[Top 10] Final Fantasy XV Best Firearms (And How To Get Them)

It’s high noon. *proceeds to one-shot the enemy.*

We'll be talking about the Top 10 Best Firearms in-game.

These are the signature weapons of Prompto as well as Noct’s and give you the chance to play the third-person shooter variant of Final Fantasy XV’s combat system. (Should you get the chance to unlock Switch to Prompto character swap, you’ll be having a blast, trust me.) 

So, let’s get this started, then.

10. Rebellion


Final Fantasy XV Weapons Guide - Firearms

Not to be mixed up with Garland’s Greatsword and definitely not to be confused with the famous weapon from the Devil May Cry series, this handgun is available mid-game for use of both Prince Charming and Blondie.

It can be bought when reaching Chapter 7 and on Verinas Mart – Ravatough or from the Imperial Vendor outside Steyliff Grove. It’s an alright weapon, I’d say. Worthy of being in the list but when compared to the rest of the weapons, it’s pretty average. You’ll see why when you go down the list. Can be used by both Noct and Prompto, so it all goes down on your preference.

Why is Rebellion Average:

  • For a mid-game gun, doesn’t do much damage.
  • Only buff is providing critical shots when the player character has low HP.
  • No magical or elemental buff present either.

Rebellion full details: A gun that unleashes its full potential in time of peril. When the shooter is in poor health, it can deliver critical strikes against the foe.

  • 167 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Spirit: +15
  • Critical bonus when the wielder has low HP: Critical + 5 + (1.5n)% where n is every percentage point reduction under 30%.

9. Valiant II

Sleek and stylish. I mean, that’s what Prompto’s guns look like, to be honest.

How to get and upgrade the Valiant gun

Up next, we got Valiant II which is the upgraded version of the Valiant handgun. (Duh.) This weapon is part of the Insomnian technology-enhanced armoury that absorbs the elemental powers of the defeated foes.

Firstly, you need to get the Valiant handgun by trading 4 Caem Carrots at Cape Caem farm after which you give it to Cid along with an Earth gemstone for upgrading it to the maxed-out version of it.

Like all the Insomnian weapons before, this gun absorbs the elemental powers when giving a final blow to the enemies and it does just that. It has a slightly improved attack power but doesn’t do much damage when compared to the rest of the firearms.

Why is Valiant II average:

  • Absorbs elemental powers of enemies when dealing with the finishing blow
  • Doesn’t do much damage.
  • No additional buffs.

Valiant II full details: An upgraded version of a unique firearm crafted with Insomnian technology. It absorbs the elemental powers of defeated foes.

  • 200 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Max MP: +14
  • Spirit: +21
  • Absorbs elemental energy when dealing the finishing blow to an enemy.

8. Flame Gun

For some reason, this gun reminds me of that James Bond game Goldeneye. I don’t know, probably because of the Gold colour.

Final Fantasy XV Weapons Guide - Firearms

The Flame Gun is up next in our list and it’s only accessible in the Pitioss Ruins which can be accessed by activating the sidequest “Stealing the Past” in Chapter 15. (Post-game.)

Well, as the name suggests, it’s meant for enemies vulnerable to fire which can suffer pretty major damage from it but apart from that, it provides only average damage. Plus, the fact that you can get this weapon post-game makes it all the more tedious. Worth having it if you ever feel like going in Chapter 15.

Why is Flame Gun average:

  • Best for fighting against enemies weak against fire.
  • