[Top 5] War Thunder Best Early Planes That Are Excellent

[Top 5] War Thunder Best Early Planes That Are Excellent
Italian excellence flying about.

Low-tier, best-tier.

Sometimes, it may look like the best and most fun to use planes are modern, powerful, fast jets that take ages to grind to. In reality, low-tier planes can be as fun as more advanced ones, if not even more enjoyable. The stakes are lower and they’re usually easier to fly, so you can sometimes even relax and “take it easy”. 

Though all planes in this category kind of perform along the same lines, some are just better than others, be it because they have better guns or the ability to strap rockets and bombs to carry into battle. In this guide, we’ll look at the best 5 early planes in War Thunder.

As a general rule, we’ll not go further than rank II, and even then we’ll try and avoid anything above a battle rating of 2.7 for Realistic Battles. This will mean that all planes are potentially researchable in just a few, successful games, and are not too expensive to buy put in your lineup. It was a very difficult thing putting this list together since many early planes are very enjoyable and powerful in the right hands. This being said, it’s time to delve into our list!


#5 CR.42 Falco (Italy)

The Falco is the pinnacle of biplane evolution.

It might surprise some of you that a biplane made it into this list, but this is no ordinary, puny little plane. This is the Falco, possibly the best biplane ever built. This plane is so good it is meant to face off against more advanced monoplanes, and he’ll trump most of them.

The Falco can climb better than any monoplane at its rank and most of the time it also has an advantage in turning. This means that the CR.42 can be used for Boom-and-Zoom tactics as well as turn fighting. The armaments are nothing to call home about, but as long as you hit your target you’ll be able to bring it down. 

What the CR.42 Falco excels in:

  • Turn-fighting
  • Climbing
  • Energy fighting


#4 I-16 type 24 Ishak (USSR/Russia)

If flies so damn well you won’t believe it.

The I-16 type 24 Ishak is an established turn fighter, able to out-maneuver any other plane in its rank. Should an enemy get on your tail or start doing some evasive maneuvers to try and fool you, you won’t have any problem whatsoever with keeping up with him and eventually securing a nice kill with your machine guns.

You’re not meant to Boom-and-Zoom with this fighter, and you shouldn’t really start firing until you get close enough to your target due to the relatively small caliber of your guns. The I-16 type 24 Ishak isn’t a good climber, so avoid that while fighting, since it will cause you to lose energy and speed, making you an easier target. What you can do though is strap some nice rockets under your wings and use them to bring down bombers and ground targets alike. 

What the I-16 type 24 Ishak excels in:

  • Destroying bombers with its rockets
  • Out-maneuvering other planes
  • Close air support


#3 C. 202 Folgore (Italy)

Another Italian beauty on this list.

If you’re looking for something that looks a bit more like the fighter planes you’re acquainted with, make sure to check out the C.202 Folgore. It isn’t the best when it comes to firepower, but it can still bring down planes somewhat easily. Its best performance though comes when it climbs high and then drops on its enemies.

The C. 202 Folgore is all about energy fighting. Although it can still perform pretty well, on par with a Bf 109, you’ll be able to tear apart enemy planes with Boom-and-Zoom tactics. The climb rate is good and this plane is one of the fastest in its category, so don’t be afraid to push this little jewel to its limits when playing with it as you won’t regret it. 

What the C. 202 Folgore excels in:

  • Speed
  • Climbing to high altitudes
  • Energy fighting


#2 Bf 109 E-3 (Germany)

This classic Bf. 109 will tear a new one to your enemies. 

Everybody knows that the Bf. 109 is a textbook example of a hit-and-run, Boom-and-Zoom plane. Not everybody knows though that it can also work as a turn fighter and that it actually can do pretty well in that role as well. Don’t stay fixed on one target though and use your cannons with caution, as you will run out of ammo pretty quickly. 

When playing in a Bf 109 E-3, you need to build up a good altitude advantage and then dash out against your enemies in quick and violent attacks that put you at minimal danger and that will secure you some very nice kills. Thanks to your cannons, you will also be able to destroy heavier planes like bombers.

What the Bf 109 E-3 excels in:

  • Energy fighting
  • Hit-and-run tactics
  • Bringing down heavier planes


#1 Hurricane Mk I Late (Britain)

The British are here and it’s not a Spitfire!

Although I did want to include a good ol’ Spitfire in this list, I opted for what I believe is the best early fighter plane in War Thunder: the Hurricane Mk I Late. This plane can sustain a lot of damage, has some excellent firepower and exception maneuverability. It will surely bring you a lot of victories.

The only con the Hurricane Mk I Late is its speed, as the plane is quite a bit slower than its contemporaries. Though that’s true, you will not have any problems out-maneuvering whatever plane comes at you and then destroying it with your many Machine guns. Be aware, even though you might carry a lot of ammo on you, you’ll still have to maintain some kind of trigger discipline, or else you might find yourself out of ammo very quickly. 

What the Hurricane Mk I Late excels in:

  • Maneuverability
  • Firepower
  • Easier aiming thanks to its better firing platform


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