[Top 5] War Thunder Best Rank 2 Tanks That Are Excellent

Rank II.

Alrighty lads, I have to present to you some of my favorite rank II tanks in the incredible world of War Thunder. I’ll analyze 5 tanks in total from countries such as Germany, USSR, the USA, and Great Britain. I’ll mention some of their pros and explain why you should grind for ‘em!

5. M4


This is an American Sherman tank that’s fairly mobile and can focus on a few targets at once, due to its turret traverse speed being relatively fast. Thanks to its HMG, it’s quite effective against hostile planes and specifically against tanks such as Marder III. It’s also good against T-34s, Pz.IVs and Chi-Nu’s!

Why this tank is dope:

  • Decent HMG
  • Powerful cannon, can even 1-shot
  • -10 degrees gun depression

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4. Achilles

Good thing that tanks don’t have heels!


This tank in total has a crew of 5, which means that this tank has a high chance of survival. Another thing that adds up to the survival of this tank is the .50 cal machine gun on top that can scare off enemy planes and other light targets. Achilles is pretty slopey as well, which makes it very likely for enemy shells to bounce off of you. Okay speed, alright gun depression, what else ya need? Perhaps thicker hull armor!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Decent main cannon
  • 5-crew team
  • HMG on top

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3. Panzer IV H


Panzer is pretty well-armored in the front and overall maneuvrable which makes it an excellent flanker and a sniper from afar. The turret traverse speed is also amazing, which allows you to focus on a few targets. The tank is filled with a crew of 5 people in total, which greatly increases the chances of your tank being effective. Just make sure not to get shot from the sides, as that is most likely a death sentence!

Why this tank is dope:

  • Alright gun depression
  • OP main cannon
  • Maneuvrable

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2. KV-1S

A nice tank.

KV-1S is a heavy tank, capable of withstanding heavy punishment in the front part of the tank. The same thing applies to the turret, which can also deflect projectiles. It is best advised to use this tank behind the main battle and finish off the last remaining tanks after capping an objective. Frankly, it should be kept on a low profile most of the time due to the crew being cramped up, still, this is one of the most fun tanks to play!

Why this tank is dope:

  • Decent armor 
  • Fun to play
  • Shoot and scoot tactics apply to this tank

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1. T-34E STZ 

Soviet can.

Excellent in an open field and in a hill country. Not so much in urban areas due to the side armor being kinda meh but can still be quite deadly, mostly due to its high-penetration and post-penetration shells. This tank in general has plenty of ammo types, which adds in to the fun. It also has better front armor than its predecessor, so don’t be shy to head-on attack other tanks!

Why this tank is the best:

  • Decent speed
  • Great frontal armor, turret included
  • Different types of armor

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