Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Best LMG (Top 5)

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The LMG. Spray and pray.

The light machine gun has been given a bad reputation for much of the Call of Duty franchise as a class of weapons that requires more spraying and praying rather than well thought out gunfights. In a game where the majority of gunfights are fast paced, there is a certain art in using a powerful, deadly, and slow weapon that can mow down opponents with ease. This is a list of the top five LMG’s to use in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

5. Holger-26

Number five LMG in Modern Warfare, the Holger-26

At number five we have the Holger-26, which is the quickest LMG in its class. The in-game feel this gun has combined with a tiny magazine makes this gun play more like an assault rifle than a LMG. However, the struggle lies within the accuracy, especially while in long range gunfights. Targets that are farther away become extremely difficult to hit due to the recoil. This gun is very quick for an LMG but very inaccurate.

Things that are great about the Holger-26

  • Feels like an assault rifle without any attachments
  • Lethal in short to medium range situations
  • Rubberized grip tape makes the Holger relatively accurate and much easier to control
  • Fire rate is extremely high for a light machine gun
  • Mobility is the best feature

Weapon details

  •  Extreme recoil, especially in long range
  • Exceptional in short range situations
  • Plays like a heavier assault rifle
  • Small magazine

4. MG34

The number four LMG in Modern Warfare, the MG34

Coming in at number four we have the MG34. A stereotypical light machine gun that plays very slow but makes up for it with exceptional damage. This gun is almost too slow to use and the fire rate is subpar, but the accuracy, damage, and range almost make up for its downfalls. If you are looking for the classic, heavy LMG this is the gun for you.

Things that are great about the MG34

  • Super powerful-even in long range gunfights

  • In-game range feels like top class

  • Fairly accurate without a large drop off at longer ranges

  • Exceptional in bigger game modes such as ground war or Warzone

  • Feels like a classic LMG, with plenty of ammunition

Weapon details

  • Extremely slow which makes it difficult to use in short range situations

  • Built more for a ground war game type gamemode

  • Damage and accuracy are the strongest points

  • If fire rate was better, this gun would be exceptional

3. SA87

The number three LMG in Modern Warfare, the SA87

At number three we have the SA87, a fairly mobile LMG with decent damage and a surplus of ammunition. The SA87 has some of the best mobility in its class, which is the main contributor to why this gun comes in at number three and not lower. The damage and range for this LMG are middle of the pack but this weapon can be useful and powerful when combined with the right attachments.

Things that are great about the SA87

  • Damage that doesn’t fall of at longer distances
  • Fairly mobile, especially with the right attachments
  • Tons of ammunition, much like the MG34
  • Range makes up for the accuracy issues
  • Built for Warzone

Weapon details

  • Mobility is towards the top of the class
  • Damage is above average and feels powerful while using in-game
  • Range also doesn’t fall too far from average
  • Recoil makes this gun hard to control

2. M91

The runner up LMG, the M91

Coming in close second, behind the number one LMG to use in Modern Warfare is the M91. This LMG generates the highest damage rate out of all of the light machine guns, but the deciding factor to put it at number two instead of number one is the terrible fire rate and how extremely slow it is. Compared to most of the other guns in its class, the M91 feels sluggish, making it especially hard to win short to medium range gunfights. However, the mobility is made up for by the exceptional damage that it possesses.

Things that are great about the M91

  • Extremely powerful
  • Fairly accurate
  • Range is exceptional, can win long gunfights with precision
  • Recoil can be controlled with attachments
  • Like most of the other LMG’s, this gun shines in Warzone

Weapon details

  • Accurate in long distances
  • Extremely slow which makes it almost impossible to win short range gunfights
  • Recoil can be hard to control while being hit

1. PKM 

The top LMG to use in Modern Warfare, the PKM

Coming in at number one is the PKM, the most accurate and powerful LMG in its class. With in-game feel being head and shoulders above the rest of the light machine guns, the PKM is extremely deadly without too much of an accuracy drop-off, especially in medium to long range situations. If you are going to play with a weapon in the LMG category, this is the weapon to pick.

Things that are great about the PKM

  • Perfect blend of accuracy, range, mobility and damage
  • Damage has almost zero fall off at long range
  • Massive clip with tons of ammunition
  • Very little recoil, making it easy to win gunfights
  • In-game feel is far ahead of any other gun in its class

Weapon details

  • Extremely accurate, even in long range situations

  • Deadly in middle to long range gunfights

  • Reasonably mobile considering the damage and fire rates

  • Essentially no recoil with the right combination of attachments

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