Top 21 New FPS Games for PC (2019-2020)

new FPS games
If first person shooters are your thing, these upcoming titles should get you excited.

The New FPS Games To Be Excited For

Battle royale games may have taken over for the time being, but these new first person shooters within the worlds of horror, siege, military and more have us hyped. Want to stay ahead of the curve? Check out this list of the hottest new fps games and original shooters due out for release.

21. Ready or Not

Ready or Not reveal trailer

With an emphasis on realism, Ready or Not is a tactical shooter that places you in the boots of a SWAT team confronting claustrophobic stand-off situations. Developer Void Interactive is focusing on realistic animation and AI, promising spontaneous and resourceful enemies.

Equip yourself with over thirty unique items from snake-cams to deployable ladders, an assortment of grenades, and both lethal or non-lethal weapons like beanbag shotguns.  Plan your entry strategy and execute it on co-op teams of up to eight players.

Ready or Not includes realistic features for leaning and opening doors that allow for more control. There’s also a quick reload option for those times when you can’t reach to your belt for that extra magazine. You’ll also be able to fully customize your appearance.

Don’t go up there:  Or be prepared with the right loadout kit if you do.

Dark atmosphere: Graffiti and blood marked walls may lead you straight to the suspect.

20. Atomic Heart

Atomic Heart exclusive gameplay trailer

Atomic Heart is an adventure-driven first person shooter where you play as a special agent sent on a mission to a remote part of the Soviet Union. With gameplay and enemies reminiscent of the Bioshock series, this scifi shooter is full of flying machines and robotic foes.

Unfold an action-packed mystery as you swing an assortment of cobbled together melee weapons and junkyard guns against a robot revolt.  Set in an alternate timeline universe, you’ll descend into a top-secret facility after contact has been lost.

Rip out machine parts during combat, impale the risen dead through their eyes, block doors against the oncoming horde (Hodor!), and gorge out on salvaged canned goods when you’re feeling hungry. Atomic Heart will feature a dense atmosphere full of mind-boggling mechanical abominations.

Hanging out: Something looks like it went horribly wrong here.

Not creepy at all: Enemy or scenery, you may not want to stay around too long to find out.

19. Dead Matter

Dead Matter gameplay trailer

Mixing the open-world feel of PUBG with zombie survival found in games like Left 4 Dead, the upcoming Dead Matter promises a different experience with more versatile gameplay and features like customizable vehicles. Live out your post-apocalyptic survival fantasies as you battle to survive across massive maps set in outdoor and urban environments across Canada.

With customizable weapons and load-outs, make your way across stunning landscapes, creepy farmhouses and foggy tunnels on foot and in an assortment of vehicles.  Salvage loot and barricade yourself from zombie and human enemies.

The game features first and third person views, buildings you can claim and modify, and a realistic weather system. You can also farm and hunt as you kill off the undead in servers of up to 100 players, not to mention an in-depth medical system where you can manage your own blood pressure and blood loss.

I’ll take one of each: Enough melee weapon choices to get the job done.

Home improvement: Reinforce and modify buildings to protect from zombie invasions.

18. Post Scriptum

Post Scriptum gameplay

This World War II simulator blends massive maps with authentic gameplay, parachuting you right onto the front lines of Europe. It’s all about historical accuracy, with success heavily dependent on team cohesion and communication.

Multiplayer is slated for up to 50 on 50, and the developers look to have done heavy research to keep the clothing, environments, and vehicles as accurate as possible. There’s even a towing system to resupply allies and fortify positions.

With five large-scale maps and three game modes– ‘Offensive,’ ‘Strategem,’ and ‘Sandbox,’ players will relive the events of Operation Market Garden. Choose between different divisions of the British and German armies as you make your way on foot or jump inside a tank. 

Tank support: Careful attention has been paid to vehicle accuracy.

Howitzer spotted: Take control of heavy artillery. 

17. Hellbound

Hellbound Gameplay

If you’re looking for a title that harkens back to the good old days of 1990’s shooters like Doom and Quake, look no further than the gory Hellbound. The story is simple enough– you’re transported to hell to kill demons… a lot of demons.

