[Top 5] War Thunder Best Tier 2 Fighters That Are Powerful

Some T2’s.

We have described T1 fighters, now it’s time for T2. They’re a little bit faster, more armored, and equipped with deadly armaments. I’ll mention planes from Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United Kingdom. I will mostly talk about their biggest strengths, such as their firepower, maneuverability, and other cool features each plane has. Let’s begin with…

5. La-5

Soviet plane!

I don’t know why but I’ve had plenty of success with this plane. It’s easy to aim with, decent firepower but remember to be too trigger-friendly - fire only when you know that your shots are gonna hit your target. If you’re wondering what the armaments, they are 20mm ShVAK cannons that will surely get the job done. There’s also a little payload that consists of x2 50KG bombs, drop them on bunkers or vehicle convoys!

Why this plane is badass:

  • A small payload that doesn’t slow down your plane too much and can come in handy
  • Strong cannons, can eliminate other fighters in short bursts
  • Easy to aim with, as the armaments are located in the nose part of the plane

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4. Bf 109 F-2


A German T2 fighter that’s best known for its accuracy and plenty of ammunition. It’s also pretty goddamn fast for a T2 plane, after you upgrade it, the speed can reach even 638 km/h. It’s also worth mentioning that the pilot’s seat is covered with 8 mm sheets of steel and the 60mm glass surrounding the cockpit is bulletproof. Adds up to the survivability of the pilot!

Why this plane is dope:

  • Plenty of ammunition that lasts during combat
  • Decent speed, 638KM/H is more than enough to catch up with most dogfighters in this tier
  • Useful for beginners

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3. Fw 190 A-1

Another German golden boy.

Fee-wee is equipped with x2 20mm cannons and x2 7.92mm machine guns that are attached to its wings. There are also x2 7.92mm machine guns located in the front of the nose, which makes aiming rather easy. Besides decent armaments, the maneuverability of this plane is incredible, even at higher speeds that can reach 676 KM/H. The wings rip speed is around 910 KM/h, so you can feel free to dive whenever you want and conduct boom and zoom tactics. Awesome plane!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Excellent speed, you don’t have to worry about wings ripping
  • Maneuvrability is awesome, even at higher speeds
  • Plenty of ammo, don’t have to reequip too often

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2. Spitfire Mk IIa

Here come the Spitfires.

Probably the best planes out there. It’s equipped with massive firepower that consists of x8 7.7mm machine guns that perform the best against other fighters, although you can still go on a bomber-hunting, but due to the caliber of the machine guns being rather small, it will take long bursts to take one down. The front glass that covers the cockpit is 38mm thick, which is going to save the pilot MANY times. Watch out for the BF-109s and don't waste too much time trying to shoot down a bomber!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • x8 machine guns, with these badboys you’re gonna turn other planes into swiss cheese
  • Well-armored, sturdy cockpit - the front glass is thick enough to keep your pilot in the game
  • One of the best dogfighters out there, enjoyable to fly with, doesn’t die too fast

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1. Spitfire Mk IIb

Another Spitfire? Really?

Yes, really. I didn’t know which other plane to include and this was the best one, IMO. What’s the difference between this Spitfire and the previous one? Well, the improved firepower - it’s a lot easier to take down bombers this time due to the 20mm Hispano cannons and .303 Browning machine guns, which will easily rip through fighters and heavily-armored bombers. Climbing altitude is a real pleasure too, the speed can reach almost 600 KM/H if upgraded. Make sure to use the 20mm cannons in short bursts and you should be good!

Why this plane is awesome:

  • Decent firepower that can eliminate bombers if shot correctly in short bursts
  • Flying with this plane is rather easy, you don’t have to be an expert to quickly get a hang of things
  • Climbs up altitude pretty well, you can use this to your advantage and target bombers

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