[Top 10] War Thunder Best Anti Air Vehicles

For those pesky flies in the air!

If you like to destroy enemy planes by shooting at them with some high rate of fire machine guns from the ground, then this article is most definitely for you. I’ll show you a list of the best anti-air vehicles, explain their pros, how to use them, and other fancy things. Let’s start first, with our lovely, German…

10. Flakpanzer I


This is a rank I anti-air vehicle, that does a great job at shooting multiple rounds at enemy planes and effectively downing them most of the time. Although they’re kinda squishy, it’s kinda small and does a great job at keeping a low profile, just by hiding behind bushes and such - makes up for the wack armor it has!

Why this anti-air vehicle is great:

  • Fast rate of fire
  • PzGr is quite effective against heavily armored targets
  • Turrets are fast to spin around, which allows the player to keep up with planes

9. BTR-152

A soviet powerhouse.

My favorite part about this vehicle is the fact that it can fire rapidly for even 10 seconds without overheating. Turrets are quite flexible and fast, which allows to quickly maneuver them and keep up with enemy planes in the sky. Long reload times are not a problem when these things have great ammo capacity!

Why this anti-air vehicle is great:

  • Hard to overheat this thing
  • Superb rate of fire
  • Large-capacity magazines

8. M19A1


This anti-air vehicle is effective against bombers and some ground targets. Although these vehicles have an average amount of ammunition, precise strikes can be devastating. Decent reload speed, excellent mobility, and damage are the main positive factors of this vehicle!

Why this AA is great:

  • Powerful turrets against planes(bombers, for example) and ground targets
  • 40mm HE shells
  • 0.6 reload speed

7. Wiesel 1A4

I like to call this one Wiesia.

These types of AAs are squishy as hell, but goddamn are they fast and mobile. It even has access to night and thermal vision. The high rate is always a nice benefit, the small size of this vehicle allows it to hide in small places, which greatly improves its survival capabilities. Cute, fragile, and deadly!

Why this AA is awesome:

  • Small, low profile AA
  • High rate of fire, 20mm guns
  • Amazing mobility

6. M42 Duster

Another one bites the duster!

Another tank with little to no armor. Works as a scout due to its incredible speed and acceleration. This tank is also used for baiting other planes into attacking you and then turning against them and completely obliterating them into splinters with your 40mm cannons. Turrets can traverse quite fast and keep up with hostile planes in the sky as well!

Why this AA is great:

  • 40mm Bofors cannons are extremely deadly to planes
  • Sometimes this AA is effective against tanks
  • Okayish fire rate

5. Chieftain Marksman

Two-shot Mark.

An AA that’s capable of 1-shotting or 2-shotting enemy planes. It’s not super effective at close combat but does wonder at medium and longer ranges, it’s also assisted by radar guidance which always increases your chance of survival on the battlefield and overall better detection of enemy vehicles. 

Why this AA is awesome:

  • Powerful firepower, capable of 1-shotting enemy planes
  • Assisted by radar guidance
  • Effective at medium to long ranges

4. Type 87

A jap AA.

What I like about this anti-air vehicle is the fact that it can cause hellton of damage to enemy planes with its twin, 35mm Oerlikon cannons. It’s even capable of attacking tanks if the line of fire is directed on the sides of specific tanks. The hydropneumatic suspension also improves your gun depression + search radar coverage. What you should avoid are the carpet bombings - as good as this AA is, it won’t survive a good ol’ carpet bombing!

Why this AA is awesome:

  • Strong main cannons
  • Proper modifications can make this AA very effective
  • Can sometimes engage other tanks

3. ZSU-37-2

Another soviet beauty.

This soviet AA is great for a few things, one of them is the superb rate of fire, which can catch up with even the fastest jets in the sky. It’s not the most armored vehicle in the game but the overall speed of this vehicle makes up for that flaw. Keep in mind, this AA is also effective at attacking other vehicles from the sides - don’t bother attacking the front parts, as they’re usually more armored. It also has plenty of ammo, which for a trigger-happy imbecile like me is just perfect news!

Why this AA is awesome:

  • A lot of ammo
  • Mobile and fast
  • Effective firepower, sometimes even against super-fast jets

2. Ozelot

Not a cat! 

I understand why it’s named “Ozelot” - it’s a predator, it keeps a low profile and is capable of hiding in obscure places, patiently waiting for enemy planes to make a mistake and get completely pummeled with its missiles. You can shoot them while driving and they require no guiding. This AA might be kinda difficult at first but it becomes a deadly weapon in hands of more experienced players!

Why this AA is awesome:

  • Self-guided missiles
  • Very mobile vehicle
  • Third generation thermal vision

1. FlaRakRad

Please, don’t make me say the full name…

Probably one of the biggest vehicles in the game, whether its size works as a way to intimidate other planes or to just be an easier target for enemy planes is totally up for you to decide. It’s one of the fastest AAs in the game, it can travel quickly from point A to B on large maps. In terms of armaments, it’s equipped with long-range missiles and thermals, which make it easier to locate enemy vehicles. In my opinion, this is one of the most useful AAs to have on the battlefield - try it out for yourself!

Why this AA is awesome:

  • The full name of this AA is: Flugabwehrraketensystem Roland Auf Radkraftfahrzeug - you know that this thing means business!
  • Long-range missiles
  • Ability to quickly move around massive maps

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