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best cod warzone kar kar98 kar98k
Why don't we try some headshots?

Your Ultimate Guide to the Kar98k

Between the marksman rifle and sniper rifle weapon classes, there has been a lot of debate as to which is the best weapon for long-range. The kar98k, a bolt-action marksman rifle with the (arguably essential) option to attach a 7x sniper scope, has utterly dominated. With a unique combination of speed and power, the kar offers a much more mobile sniper with a similar stopping power. But what about the rest of the loadout, i.e. attachments, perks, secondary weapons and equipment? These setups provide a lot of options and it’s good to find your best fit. Therefore, you can mix and match using different aspects you see here until that loadout feels right. I’ve compiled a top 3 based on setups for specific styles of play.

3. Stealth sniper class


If you prefer to hide and to get kills from distance, then stealth is your biggest concern. This loadout uses attachments and perks which are adapted to ghillie-suited/tower-top marksmen who want to avoid the centre of the combat zone and pick off targets from a distance. No overkill perk here so I recommend you equip a pistol as a sidearm, tricked out for more speed and damage.

  • Kar98k attachments: Monolithic suppressor, Singuard custom 27.6” barrel, Sniper scope, Focus perk, Bipod
  • Perks: Cold blooded, Ghost, Tracker
  • Equipment: C4, Heartbeat sensor

Advantages of this loadout:

- Attachments make the most of the kar’s range and damage

- Perks allow you to remain hidden from enemy radars and equipment

- Using the heartbeat sensor and C4, you can be prepared for any close-quarters attack


2. Aggressive sniper class

Call of Duty Warzone - The KAR98 is Outrageous!

Start at 1:07

For those of us who like to play aggressively, going for the kill every time, here’s a setup to consider. Be prepared to be out in the open and detected a lot more often, so keep moving! Again, I recommend you equip a decent pistol as your sidearm for close encounters.

  • Kar98k attachments: Monolithic suppressor, Singuard custom 27.6” barrel, Sniper scope, TAC laser, FTAC sport comb stock
  • Perks: EOD, High Alert, Spotter
  • Equipment: Thermite grenade, Stun grenade

Advantages of this loadout:

- Best attachments for damage

- Perks provide protection from enemy equipment

- Equipment is the most aggressive attacking combination


1. Speed sniper class


Start at 3:30

Speed is an important element to Warzone in general. You have to kill quickly, escape quickly and always stay frosty, as we’re constantly reminded. Here, anything we might sacrifice for accuracy, damage or anything else, we gain in speed. This is for the combat-hardened gamers who prefer to always be in the action and to run around freely collecting dog tags.

  • Kar98k attachments: Singuard custom 27.6” barrel, Sniper scope, TAC laser, FTAC sport comb stock, Stippled grip tape
  • Perks: Double time, Overkill, Amped
  • Equipment: Semtex, Heartbeat sensor

Advantages of this loadout:

- Attachments maximize speed and mobility while retaining sniper range and damage

- Perks provide a speed boost for getting around and switching between weapons

- Best equipment for quickly moving around within combat zones

This concludes our loadout options. The number one here, using overkill, gives us that extra edge of a sidearm. Your best bet is to use an SMG as it’s more mobile and incredibly effective at close range.

Happy killing!

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