[Top 5] War Thunder Best Premium Planes That Are Powerful 2022

Premium planes from different nations of the world!

Howdy boys, I’m going to mention a few premium planes from a few countries. In summary, I will quickly discuss their best features, what they excel at, how fast they are, how maneuvrable they are, whether their armaments are effective or not, etc. Besides that, I will also mention planes from different tiers, to make it a little bit more interesting. Anyways, let’s start with our first pick:

5. Thach's F2A-1

Yankee stuff!

Thach is remarkable at a few things, armaments being one of them - if your plane is equipped with .50 cal machine guns, you can expect to absolutely obliterate other aircraft on the map. For a tier 1 aircraft, this feller is also rather fast - Thach can reach speeds of even 520 KM/H if upgraded. Use this guy for BnZ but make sure to not pull up too fast, as the wings may rip and cause you to fall to your painful death!

Why this plane is dope:

  • Armaments for a premium tier 1 plane are excellent
  • Decent speed(can reach around 500 KM/H)
  • Can land on carriers if absolutely necessary

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4. Bf 109 E-7/U2

Them Germans!

Bf 109 is a German, T2 airplane that does a good job at being maneuvrable, shooting other aircraft down because of your powerful 20mm cannons and having plenty of ammunition at the same time, perfect if you’re sick of landing to reequip. It’s also worth noting that this BF 109 performs well during negative Gs!

Why this plane is cool:

  • Easy to fly with, maneuvrable and fast
  • Hard-hitting armaments with plenty of ammunition can stay in combat for a long time
  • Can still have access to a small payload

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3. P-47D-27 Thunderbolt

Is this an American plane?

No, it’s a T3 Soviet plane. Ruskies stole it from the Americans, put on some commie paint, and claimed it as their own. Is it any good? Yeah, it’s decent. It can be equipped with a massive payload of 1250 KGs but make sure to dump all of it before engaging in dogfights. When it comes to offensive armaments, the P-47D-27 is equipped with Browning M2 machine guns on both wings that can easily destroy other aircraft. A great, multi-role fighter!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • A massive payload for a plane of this size, dump it before engaging in air fights
  • M2 Brownings are pretty strong in this tier and can be even used against heavy bombers
  • Stacked with ammunition, don’t have to reequip quite often

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2. Spitfire F Mk XIVc


I think it’s obvious that this is a British fighter. Its engine performs well at medium and high altitudes and the Hispano MkII cannons are effective against other fighters and even bombers. It can also be equipped with a single 500KG bomb that you can use against enemy convoys, bunkers, and other ground targets. It’s also fast and can reach a whopping speed of 770 KM/H if upgraded. A fun, tier 4 plane!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Pretty fast, decent turn rate and climb rate
  • Can drop a single, half-ton bomb to spite your enemies
  • Can be used to farm silver lions

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1. F-89D

A tier 5 Yankee plane, cuz why not!

Besides looking absolutely badass, it can also completely annihilate other aircraft in head-on attacks, although it’s advisable to avoid dogfights with this plane, as it’s a pretty big target and maneuverability is not its biggest feature. Instead, use your rockets to target your enemies from 1 to 2 kilometers away. In terms of survivability, this plane can take a beating and even be able to fly with a single engine, although at that point you should immediately restrict yourself from engaging in combat and try to fix your plane! Overall, it’s a fun plane that’s best known for its powerful, long-range rockets!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Can reach the speed of around 1,030KM/H
  •  Might sound dumb but this is one of the most unique-looking planes out there!
  • Over a hundred Mighty Mouse rockets+16 HVAR rockets

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