[Top 5] War Thunder Best Premium German Vehicles That Are Powerful


Premium German tanks have powerful, hard-hitting cannons and reasonably decent armor. German vehicles are pretty good for beginners and fun to play, although you should know a few things before grinding them. In this little article, I’ll explain how you should play them, what to watch out for, and mention some of their best features. Let’s begin with…

5. Sd.Kfz. 140/1

A tier I tank with a few uses…

You can use this tank as a support vehicle, due to the 20mm being relatively effective against other tanks if you want to immobilize them or damage other vital parts of the tank. The tank is pretty fast for its BR and has a small profile - you can use this as an advantage and scout enemies for your teammates. The third usage is using the tank as an AA weapon - it can engage anything that’s flying at a low altitude, which is useful if your teammates are constantly getting targetted. A fun tank, best played in the support role!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • A multirole vehicle, excellent support
  • Can target low-altitude planes/bombers
  • 20mm cannons are good enough for immobilizing other tanks, letting heavier tanks finish the job

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4. T 34 747

A decent combat tank!

But why? It’s fast, it can reach a speed of 55 KM/H and the turret’s traverse speed makes it easy to acquire targets quicker. The cannon is quite powerful, although you might struggle to destroy targets from longer distances - that’s why urban areas should be ideal for a tank like this. Make sure to have your sides covered, don’t stay too long in a place and you should be good. Another thing that will keep you alive is your small profile - people will either underestimate you or not pay much attention to your antics!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Small profile, agile and fast
  • Turret traverse speed is excellent
  • Cannon performs very well at short to medium ranges

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3. Tiger


This tank is decent, although it shouldn’t be played at short distances - the turret’s traverse speed is… Ummm… average. But it should most definitely be played at long distances - the main cannon is accurate enough and can deal incredible damage to lower-tier tanks and some damage to heavy, higher-tier vehicles. A pretty fast, durable if angled properly, fun to play tank!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Armor is pretty boxy, which can keep you alive if you’re angled properly
  • Also fast for a heavy tank, can reach the speeds of around 45 KM/H
  • Works best as a sniper tank, but also as a medium-distance tank

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2. Panther II

88mm beast!

This tank is known for its cannon, which is a KwK 43 cannon. Both the cannon and its shells can deal incredible amounts of damage, they’re also accurate - they work at short, medium, and long distances. Optics are also incredibly useful - you can easily spot vital parts up-close or detect enemy tanks from afar, which is great for sniping. The front armor is quite durable and can withstand damage from pretty much everything!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Durable front can withstand a lot of damage
  • Powerful KwK 43 cannon, known for its accuracy and firepower
  • Dope optics, but at short and long range

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1. Maus


Not only that this guy is armed with a 128mm cannon that will cripple anything it sees, but it is also armed with a secondary 75mm cannon that can also be deadly. This tank is unbelievably hard to destroy - it’s almost immune to bombs, rockets, and some shells. It’s hard to immobilize this tank and you can always use your smoke grenades for an escape. You should only worry about massive bombs being dropped on you but even then, is it worth dropping a 1-ton bomb at a single tank? Lol!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • One of the sturdiest tanks in the game
  • Insane 128mm cannon that can instagib other enemy tanks
  • Access to smoke grenades that can save your life or the lives of your teammates

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