[Top 5] War Thunder Best Rank 4 Tanks That Are Excellent

Rank IV tanks!

Rank IV tanks, Centurions, T-34s and god knows what else. They’re pretty deadly and can 1-shot other tanks with ease. I shall quickly analyze some of my favorite tanks I’ve had the most success with and describe their pros. Without further talking, let’s start!

5. Conway

The destroyer of heavy tanks!

That’s what Mr. Conway specializes in. It has an incredibly powerful cannon capable of obliterating even the heaviest tanks in rank IV games. This tank is an excellent sniper, which means that you’d be shooting from afar and killing tanks from a safe distance. Takes a bit of skill, as there is no room for mistakes with this tank - your hull is kinda weak and this tank is a bit slow. Fun sniper-tank!

Why this tank is awesome:

  • Great at sniping
  • Excellent heavy tank destroyer
  • Powerful main cannon

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4. IS-2


Another tank that can knock out crews and 1-shot tanks. It’s also equipped with a 12.7mm that can deal with lightly-armored trucks and planes. It’s decent at flanking due to its speed and durability and of course, the main cannon. The gunner has decent zooming capabilities, which makes it pretty easy to shoot at stuff. The armor itself is very good, the frontal part is pretty much immune to most shells and the same thing applies to the armor surrounding the turret!

Why this tank is great:

  • Decent armor coverage
  • Great at flanking
  • Machine gun on top can be used as AA, also good against lightly-armored vehicles

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3. Tiger II (H)


Tiger Zwei can be used as a sniper or a support tank, if you’re gonna play as a sniper it is advised to not be ganked by some idiot who took his time to sneak next to you and shoot the side of your tank. Your cannon works best at mid to long ranges, but can also be used as a support tank, where you protect other tanks from destroyers on the frontlines. 

Why this tank is dope:

  • 2 roles
  • OP cannon
  • Decent frontal armor

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2. T-44-100

We all know what T stands for!

This soviet cupcake gets even more OP after you fully upgrade it, and becomes pleasant to drive thanks to its maneuverability, and forward and reverse speed. It keeps a low profile/makes it hard for other enemy tanks to spot you. There’s a Dshka mounted on top of your tank, which serves as an excellent AA gun and it’s also effective against light ground vehicles.

Why this tank is dope:

  • 12.7mm Dshka machine gun
  • Keeps a low profile
  • Front armor makes shells bounce off

Why this tank is dope:


1. T34

Is this a soviet tank?

Nope, it’s not. It’s an American tank with a 120mm cannon and 3 .50 cal machine guns that do wonders against planes and lightly-armored ground targets. The tank is pretty fast on flat terrain but not that fast while climbing hills. The reload speed is also not the worst, totally worth its firepower. Crew placement is also useful, as it's hard to knock out all of them at once.

Why this tank is dope:

  • The crew is spread out, hard to knock ‘em out at once
  • .50 cals are amazing as AA weapons
  • Relatively fast on flat terrains

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