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What's so important about ARs when you play Warzone?

Warzone offers a wide variety of weapons for all playstyles, but assault rifles have always been more important and necessary due to their viability at long and medium ranges (although some are extremely good at close range as well, as happened during the “FFAR terror”). So, as your guardian angel I’m here to tell you the 5 best ARs for you to include in your loadouts and start melting your enemies.


5. C-58

Despite its recent nerf, the C-58 is still one of the best ARs with a low fire rate, but amazing damage and controllable recoil.

What makes the C-58 awesome?

  • Controllable recoil
  • Great damage
  • Reliable for long distances too
  • Great for intermediate and advanced players
  • Capable of eliminating an entire squad

C-58 details:

  • Full-auto assault rifle
  • High damage
  • Slow fire rate

C-58: without attachments


4. M4A1

This weapon has never stopped being good, but with the new options that have come into the game, we kind of forgot how good the M4A1 is. It’s smooth and reliable for beginner, intermediate and advanced players.

What makes the M4A1 awesome?

  • Controllable recoil pattern
  • Quite Good performance at long range
  • Slow but smooth movement

M4A1 details:

  • Full-auto assault rifle 
  • Powerful shots
  • Deadly at long range

M4A1: without attachments


3. KRIG 6

One of Warzone’s most controllable and damaging assault rifles. One could say it’s still the current meta, even if there are plenty of good ARs out there. 

What makes the Krig awesome?

  • Controllable recoil pattern
  • Fluent mobility
  • Reliable for long distances too
  • Great for beginner players

Krig details:

  • Full-auto assault rifle
  • Extremely accurate
  • Improved damage

Krig 6: without attachments


2. GRAU 5.56

One could say that this AR has no recoil, and it seems that way, because of its impeccable accuracy. In addition, it received a recent damage buff that placed it once again among the most manageable weapons in Warzone.

What makes Grau 5.56 awesome?

  • Almost no recoil
  • Reliable for long distances too
  • Great for beginner players
  • Your shots will go wherever you aim

Grau 5.56 details:

  • Full-auto assault rifle
  • Extremely accurate
  • Excellent range

Grau 5.56: without attachments


1. XM4

This gun has been extremely good for some time now, but it was mostly used for medium and close range. However, it was recently nerfed, which made it a good option for long distances. Undoubtedly, one of the newest and freshest AR options.

What makes XM4 awesome?

  • Extremely fast TTK (Time to Kill)
  • Great Rate of Fire
  • Controllable recoil (intermediate and advanced players)

XM4 details:

  • Full-auto assault rifle
  • Reliable damage
  • Improved fire rate

XM4: without attachments

I highly recommend trying these AR options. I’m not only explaining to you why they’re so good, but also attaching videos where you can see it for yourself. So, what are you waiting for to include them in your loadouts right now? Seriously, go play!

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