[Top 3] War Thunder Best Italian Planes That Are Powerful

Pizza Italiano!

We’ve discussed a few planes before but this time we will primarily discuss the top 3 best Italian planes in the world of War Thunder. Italy is known for its incredibly powerful dogfighting planes, their agility is almost as good as Japan’s and if their speed is average, their firepower will recompensate. I’ll mention planes from the last 3 ranks:

3. G.91 R/1

Also known as Gina.

These planes are known for a few things, first of all - being rank V. Its machine guns can be quite deadly if properly aimed at other enemy aircraft, combined with the excellent turn time, it makes one of the deadliest fighting planes in the sky. Use your ammo in short bursts and you should be good, make sure you don’t make too many immediate turns at higher speeds as it can damage your plane. Sometimes fatally!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Great for “boom and zooming” strategies
  • Low weight which allows more maneuverability
  • x4 M3 machine guns which are pretty OP if used in short bursts

More details:

2. F-104S Starfighter

Another one.

This one is rank VI, one of the biggest pros of this plane is its speed -  whopping 2387 kilometers per hour. It’s so fast in fact that it is possible to outrun heat-seeking missiles on some occasions and escaping from other dogfighters shouldn’t be too hard of a task. You might have noticed the tiny wings on this plane - it’s a blessing and a curse, as it's harder to shoot them off but also harder to maneuver the plane. If you like speed, deadly weapons, and useful radars, then stick to the Starfighter!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • OP cannons that can disintegrate other planes
  • Useful radar
  • Fast as duck, boiiiii

More details:


1. F-104S.ASA Starfighter


This looks familiar..

Yes, this plane does kinda look like the last one I’ve described. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the rank VII dogfighting plane. It has a speed of 2387 kilometers per hour and a slightly better turn rate than the F-104S variant. What this cutie is known for are its SARH missiles with a decent range and AIM-9Ls, which also have a decent range and tracking. It is recommended to focus on other airplanes instead of ground targets, as this jet doesn’t really have any air-to-ground missiles. Perfect for boom and zoom tactics and dogfighting in general, try it out!

Why this jet is the best:

  • Reaches the top speed pretty fast
  • 2387 km/h
  • SARH/AIM-9Ls missiles

More details:


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