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We all want to feel that rush of adrenaline that comes with a Warzone victory. But with 150 skilled players on the map, it’s hard to win. Whether you’re new to Warzone or a Call of Duty veteran, these 25 tips will give you the edge you need to take down your opponent and win your next match.

25. Learn the Map

The map of Verdansk is huge. In fact, it’s the biggest map in Call of Duty history. But nobody expects you to know your way around every nook and cranny. That’s why the map’s broken down into Points of Interest. Pick a favorite (mine is Promenade East) and drop there until you know it like the back of your hand. Rinse. Repeat.

24. Drop-in with a Plan

The beginning of the game is brutal. If you get caught facing an enemy squad with nothing but your pistol, chances are you’ll be going straight to the Gulag. Drop-in next to a supply box or a contract, grab some loot, and get ready to fight.

23. Learn to Peek Doors

Nothing will give away your location faster than sprinting through a door. But, if you aim down your sights when you open a door you can get in quietly without alerting the enemy.

Who's going to get it first?

22. Do Those Contracts

You’re going to need money at the start of the game if you want to get an edge on your opponent. One of the best ways to do that is by completing contracts. I would recommend going for Scavenger contracts to maximize the loot and cash you can earn.

Watch your head, a falling loadout drop will take you out.

21. Buy Your Loadouts ASAP

As soon as your squad has enough cash, you need to find a buy station and get a Loadout Drop. $10000 is a hefty price to pay, especially in the early game. But if you want to be a Warzone pro you’ll need your own guns.

20. Use the Monolithic Suppressor

There’s nothing worse than losing because you got surrounded by multiple enemy squads. If you want to keep your location a secret and get the upper hand in stealth combat, you need to use a suppressor. The Monolithic Suppressor is the best of the bunch, silencing your shots and giving your gun extra damage range.


19. Don’t Use the Same Guns as Your Squadmates.

RPGs are great, but not that great. If everyone in your squad has the same Loadout, you can’t cover each other’s weaknesses. Diversify your weapon types to better round out your squad, and make sharing ammo much easier.

18. Make Two Loadouts

Primary weapons are insanely powerful. That’s why so many people use the overkill perk in their Loadouts. But in the mid- to late-game it’s better to have a perk like ghost or restock. Having two near-identical Loadouts with different perks can get you the perfect build to take home that win.

17. Know When Free Loadouts Drop

So maybe it’s not the best idea to drop $20000 on two Loadout Drops. It’s a good thing two Loadouts drop in for free each game. The first one falls around 14 seconds before the gas reaches the second circle, the second falls around 45 seconds before the 5th circle starts collapsing. But watch out, some players like to camp these.

16. Get Inside the Second Circle Early

If you’ve ever died in the gas with amazing loot, you know how terrible it feels. Luckily you can outrun the gas in most cases. But the first time the circle collapses, you can’t outrun it. Your best bet is to either grab a car or head into the second circle with time to spare.

Can't beat free ammo.

15. Find the Police Stations

If you want extra ammo, sure, you could spend $5000 on a munitions box. But why not save the money and get an ammo resupply from the ammo caches around the map? Ammo caches appear in multiple places, but the most recognizable is the police stations. Learn the location of a few of these, it’ll come in handy.

14. Share Cash With Your Squad

Face it, there’s no reason for each member of your team to be carrying around $1000. Pool your squads’ cash so you can buy armor, killstreaks, gas masks, or self-revives from the buy stations.

Don't take too long, enemies will flock to the buy stations.

13. Stock up on Armor Plates

The number of armor plates you have can easily be the difference between a victory or a defeat. Even if it might seem like a waste of money, always max out your armor plates at the buy station. You’ll need them for that final circle.

12. Have a Gas Mask

You don’t want to get caught in the gas. But in case you do, a gas mask is a lifesaver. They last about 12 seconds. That’s more than enough time to run through the gas to flank your enemy.

11. Make Full Use of a Self-Revive

Speaking of lifesavers, the self-revive is literally your saving grace. But at $4500 a pop, buying multiple a game can be expensive. Here’s a cool trick to get around this. If you initiate a self-revive and stop halfway through, your squad can get you up faster. And you’ll get to keep the self-revive for later.

10. Confirm Your Kills

Enemies will have self-revives too, especially in the final circle. You don’t want to get picked off by an enemy you already downed. If it’s safe, confirm your kills to make sure they can’t use a self-revive.

9. Ping Every Enemy

If you ping an enemy, your whole squad can see exactly where they are. As long as you can maintain a line of sight, you’ll get updates to the enemy position in real-time. This is a super powerful way to get the drop on someone.

Cluster Strike incoming. Better run.

8. Don’t Save Your Killstreaks 

Especially if you have money to spare. Yes, you should have a killstreak in the final circle. But in the midgame, if it’s life or death, know when you need to pop that UAV.

7. Have the High Ground

The high ground is arguably the best tactical position to take in a gunfight. It’s easier for you to back off and armor up. It’s easier for you to run away. It’s easier for you to get headshots. Don’t underestimate the power of the high ground.

6. Keep Track of Remaining Players

And remaining teams. Near the end, you can accurately guess how many full squads are left if you track those numbers. 2 teams with 5 people left means a 3v2 gunfight. Let that info inform your plays.

5. Know When to Have a Gunfight

Just because you see an enemy doesn’t mean you should go for the kill. That’s how you lose your cover and get picked off. If you aren’t confident you can take the enemy, maybe it’s best to let them pass.

4. Slide, Jump, or Drop

Sliding, jumping, and drop-shotting are incredibly useful. If you can master these movement skills, you’ll have the advantage in every gunfight you enter.

3. Always Find Cover

Especially in the final circle. You want to make as little of yourself seen as possible. The more visible you are, the easier it is for a sniper to one-shot you.

2. Learn to Adjust for Recoil

Have you ever gotten killed by someone whose gun seemed to have no recoil? That’s not a hack, it’s pure skill. Every gun has its own recoil pattern. Master your favorite gun’s recoil and you’ll be getting more kills than you can count.

1. Give Good Callouts

The number one thing winning teams have in common is good communication skills. Tell your team everything. Shout out an armor break, a revive, a team wipe, a cluster strike, you get the point. When it comes down to the last two teams, the only thing you need to win is better communication.

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