannons
  • Thermals+LWS

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