[Top 3] CoD Warzone Best C58 Loadouts

c58 cod warzone best ar loadout setup
Say hello to my little friend, the (actually quite big) C58

Why the C58 is so good at killing

The C58, a long-range assault rifle, was introduced in season 4 of Warzone. Despite receiving a slight nerf or two over the subsequent two seasons, it remains high on many gamers’ lists. Although a little less mobile and with a slower firing rate, the C58 packs a punch. Its damage and range are fantastic and with the right choice of attachments and perks, you can turn it into a killing machine. Here we’re going to have a look at the top three setups for this gun, detailing everything from attachments to equipment.

C58 class setup 3

Is this the best AR in Warzone?
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You will find that with most Warzone weapons, a dominant set of attachments will ultimately prevail. Here you’ll notice a slight variation of these, aimed at making the most of the C58’s range. Perks can also vary. With the C58 we need to make up for speed and mobility lost through the gun’s lack thereof. The second perk provides us with an extra primary weapon and here, because the C58 is modified for maximum range, I recommend using an SMG.

  • Attachments: Suppressor, 18.7” Reinforced heavy, Royal & Kross 4x, STANAG 55 rnd, Field agent grip
  • Perks: Quick Fix, Overkill, Amped
  • Equipment: Heartbeat sensor

• Attachments provide maximum range
• Perks allow for speedy recovery and weapon swap

C58 class setup 2

the C58 is BETTER THAN the KRIG 6
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The C58 is quite a heavy hitter. With excellent damage and range but a low rate of fire, recoil can be an issue.. This is where the attachments come into play. With a shorter barrel and a slightly lower zoom optic, pair this modification with a sniper for the perfect setup.

  • Attachments: Agency suppressor, 18.5” Task force, Axial arms 3x, STANAG 55 rnd, Field agent grip
  • Perks: EOD, Overkill, Combat scout
  • Equipment: Heartbeat sensor

• Muzzle and barrel attachments provide the best combination of ADS, recoil and damage
• Extra protection and team advantages provided by perks

C58 class setup 1

the C58 NOW #1 AR in WARZONE
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This setup for the C58 gives us an all ‘round feel, using the best combination of attachments available. Because the C58 is at its best here, we’re using Ghost instead of Overkill. I recommend you only take this loadout in game if you have another decent weapon to go with it. I often use launchers with my non-overkill classes, as they’re less commonly picked up in game. Same goes for the heartbeat sensor.

  • Attachments: Agency suppressor, 18.5” Task force, Axial arms 3x, 45 rnd drum, Field agent grip
  • Perks: Cold blooded, Ghost, Amped
  • Equipment: Heartbeat sensor

• Best attachment combo (45 rnd drum mag interferes less with ADS time)
• Perks allow for stealth and quicker weapon swap

As with any loadout/class setup, it’s important to test it out and find the best fit for you and for your style of play. This goes for lethals, perks and attachments. Try a mix of the above classes and see if you can’t change your C58 game into one of the best.

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