[Top 5] War Thunder Best Tier 2 British Tanks That Are Excellent

WW2 era!


Yo homies, today we'll be looking at a new article of mine about tanks. Ye very original I know thank you. This article will be all about the best tanks that you can get in a game called Warthunder. To be honest with you I thought this game was dead a long time ago but it's still kicking and it's still alive surprisingly. Anyways enough of my nagging let's get into the tanks, shall we? 

5. Cromwell V


for our first bad boy British tank with crooked teeth, we have the Cromwell V. It doesn't compare to the german tanks at all but hey it's here so why not use it if you like playing as the brits. But to be honest with you this tank does have something that other tanks don't and that's speed. This is one of the fastest British tanks in the game so far and you should use it.

Why this tank is dope:

  • the fastest tank in the whole game.
  • armor of the tank is 63 on the front. 
  • it also carries two heavy machine guns. 

info about the tank: 


4. Cromwell I 

This again?

Now you might be scratching your head and thinking how can the first version of a tank be better than the fifth version? Well, not every sequel is a good one just take a look at Skyrim V-2. Well unlike the Cromwell V this tank can throw out smoke grenades when in danger. It is like a defense mechanism when in danger. It's also pretty fast but not as fast as the Cromwell V. Now I suggest that you prefer to vanish like a magician or to go fast like Keemstar when chasing an African-American kid. 

Why this tank is dope: 

  • deploys a smoke grenade when in danger. 
  • better than his cousin the Cromwell V. 
  • front plating is 64 armor. 

Info about the tank:


3. Matilda III or MkIIA

Matilda <3

this is a weird tank it has two different names but it's pretty good I hear. I use this tank myself. This is a heavy tank and it should be played as a heavy tank. If you play him differently you won't succeed. So try to play slow and steady and you'll win the race. This bad boy has a battle rating of 2.7 and it's pretty good I think. I'm not good with numbers I failed in kindergarten I never got past that year. 

Why this tank is dope: 

  • heavy tank and it wants to be treated like a heavy tank. 
  • has a battle rating of 2.7
  • front plating has an armor rating of 70. 
  • kinda a slow tank so yeah you might want to get some lotion. 

More info: 


2. Valentine XI


Now hold on for a second their cowboy. How can they create 11 versions of 1 tank and still be at tier 2? That's the British for ya I guess. This tank can be penetrated by anyone so wear protection on the inside guys but it has a 50mm gun cannon that shreds anything in its path. A quick trick against this tank is to flank it from the side and make sure that it dies quickly since the armor is even lower on the sides. Now for a quick tip for people playing this tank. Don't. Just joking make sure that you're looking at your opponents and try not to get flanked.

Why this tank is dope:

  • has a 50mm cannon. 
  • has 315 horsepower. 
  • do not get flanked from the sides at any cost!



1. Archer

Accurate as an archer!

What's the best tank in the world? A tank destroyer of course. This is one of the best rank 2 tank destroyers that the brits made. It has long-range. Well, that's logical it's a tank destroyer you won't be going in close at all. You're a mobile tank artillery, basically. It's also really weak with the armor only having 20 armor ratings on each side of the hull. You'll be good with this tank and it will help you out there on the battlefield. Now go out soldier you're ready for war!

Why this tank is dope:

  • destroys tanks with 1 shot. 
  • has a long range. 
  • hiding in a bush is the best strategy. 

Info: https://wiki.warthunder.com/Archer#:~:text=The%20Archer%20is%20a%20unique,to%20have%20two%20forward%20directions.

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