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I sexually identify as an attack helicopter. Ever since I was a b- wait for a second, I’m here to talk about countries with the best helicopters in War Thunder and that’s exactly what I’ll do - I’ll be talking about 5 nations in total, describe some of their best helicopters, what they’re good at, plus why you should grind for ‘em. Without further talking, let’s get started with our first nation:

5. France

The baguettes.

I didn’t know who else to pick for the worst spot, so I decided to pick France. They’ve got some decent helicopters and I don’t think they’re that hard to learn, which is great for newer players who wanna try out flying helicopters. French helicopters kinda lack gun armaments but are equipped with missiles that eliminate ground targets quite efficiently. 

Why French helicopters are gucci:

  • EC-665 Tiger HAD - worth grinding for, equipped with a decent payload that includes mistral missiles, which are considered to be some of the best missiles in the game.
  • In general, French helicopters seem to focus ground targets and if that’s how you like it, then you should focus on playing France

4. Great Britain

Tea enjoyers.

The Brits don’t have that many helicopters but they’re worth grinding for, mostly because of their payloads that are meant for air-to-ground and air-to-air targets. Besides, they can be pretty fast, sometimes even faster than the American helicopters, and maneuverable, which makes them pretty good for combat. It’s also worth noting that helicopters from lower-tier are relatively small and hard to shoot at, making it an unbelievable pain in the ass to play against them. 

Why British helicopters are decent:

  • Early tiers are pretty small helicopters, they can easily hide and evade combat, tilt your opponents
  • Usually armed with decent payloads, great for destroying ground targets
  • AH Mk.1 Apache - although not as good as the Russian Ka-52, can still do plenty in a game thanks to its Hellfire missiles

3. Germany

Good thing WW2 Germans didn’t have helicopters..

German helicopters are overall pretty agile and maneuvrable. They can be pretty deadly for ground targets, such as tanks but air targets as well - the Mi-24P is equipped with 30mm cannons that are capable of shredding other helicopters to bits, although aiming with that helicopter takes a bit of practice. If you grind long enough, you might find yourself a gucci helicopter with thermal vision, which makes you see stuff a lot easier. Some German helicopters are armed with ATGMs, thus it’s important to fly at low altitudes and pound ground targets when possible. Great helicopters!

Why German helicopters are gucci:

  • Mi-24P has pretty OP 30mm cannons that are deadly towards other helicopters
  • Helicopters are mostly agile and fast
  • Equipped with ATGM missiles

2. USA

US of A.

Americans have pretty decent helicopters but still not as good as the Russian ones. Some people might find this blasphemous in the current political climate but I don’t give a damn. One of the most gorgeous cupcakes that the USA can offer is AH-1Z, it can reach a whopping speed of 426 KM/H if upgraded and can cause plenty of havoc thanks to its Hellfire missiles, while still staying pretty survivable - it’s equipped with flares and short-range, air-to-air missiles. 

Early helicopters are also dope and perfect for beginners, the AH-1G is the fastest starting helicopter, and most of the time they’re armed quite well, fun, plus relatively easy to play. Have a good time!

Why Yankee helicopters are cool to play:

  • Some of the early-tier helicopters are pretty fast and easy to learn
  • AH-1Z is one of the fastest helicopters and one of the best ones in general


Those Russians.

The time has come for them. What’s the deal with them? Why are they on the first spot? Well, one of the reasons for hysteria is the Ka-52, it sees popularity both in Ukraine and War Thunder. One thing that you might put into consideration is the sizes of each helicopter - there’s not a single one that appears to be small, maybe KA-29 but even that helicopter looks overweight. 

Another thing that the Soviets are good at is having a long list of helicopters to pick from - in total, USSR has 11 helicopters. They’re diverse in terms of playstyles but they’re mostly equipped with large payloads and hard-hitting gun armaments. In summary, USSR helicopters are flying tanks - durable, chunky, and OP. Have a good time grinding ‘em!

Why Ruskie helicopters are the best:

  • The KA-52 is a multi-role helicopter, which means you never get bored of it.
  • Gun armaments in USSR are more common than in other factions
  • A long list of helicopters to unlock, which is 11 in total(9 normal+2 premium).

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