[Top 5] War Thunder Best Rank 3 Tanks That Are Excellent

Rank III.

Time for some rank III tanks, boys. From different nations of the world, Germany, Britain, USSR, USA, and god knows where else. I don’t think I need to describe what a tank is, right? Some heavy load of metal and vulnerable ammunition that goes from point A to B, shoots at other ground targets and hopes it doesn’t explode. Nuff said and let’s start:

5. Churchill VII


Who names their tanks Churchill? We know that bastard was fat but god dang. Anyways, this tank, despite its name, is surprisingly great at climbing hills and deploying smoke over the battleground, which makes this a decent support tank but with also a decent zoom, you can easily snipe other tanks’ vital points!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Decent, close-range tank
  • Awesome gun zoom
  • Strong front armor

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4. M4A3E2


Probably the weirdest looking tank out there, but also one of the most durable tanks out there with an outstanding 75mm gun that can load powerful rounds. The turret is very hard to bite through as it’s covered with thick armor from all angles and on top of it all, it has decent mobility. It looks kinda small, so it might be hard to hit! Just wish the rear armor wasn’t as bad ;(

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Durable turret armor
  • Surprisingly fast
  • Absorbs damage

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3. M4A2 (76) W


This Sherman beauty is pretty fast and fun to play, you can react fast enough due to its fast turret traverse speed. If you manage to angle it correctly, some shells might bounce off of the tank and might give you a bit of momentum. Its armaments can be used as AA and maybe against some light vehicles. 

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Fun to play
  • Decent speed
  • Crew of 5
  • Rate of fire for the main gun is high

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2. IS-1


IS-1 is a soviet tank with awesome mobility and high turret traverse speed and it appears to be rather big, whether that’s a good or bad thing is up for you to decide. Of course, it’s a soviet tank so there has to be plenty of firepower - with a high rate of fire and APCR rounds.

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Durable armor in general
  • Awesome speed+turret traverse speed
  • And even more awesome firepower

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1. Tiger E

The German!

Tiger E, a heavy tank that can reach an outstanding speed of 45km/h, is known for its powerful guns that can 1-shot other tanks. The tank is not too slopey, so take advantage of the terrain and your smoke grenades that can save your life and the lives of your buddies. The reverse speed is also excellent, which allows for quicker angling. Fun and powerful tank to grind for - a must-have!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • The armor around the gun mantlet can withstand plenty of damage
  • 45km/h speed
  • Weaponry can be used against aircraft

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