[Top 5] War Thunder Best Bushes

Bushes for your tanks.

War Thunder has all different types of camos and I will quickly go around a shortlist of the best bushes that you can equip your tank with. Their point is to provide some camouflage from aircraft, other enemy tanks, etc. Without further boring blabbing, let’s talk about the best bushes in War Thunder:

5. Dry Bushes

Dry as heck.

These leaves look pretty cool and can be used obviously in dry environments, they surprisingly blend well on beaches, deserts, and other areas that have single colors. Do they look cool? Sure, although they can block your vision at times - not sure if that’s a feature or a bug!

Why these bushes are gucci:

  • Look dark and edgy
  • Provide okayish camouflage
  • Dry bushes m8, what else can you ask for

4. Fir Branches


They seem great if you’re in some jungles or forests, the color is kinda dark green and… I don’t know, man. I like these bushes, alright? They make your tank look sneaky and sinister. Maybe your tank was ashamed of being naked so you’ve covered it in silky smooth leaves and branches, how nice of you!

Why these bushes are great:

  • As before, they provide a nice camouflage for your tank
  • Keeps your tank warm and modest
  • Literally invisible at times

3. Palm Leaves

Either when you’re in California or Vietnam.

They’re kinda bright, can be used on terrains like beaches, deserts but also in forests. If you put a hundred of those on your tank, it’s gonna look like a flashlight. Cool in visuals and serves as a decent camouflage of your tank - get it now!

Why these bushes are great:

  • Palm leaves, everyone likes palms, right?
  • Bright colors
  • Useful in all terrains

2. Birch Bushes

They’re also good!

Birch bushes are green and slightly bright in some places, they’re decent in green areas and do a great job if you decide to stay in one place and play as a sniper tank. They make shooting your tank's vital places pain in the butt, use them cuz they’re useful!

Why these bushes are great:

  • Bright green colors
  • Almost the best bushes
  • Maybe you can make tea from them?

1. Bunch of branches, big(foliage tree)


These ones are also useful, they provide a lot more camouflage than the previous bushes. They can literally cover all of your tank and make you seem like an actual bush, just make sure to not go all guns blazing to not attract attention to yourself. They look cool, are surprisingly useful, and can cover most of your tank!

Why these bushes are excellent:

  • Large
  • Green(stay eco, kids)
  • Provides majestic camouflage

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