Gameplay looks to be fast, action packed, trigger-happy fun. Use big guns like the triple shotgun to kill huge monsters who explode into itty-bitty pieces. Endless hordes of demons come at you from all angles.

While not the most creative game on the list in terms of features, there are still power ups and special items to help you survive like ‘hell damage,’ ‘hell speed,’ and ‘hell skin.’ We’ll let you guess what those do.

Get huge: You play as the big guy that just blasted that demon.

Doom and gloom: Hellbound is a throwback to 90’s FPS games like Quake and Doom.

16. Witchfire

Witchfire gameplay

Witchfire is a dark fantasy shooter that pits players against demonic monsters and violent humans straight out of the dark ages. Fight your way through a medieval world using firearms and magic.

Hyper-real graphics bring to life nightmarish creatures. Super speed and telekinesis look to be just some of the magical abilities you can wield.

The tone and game mechanics are a departure for the team of developers, who were also behind 2014’s The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.  Not much is known of game features just yet, but we’re already having nightmares from what we’ve seen so far.

Demons with red eyes: Hellish enemies relentlessly hunt you down.

Medieval weaponry: Take out monsters with guns or magic.

15. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus gameplay trailer

Metro Exodus is the third installment in the survival horror series set in post-apocalyptic Russia. You play as Artyom, a man who has fled Moscow in search of a giant train that heads east toward a better life. Players face off against mutated creatures and hostile humans as they make their way through both linear levels and sandbox environments.

Gameplay is tense and relies on stealth. Big creatures lurk around every corner. Weapons and ammo are hard to come by. Outside environments are big and beautiful but head underground and things quickly turn creepy.

Metro Exodus features dynamic weather and day/night cycles. Players can scavenge for parts to customize their hand-made weaponry in an immersive, story-driven world.

Get scrappy: Players will have to scrounge for items to modify weapons.

Down boy: Dealing with the mutated animals is just part of the fun.

14. Insurgency Sandstorm

Insurgency Sandstorm gameplay 

Insurgency Sandstorm takes the highly competitive and unforgiving gameplay that defined the original and evolves it for 2018. This tactical military shooter focuses on realistic weapon behavior and full immersion with co-op and competitive, objective-based game modes.

The combat looks intense and visceral– enemies screaming for their lives as you run them over, brains splattering with a point blank shot to the head. Strategy and teamwork is key as the game rewards working together over personal success.

Skirmishes can reach up to 16 on 16 and players can call in support like artillery barrages, gunships, and A-10 strikes. Get inside hostile locations by carefully opening a door or choosing to go for a brute force shoulder charge.

Missed call: Detonate explosive devices the good old-fashioned way.

American sniper: Sprawling maps allow for plenty of sniping opportunities.

13. GTFO

GTFO gameplay trailer

GTFO is a four-player action/horror co-op game where you join a team of scavengers exploring an underground complex looking for artifacts. There’s one catch– horrifying monsters have taken over. You’ll have to gather every weapon, tool, and resource you can find if you want to survive the onslaught.

Creepy environments and suspenseful atmosphere remind us of Aliens vs. Predator. Flashlights illuminate dark passageways and team members go to work on penetrating gigantic doors as you race to set up sentry guns for defense. And we aren’t just talking zombie hordes– strange, alien-like creatures are also coming after you.

In addition to combat, GTFO tests players with team based puzzle solving. A feature called Expedition Director allows players to control their experience and set up custom scenarios.

They’re coming: Hordes break down doors to get at you and your team.

What is that thing: The atmosphere is tense and creepy.

12. Scorn

Scorn gameplay trailer

Scorn is an atmospheric horror-shooter that puts players in strange environments with nightmarish enemies. You’re thrown into a dream-like world and must figure out unique puzzles by interacting with odd characters– some friendlier than others.

Weapons are organic and biological rather than mechanical. Overgrowth spreads across the environments as creatures mutate before your eyes. Ammo management is key as resources are limited.

With no cut scenes, Scorn places an emphasis on full immersion into the mysterious world. Picking up on details is crucial to progressing forward into new areas. The upcoming title looks like something between Half Life and Quake.

Hey little guy: Not a creepy looking creature at all.

Out of ammo: reload weapons using living organisms as ammunition.

