[Top 3] War Thunder Best Russian Premium Planes That Are Powerful

Time for the best premium planes on the Ruskie side!

Russians have some pretty decent premium planes, so I came to a conclusion that I should mention some of them - they’re simply too good to go unnoticed. In this article, I will mention one premium plane from tiers 1, 5, and 7 - I shall discuss what they’re awesome at, how maneuvrable, how effective their armaments are, and why you should grind for them. Anyways lads, let’s start with our first plane in tier 1:

3. Tandem MAI

A weird but effective plane!

The most obvious and unique feature of this plane is the tail gunner - it’s perfect for scaring off other fighters trying to shoot you down, besides the tail gunner, you also have an 8.5mm steel plate behind the main seat, which can protect you from potential snipes. What’s not protected is the front of the aircraft - it’s highly recommended to not engage another aircraft head-on, as that may result in your demise. What’s also impressive about this plane are its armaments - in total, it’s armed with x4 7.62mm ShKAS machine guns, which are REALLY effective at this tier and even in the second tier. Besides armaments and defensive capabilities, Tandem is a pretty maneuverable plane and fast plane. Worth grinding for!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Tail gunner armed with a 7.62 ShKAS machine gun, perfect for fighting off fighters on your tail
  • Maneuvrable and fast for its rank
  • x4 7.62mm machine guns that can easily annihilate other planes

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2. MiG-17AS

We advance.

Although it’s a little bit hard to aim with this jet, the maneuverability, speed, and cannon damage of this aircraft are incredible enough to make up for it. First of all, it’s armed with x1 37mm cannon and x2 23mm cannons, which can easily disintegrate other enemy aircraft in a split second. Keep in mind that the cannons are located below the nose part of the plane - aiming with this jet takes practice that you’ll get ahold of after a few games. If you’re pretty close to another aircraft, you can use your air-to-air missiles, they’re accurate. In summary, you can use this plane for BnZ, as it handles high speeds pretty well and its maneuvrability is pretty decent at low to medium speeds. Give it a try!

Why this plane is dope:

  • Scary cannons can easily destroy other aircraft if accurate enough
  • Air-to-air missiles effective at short range
  • Decent maneuverability if speed is kept at low to medium

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1. Su-22M3

The tier 7 cupcake.

Well, this guy can reach the speed of 2,251 KM/H(AB) and 2,232 KM/H(RB). That’s pretty goddamn fast, but this jet also has a long list of guided missiles that are great for eliminating ground targets, sometimes you can even drop napalm if that’s your thing, you bloody psychopath. The plane can also optionally be equipped with countermeasures, at the expense of having less efficient offensive armaments. When it comes to maneuverability, it’s best if wings are kept at minimum sweep. Before joining air battles, it’s best to use your payload to destroy enemy bases, in total you can destroy 2. Overall, this plane is fun as hell to play, best played with your friends, and make sure to preserve your ammo, as this plane quickly runs out of it. Anyways, have fun with this thing!

Why this plane is the best:

  • The only premium Soviet plane that you can get in T7
  • Excellent speed(around 2,250KM/H)
  • A massive payload that can destroy 2 bases in total, can even drop napalm on lighter ground vehicles

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