[Top 5] War Thunder Best Premium German Planes That Are Powerful

Some Germanic planes, cuz why not!

Howdy boys, in this article I’m gonna discuss some of the best premium German planes from different tiers, analyze their best features, what they excel at, how you should play them, and why they’re absolutely the best when it comes to the early tiers. Let’s start!

5. Fw 189 A-1


Although this plane is classified as a bomber, it should be used as a heavy fighter. The payload is kinda small and the offensive armaments are good enough to destroy other aircraft in short bursts. Besides that, there are also defensive gunners that will fend off other fighters. You could fly this guy at low altitudes, to make it unable for enemies to shoot the belly part of your plane, as it’s the most vulnerable area. 

Why this plane is dope:

  • Decent offensive armaments can easily destroy other aircraft in short periods of time
  • The plane is sturdy, it can fly with 1 engine, although it will severely underperform
  • Defensive armaments can be used offensively

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4. Yak-1B

Good old Yak.

This plane excels at a few things - one of them is the excellent climb rate, which makes this plane great at BnZ tactics. The armaments are mounted on the nose, which makes it pretty easy to target other aircraft. The plane is pretty maneuverable overall, you can easily get out of bad situations by out-maneuvering your adversaries. The ShVAK cannon(20mm) is powerful enough to deal with planes and even bombers but make sure that your shots hit - you don’t have too much ammunition your secondary weapons are not as effective!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Above-average armaments that can be used against bombers/planes
  • Decent turn rate
  • Accurate armaments, all are located in the nose part

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3. Tempest Mk V

Germans stole it from the Brits, I guess?

Anyways, this is a German plane. It can reach a decent speed of 728 KM/H and it’s equipped with extremely dangerous x4 20mm Hispano cannons that can easily annihilate anything that happens to be in front of this terrifying plane. It’s also maneuverable, you can easily out-perform other planes in this BR. Although all those mentioned things are nice, keep in mind that this plane is pretty large and it’s pretty easy to shoot it down because of that - you could always try BnZ or just play around your teammates!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Fast and maneuvrable
  • Equipped with deadly Hispano 20mm cannons that can easily annihilate even bombers
  • Strong engine

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2. MiG-21 SPS-K

Look at it go!

So.. This tier VI feller can reach the speed of 2,280 KM/H if upgraded. It can be equipped with one 23mm cannon, R-3S missiles, plenty of countermeasures, bombs, and rockets. There’s also a possibility that you’ll be up against planes from Tier V, which should put a smile on your face. The last thing that’s worth adding is that the jet is equipped with a ballistic computer for rocket support!

Why this jet is awesome:

  • Very fast for a tier VI plane, should out-run most planes on this tier
  • Decent amount of countermeasures
  • Maneuvrable at high speeds

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1. F-4F Phantom II

A lovely tier VII plane!

The highest tier plane, it’s known for a few things - one of them is the fact that it can be equipped with a payload of 12,000 pounds. It can also be equipped with x4 AIM-9J missiles, which are known for being one of the best missiles in the whole game. The offensive cannon is pretty impressive in terms of firepower, it will make a short work of anyone who gets in front of you. It’s a great, multi-role aircraft, that can either be used for standard dogfighting or bombing ground targets. A fun plane, should totally try it!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Equipped with one of the best missiles in the game(AIM-9J)
  • Can be used for attacking ground targets
  • Can also be used for standard dogfighting, thanks to decent, offensive armaments

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