11. Rage 2

Rage 2 gameplay trailer

In this open world shooter, an asteroid has decimated the earth and clans of survivors band together to fight for territory. Players explore varied landscapes and get into over the top action that looks straight out of Mad Max.

There will be plenty of crazy vehicle combat, gnarly weapons, and super powered abilities. Enemies of all kinds are after you– territorial gangs, mutated beasts, and giant robots. Rage 2 has a colorful look to its insane gunplay.

Players can gain ‘Nanotrite’ powers and upgrade their weapons, not to mention the ‘overdrive’ ability that can push guns beyond their limits. Pilot your way across swamps, deserts, and jungles in over the top vehicles like monster trucks and gyrocopters.

Monster truck crossing: Just one of many crazy vehicles to jump in.

Fire and forget: Big freaking rocket launchers might be necessary.

10. Reborn

Reborn first look gameplay trailer

Reborn is a first person survival horror game set in a supernatural world of the occult. Instead of running from evil spirits coming after you, you’re the one hunting them down. Square off against ancient creatures as you expose long dark secrets.

Reborn’s environments are chilling and claustrophobic. Bodies hang from walls next to flaming cult symbols. The undead rise straight out of their coffins to take a bite out of your face before you send them back to hell.

Reborn’s scripting looks cinematic and epic, inspired by everything we love about the horror genre. With a disturbing atmosphere that includes some gruesome character interaction, this one’s not for the squeamish.

Demon hunter: With a shotgun in hand, make these evil spirits pay.

Chilling atmosphere: Make your way through foggy cemeteries and haunted mansions.

9. Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 tech demo

Not much is known yet about the third installment in the Borderlands series. We’ll assume that it’s another open world action RPG shooter with various class types and hopefully some new ones to choose from. The previous games have centered on ‘vault hunters’ looking for loot and customizing weapons as they go.

With online co-op play, players can explore the terrain while picking up shields, grenades and other loot, modding their class as they see fit. We know from previous Borderlands that there will definitely be a huge amount of weapons and vehicles to choose from.

We’re looking forward to technology that gives Borderlands 3 more dynamic weather and day/night cycles. The developers have mentioned unique gravity physics depending on which planet you’re exploring.

Shadow of the day: The tech demo showed off some new surface and shadow interactions.

Unreal graphics: Borderlands 3 will make use of the newest Unreal engine.

8. Overkill’s The Walking Dead

Overkill’s The Walking Dead in-game world footage

Set in the universe of popular The Walking Dead franchise, this four player co-op zombie survival FPS takes place in Washington DC. Fight against the dead and the living as one of four playable characters. Based on the cinematic character reveal trailers, story and character development look to be a top priority for the developers.

Each character has special abilities and individual skills to bring to the squad. Teamwork is important and each class has their own unique weapons. Environments around America’s capital city are rendered beautifully in Unreal Engine 4.

Fight off hordes of walkers and aggressive human survivors in close-up action. While no gameplay footage has been revealed yet, this title looks like it will deliver for fans of the franchise and zombie survival games.

Batter up: Aidan, a former architect, is one of four playable characters.

Fallen city: A rendering of one of the Washington DC environments.

7. Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose gameplay

Hell Let Loose is a World War II platoon based FPS focused on realism and team communication. Deploy large batteries and take control of twenty different vehicles in battles as huge as 50 on 50.

The action takes place in recreated French towns and countryside during the D-Day invasion. Fight across bridges, forests, and small towns with historically accurate weapons and armor.

Matches are based around capturing sectors and resources. Commanders and officers can guide their platoons as they lay mines and barbed wire to create choke points. As an officer you’ll get tactical by establishing observation posts and garrisons before the attack begins. Tow in an anti-tank gun to take care of an oncoming Panther tank or ambush enemy forces in a sunken trench.

Beyond the treeline: Weapons are historically accurate and deadly.

Axis powers: Play as allies or axis with up to 100 players on a map.

6. System Shock Remake

System Shock Remake gameplay trailer

This classic survival horror shooter gets a reboot, placing you on an isolated space station where you’ll face off against an evil artificial intelligence. The game incorporates RPG elements as you fill the shoes of a hacker who must survive the evil creatures that lurk in the shadows of Citadel station.

