[Top 5] War Thunder Best Bomber Nation

Bomb naysh yall!

Bombers, bombers, bombers. I don’t advise you to go up against fighters with those things but I can surely advise you to drop fat, 500 lb bombs on land, military targets. That’s what bombers are for and I’ll mention some of the best nations to pick if you want to be a bomber. Let’s start with:

5. Japan


They’re my least favorable bombers. They’ve got poopish defensive weapons mounted on them but they make up for it with the amount of maneuverability. Not all of them but SOME of them have decent bombs that will annihilate entire enemy bases and vehicles. In summary, Japanese bombers have unreliable defensive gunners but okayish bombs and badass maneuverability.

Why Jap bombers are gucci:

  • Occasional decent bombs in various bombers
  • Fast and maneuvrable


Mother Russia calls!

USSR is known for its bombers, as they can bomb land targets and even engage in dogfighting if necessary. Soviets also have a weird obsession with large bombs and goddamn, this nation has some of the largest bombs in the world - for example, the Yer-2 has a payload of up to 5,000 kilograms. Holy Jezus!

Why the USSR is awesome:

  • Massive and OP bombs
  • Decently armored
  • Who doesn’t want to fight for Momma Russia?

3. Italy

Pizzas and bombers - 2 things the Italians excel at!

Italian bombers are decent, maybe you can say that they’re slow but at higher tiers, they have massive firepower and a decent amount of maneuverability. These flying pizzas have enough bombs to destroy 2 massive bases and enough speed to out-pace other dogfighters. Excellent nation!

Why Italy is awesome:

  • Enough bombs to destroy 2 big bases
  • Relatively fast
  • Literally flying pizzas

2. Germany


German bombers are known for their massive bomb loads and excellent speed which can reach up to 800 kilometers per hour. One of my favorite bombers is the Me 264, a distinctive feature of that bomber is the massive payload it contains. This bomber and German bombers, in general, have decent defensive gunners. 

Bombs are capable of obliterating big bases with surgical precision and style. Germany here rocks!

Why Germany is awesome:

  • Massive bombs that exterminate everything
  • Durable bombers
  • Can fly at high altitudes and great speeds

1. USA

Fick yeah!

USA bombers are fast and provide you with decent defensive armaments. They pack a punch against those who wish to shoot you down and can drop a series of powerful bombs on military targets. Some bombers are even magical - if the pilot/co-pilot is knocked out, you might still be capable of flying - this is the case for the B-17E/L. Heavy and durable for the most part, they’re the best pick if you want to have plenty of fun!

Why Yankees are the best:

  • Excellent armaments
  • Sturdy as hell bombers
  • Some bombers contain multiple engines

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