[Top 10] CoD Warzone Best Perks For Maximum Advantage

CoD Warzone Best Perks
New Perks are OP

Loved and despised: the greatest perks in the Warzone!


Yeah, we focus on landing spots, weapons and settings, but perks play such an important role in Warzone that you literally have the chance to just pick three perks. Yup, just three! Besides, they help you adapt to many circumstances in Verdansk or Rebirth Island, like not appearing on the mini map, tagging enemies, moving faster, resisting explosive damage, etc. Trust me, they’re helpful and essential. And like I always do: I’m here to explain the 10 best Warzone perks, so you can improve your games.


10. Cold Blooded

Cold Blooded Perk belongs to the first Perk category (blue one).

Back in the OG days of Warzone, Cold Blooded was a must, because everyone used thermal optics. However, as we all got used to the game, we just stopped running this type of optics, which made Cold Blooded seem replaceable. But now, with the introduction of Combat Scout (which we’ll discuss in a minute) Cold Blooded isn’t a must, but a need for every player. Of course, it depends on the situation, but you will not regret having this perk equipped.

Why Cold Blooded Is Great 

  • Combat Scout is denied
  • High Alert does not work on you

Cold Blooded details 

  • You’re mostly undetectable by
  • AI targeting systems
  • Thermal optics
  • High Alert perk
  • Combat Scout perk


9. Tempered

Perk Menu: Combat Scout Perk

One of the new perks in the Warzone. Each plate gives you 75 armor, instead of just 50. That means you only need 2 plates to get full armor. Cool, right? It’s pretty useful in every game, but it’s essential for the last circles of the zone.

Why Tempered Is Great

  • Better armor plate management
  • Useful for critical circumstances (when you run out of plates or don’t have nearby buy stations)
  • You heal up faster

Tempered details 

  • Instead of needing 3 plates to fully armor yourself, you only need 2
  • It restores your armor when you equip it


8. High Alert

High Alert Perk - second Perk category (red one)

When High Alert is equipped, you get a big yellow/orange spot on the side of your screen where someone’s shooting at you. This is extremely helpful to get enemies’ location awareness and if you’re playing with a squad, believe me, they’ll thank this information.

Why High Alert Is Great

  • Hearing people using Dead Silence is KEY
  • You give your team lots of information
  • You’re one of the most valuable teammates

High Alert details 

  • Your vision pulses when enemies outside of your view zone aim at you
  • Enemies using Dead Silence are audible


7. Amped

Perk Menu: Amped Perk

This perk´s been the go-to for quite some time now and, honestly, I think it’s understandable. It helps you swap weapons faster (and reload rocket launchers quicker, but who runs a rocket launcher?), so you’ll feel more skilled and agile when approaching an enemy player.

Why Amped Is Great 

  • Great for aggressive players
  • You get to your secondary weapon way faster
  • Faster weapon swap helps in chaotic scenarios

Amped details

  • Swap weapons faster
  • Smoother movement


6. Combat Scout

Combat Scout Perk - third Perk category (yellow one)

This perk...my friend, THIS PERK! Some people say it's a wallhack and it does seem that way. It is OP, cause once you hit a player (with lethal or tactical equipment and bullets) he’ll be briefly highlighted for you and your team. So, yeah you can literally see him through walls. 

Why Combat Scout Is Great 

  • Your whole team can see enemies’ location
  • One bullet’s enough to pin an enemy player

Combat Scout details

  • Tag enemies when you shoot them
  • Every squad mate can see the highlighted enemies


5. E.O.D

Perk Menu: E.O.D Perk

Using E.O.D doesn’t seem necessary anymore, because there are a lot of different options, but it’s actually a great perk. Don’t believe me? Let’s say you’re reviving a teammate, but the enemy squad starts pushing you and the first thing they do is throw a few semtex at you. My friend, you’ll thank God for having E.O.D equipped.

Why E.O.D Is Great 

  • You can take more explosive damage
  • You’ll get the chance of escaping chaotic and explosive scenarios
  • You’ll feel like a tank

E.O.D details

  • Take reduced damage from explosives
  • More resistant to explosive and fire damage


4. Overkill

Overkill Perk 

This is THE perk. If you’re a regular player, you know that not having Overkill equipped is like suicide. However, you can always choose another perk above this one, once you already have your loadout. Trust me, you will always need Overkill.

Why Overkill Is Great 

  • You can choose two primary weapons
  • Gives you a better functionality as a player
  • You have lots of weapons to choose from

Overkill details 

  • You can carry two primary weapons
  • Your loadout won’t be limited to having a pistol, melee weapon or a launcher


3. Ghost

Perk Menu: Ghost Perk

This is one of the most consistent and useful perks in the game. Not only does it help you to stay hidden on the mini map and escape from aggressive players that are always popping UAVs, but also helps you be the aggressive player. Death always comes from what you cannot see.

Why Ghost Is Great 

  • Helps you to stay hidden on the map
  • Extremely useful for late game circumstances

Ghost details 

  • UAVs won’t detect you on the minimap
  • Heartbeat Sensors won’t locate you


2. Restock

Restock Perk - second Perk category (yellow one)

This perk is cool and useful, but once you use it when stun grenades are equipped...it’s OP! Every Warzone player knows that stun grenades are absurdly good in this game and once you have an unlimited amount of them...well, the enemy is done.

Why Restock Is Great 

  • It’s a super useful choice for late game circumstances (when you have stun grenades equipped)
  • It always comes in handy to have more than two lethal grenades
  • GREAT for snipers

Restock details 

  • Equipment recharges over 50 seconds
  • Lethal and tactical equipment


1. Double Time

Perk Menu: Double Time Perk

Double Time has been used by lots of pro players with excellent movement (one of the greatest examples is JoeWo). Since movement is key in this game, you really want to feel comfortable with it and this perk, my friend, is a great step in the right direction.

Why Double Time Is Great 

  • You move faster
  • Slide cancel is way smoother
  • Repositioning is easier

Double Time details

  • Tactical Sprint time is doubled
  • Crouch movement speed is increased by 30%

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