[Top 5] War Thunder Best Destroyers That Are Powerful


There are a few destroyers in War Thunder that are good. I’ve stumbled upon a few of them and goddamn, were they fun to play. I’ll mention 5 of them, describe them, what they’re best used for and which one is eventually the best. Let’s start!

5. Spokoinyy

Is it “Moskva”?

No, it’s Spokoinyy. The calm one. What is it good for, you ask… Well, this beauty is known for its supreme anti-aircraft defenses and a radar system which makes it even more secure to play. In terms of armaments, it has 10 torpedos in stock and powerful 130mm cannons which are used against other destroyers. Powerful, but a little vulnerable to gunfire.

Why this destroyer is awesome:

  • Filled with defensive armaments that will keep aircraft away
  • 130mm cannons
  • 10 torpedos

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4. HMAS Tobruk

British destroyer!

Mr. Tobruk is good at staying alive, due to its thick armor surrounding vital areas such as ammo storage or the cannons. Due to the turrets having excellent traverse speed, they’re especially useful against flankers and aircraft and they’re all over Tobruk as well. Good AA, good weapons, what else ya need? Maybe smaller turrets, so they don’t get targeted as much!

Why this destroyer is awesome:

  • Many turrets on board, with decent traverse speed
  • Decent armor protection
  • 40mm guns, which are effective at close range

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3. Z20 Karl Galster

His name is Karl.

Karl is good at a few things, one of them is being fast as hell. The guns reload also at a very fast rate and the AA armaments are from the highest shelf - 37mm fully automatic guns that are great at obliterating both air and naval targets. One cool thing about this ship is that it’s slim, which makes it a bit harder to hit. Just a shame that this ship is kinda weak in terms of armor!

Why this ship is awesome:

  • Powerful secondary weapons
  • The slim build of the ship
  • Fast ship

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2. USS Porter

A Yankee destroyer!

What Porter does well is having weaponry that’s very dangerous, at the cost of being kinda slow. It’s a massive ship with average armor, which means that engaging other ships can be dangerous. This is more of a supportive ship, where you focus primarily on capping points. It’s mobile, carries 16 torpedos, and has a decent rate of fire with its multiple turrets on board. Great ship, just a little bit squishy, just like Karl Guster.

Why this boat is dope:

  • Alright weaponry
  • A great number of torpedos
  • Rate of fire is high

More details:


1. USS Cowell

Another USA ship?

Yes, Americans are known for their navy and I decided to add another ship to this list and by far, this is, in my opinion, the greatest ship evar. Well, maybe it sucks but I’ve had much success with it. It’s capable of dogfighting, shooting down airplanes daring to attack this magnificent ship and it’s also great at hunting down smaller boats. It has 5 turrets in total, and all of them shoot quite rapidly. Bofors, torpedos - you name it, this ship has it all. It even has a vulnerable ammo rack that can easily explode and send this ship to hell!

Why this ship is awesome:

  • Not too many cons, IMO
  • Bofors and torpedos
  • Efficient against aircraft
  • Succesful in dogfight
  • Splash damage against smaller boats

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