[Top 5] War Thunder Best Country For Cruisers

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When it comes to the navy, there are many ships - boats, barges, sub-chasers, destroyers, battleships, and cruisers - we’re gonna talk about cruisers. But what are they exactly?

Cruisers were made to provide air defense and shore bombardment, they were very common in World Wars 1 and 2. And in this article, we’re gonna discuss countries with the best cruisers available. Let’s start:

5. Italy

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Italians don’t have that many cruisers, only three. That doesn’t mean that they’re bad though, there are some positive things, first of all, they’re heavily armored and can take a serious beating from other ships, while having a decent array of armaments - RN Trento, for example, is armed with 203mm cannons that can deal incredible amounts of damage, while other armaments scattered on the cruiser can be also used against aircraft. Fun, just a shame there are only 3 Italian cruisers :(

Why Italian cruisers are dope:

  • Heavily armored, can take a few hits and not give a crap
  • Equipped with relatively strong guns
  • Okay crew amount

4. Japan


Japan is an island, thus investing too much into tanks doesn’t make too much sense. That’s why they’ve put a lot more consideration into their navy and when it comes to the cruisers, they’re rather fast and can withstand heavy punishment if you angle your cruiser properly. They also have underrated torpedoes, which happen to be long-range and deadly. I think that Japan is rather underrated and fun to play!

Why Japanese cruisers are cool to play:

  • Most of the cruisers tend to be sturdy and can take heavy damage, sometimes even from destroyers
  • Equipped with plenty of torpedoes, excellent explosive filters, and range
  • Fast if you’re moving in a straight line

3. USA

Time for the Yankees.

Americans on the other hand are good at a few things, having plenty of firepower and being pretty durable. Plenty of their ships are equipped with 203mm cannons that can deal serious amounts of damage and plenty of armaments that can be effective towards aircraft. Ships like Portland and New Orleans also have a high crew count, which adds up to their survivability. Keep in mind that 8-inch weapons have a rather slow reload speed, so make sure your shots count and you’re always in a safe position!

Why Yankee cruisers are dope:

  • Pretty durable if angled correctly
  • 8-inch guns are pretty powerful, yet you have to be careful due to their reload speed being pretty slow
  • Large crew counts

2. Britain


Brits have some incredible cruisers, their primary outstanding feature is the guns - most of them have a high rate of fire and hard-hitting shells. They have decent secondary armaments and short-range, anti-aircraft weaponry. Describing British cruisers is difficult, as they’re pretty versatile in terms of stats, but you can expect them to have alright speed+top-notch torpedoes. Pick ‘em if you want a strong nation to grind for!

Why British cruisers are dope:

  • Decent main and secondary armaments, some ships are equipped with good AA weapons
  • Can’t complain about the speed of the cruisers, it’s above average
  • The HMS York is pretty nimble and agile, making it hard to hit

1. Germany


Germany has everything when it comes to cruisers - powerful firepower, all three ships are equipped with main armaments that can threaten even battleships if they decide to try some funny business with you. In terms of armor, they are very sturdy - Admiral Hipper, Prinz Eugen, and Admiral Graf Spee can all take brutal damage and still stay afloat, not only due to the armor but high crew count. What about the AA weaponry? Yeah, they’ve got that too, it’s effective as hell, Admiral Graf Spee has the most effective anti-aircraft armaments, IMO. Well, I bet they’re not mobile, right? Right?... Nope, they’re also fast. Germans are badass when it comes to cruisers, they can take on opponents twice their size and not give a crap, give ‘em a try!

Why Germans have badass cruisers:

  • Sturdy and high crew count
  • Main armaments can decimate cruisers easily, sometimes even battleships
  • Excellent anti-aircraft measures

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