War Thunder Takes a Peek At the Rare T28 Super Heavy Tank

War Thunder Takes a Peek At the Rare T28 Super Heavy Tank
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With the ongoing celebration of its 9th anniversary, War Thunder is taking a look at a very unique tank, of which only 2 were ever built.

The T28 Super Heavy tank was an American tank that was designed and built in 1945. The armor on the T28 was 12 inches (30cm) thick and the tank weighed 95 short tonnes, which is the equivalent of 86.2 metric tonnes. 

The T28 Super Heavy Tank. Image by War Thunder.

The T28 was 11.1 meters long and manned by a crew of 4. The tank was armed with a 105mm T5E1 main gun, with 62 rounds, and a .50 cal Browning heavy machine gun with 660 bullets. 

The T28 was powered by a 500hp Ford GAF V8 engine and was capable of a max speed of 13km/h and an operating range of 160km.

It was designed to break through heavy defenses, specifically for the assault of the German Siegfried line.

However, the Siegfried line was already broken by the time the tank passed trials. It was then decided to use the T28 for the war in Japan, but Japan surrendered before the tank could be shipped overseas.

During trials, 1 of the 2 T28’s had a bad engine fire. The tank was broken up and sold for scrap. The other tank was not used due to the high maintenance costs and impractical design.

It was left unused and at some point became ‘lost’. The lost T28 was found in an abandoned field in 1974.

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