[Top 5] CoD Warzone Best Throwables

best call of duty cod warzone lethal throwables
You can throw rocks, but..

Ever wondered what should I be throwing at this guy?

Unfortunately, although a valuable asset in the correct circumstances, rocks just don’t make the cut. Sorry. But in other news, Caldera is here! Warzone has taken a new direction; towards the Pacific. If you’ve had a chance to play you’ll notice some changes. Apart from the obvious there are new contracts, new weapons and new settings. What we’re looking at here is specifically the lethals. That is, the throwable ones. They too took a nice buff for season one of Pacific. Basically all lethal equipment has been made more powerful giving weaker/unshielded players a better chance. They also now produce a critical hit against opponents with little to no shields. So without further ado, let’s dig into the top five throwables in Warzone.

5. Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade Elimination Warzone Win

Start at 2:15

Frag grenades have always been good. Never great. But certainly never bad. The go-to lethal for og CoD gamers and newcomers, frags give you the option to time your explosion by cooking the grenade, have a decent range and the fragmentation gives a boosted damage radius. The Pacific update sees maximum damage up to 225 from 140 (not too shabby).


  • Can cook grenade to time explosion
  • Good damage and radius
  • Can be thrown against surfaces to bounce/roll where you want


4. Semtex

Call of Duty warzone semtex win

Start at 2:36

Next up is the semtex. With a similar distance to the frag, this baby will stick to any surface, including an enemy! The semtex is a faster detonation so your enemy won’t have time to run away. Received a slight buff for Pacific, bringing its max damage from 140 to 150.


  • Can stick to anything
  • Fast detonation


3. C4

Top 30 C4 kills Warzone

The C4 is an extremely popular lethal for a number of reasons. Like the semtex, it will stick to surfaces. Unlike the semtex you can remotely detonate it with the touch of a button. Apart from that, the C4 provides great damage to both troops and vehicles. Not the best for distance but if you carry the Amped perk, you can throw it a bit further. Some excellent team wipe potential. Maximum damage: 200.


  • Remote controlled explosion
  • Sticks to surfaces

Effective against enemy vehicles and infantry


2. Throwing Knife


The most lethal throwable in the game, the throwing knife demands accuracy. While not an explosive, this lethal boasts a huge 250 damage to the head and upper torso in the Pacific update. An added bonus is that you can retrieve your knife afterwards, making it potentially unlimited. Better for smaller games and team games as it is excellent for finishing downed enemies.


  • Fast
  • Excellent damage
  • Retrievable


1. Thermite Grenade

Thermite specialist in Solo Warzone

Start at 0:55

The thermite grenade really combines the best of the Warzone lethals. It’s fast, it sticks, it’s excellent against vehicles, you can throw it incredible distances (second to the knife) and it causes damage on impact plus added burn damage. The burn damage lasts a few seconds and covers a small radius, if you narrowly miss your target.


  • Fast and sticky
  • Good against vehicles
  • Deals damage on impact and added burn damage

It does seem like lethals will play a bigger part in Caldera after the update. Watching some of the videos here might give you an idea as to just how to use them to your advantage. Hope this helps and, as always, happy killing!

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