Explore steam-filled passageways and dive deep into the core of the ship as you uncover a vast mystery. With no other survivors around, you’ll have to rely on clues and the instructions of unseen allies.

The team behind the reboot is bringing everything back that made the original great. Creepy atmosphere, memorable characters, and who could forget those disturbing audio logs found aboard the ship.

Trusty wrench: The classic melee weapon from the original is back.

Cryo-death: Looks like some passengers didn’t make it through the trip alive.

5. Due Process

Due Process gameplay

Due Process is a unique, siege style tactical shooter that brings some lightness to the genre. Teams plan and execute using a playbook before each round starts, gearing up before the mayhem begins.

The game has an interesting visual style inspired by 90s arcade titles like Time Crisis. It’s a retro look that’s mixed with modern, siege gameplay.

Voice communication is critical. Maps are procedurally generated so that neither team has an advantage due to ‘map knowledge.’ This will give each match a unique and unpredictable spin.

Breach point: The action is fast and fun in a different style tactical shooter.

Plan it out: Draw directly onto the overhead map like a playbook in the planning phase.

4. Payday 3

What we want in Payday 3

Play as a heist crew in this upcoming action packed co-op, the third installment in the series. Pull on your mask as you break into banks and stores or pull off kidnappings and contracts.

With multiple approaches for each job and randomly generated events, each dynamic heist mission is unique. Players can invest in weapon and equipment skills as they progress, crafting their heist hero to their liking.

Fans are calling for less paid DLC in Payday 3, and hopefully the developers at Overkill are listening. Beefing up the character development and story development is also something we’re expecting.

Mask on: Nothing official has been released yet, but we think some favorite characters will make their return.

Fire back: The third installment is sure to include new innovations in the heist genre.

3. Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass

Serious Sam 4 teaser trailer

The original Serious Sam dropped back in 2001, and since then there have been a number of sequels that stay true to the original. The games pit Sam against an insane amount of enemies with beefy weapons to mow down everything that moves.

New screenshots were revealed at E3 and they don’t disappoint. Old enemies have been updated thanks to new engine tech. Those exploding kamikaze dudes will definitely be back.

The Serious Sam games have always been about simplicity, and the fourth installment will expand the scope of the game without sacrificing this. Planet Badass is sure to feature a gigantic amount of enemies to plow through.

Gnaar bro: The monster with the giant mouth for a chest is called a Gnaar.

Kamikaze explosion: These guys are making their comeback.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® | Multiplayer Reveal Trailer

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare is back with a thrilling new experience that promises to raise the bar on previous installments. Multiplayer is now the centerpiece of the game, with the next evolution of tactical combat and new player classes.

Land, sea, and air vehicles are all on display in the newest offering. Gadgets are deadlier than ever– powered shields, futuristic trip mines, barricades, and a deadly heat bomb. Thermal vision and planted sensors will help you mark targets before dispersing them with an axe to the face.

Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare will bring back zombie mode with three new campaigns. Also included is a brand new battle royale experience (obviously) in the biggest Call of Duty map ever. Oh, and no automatic health regeneration this time.

Beach landing: A new battle royale mode will include iconic settings from the Modern Warfare universe.

Boots on the ground: No more wall climbing or thrust jumps in Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare.

1. Battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 Grand Operations gameplay

The newest Battlefield is being called the most revolutionary game changer in the series. Taking place during World War II, the sequel has been heavily updated with new game modes and modified features.

With intense, fast-paced gameplay and innovative modes, Battlefield 5 sets itself apart from other WWII first person shooters. Ammo and explosives are harder to come by now– the developers have built a more tense experience. No longer can you mark enemies. But this time around anyone on the team can revive squadmates.

There’s a single player campaign as well as a live service called Tides of War that changes every few months, bringing with it fresh missions, weapons, and limited time rewards. Specialize your favorite class with ‘archetypes’– unique weapons, gadgets, and perks. Jump into ‘Grand Operations,’ a game mode that takes place over four days. Parachute into enemy territory on day one, fight your way forward on day two, and survive into day four to become the ultimate winner. 

The lineup: New classes and characters (including women) are coming.

Scorched earth: Battlefield V offers exciting new game modes like Grand Operations.

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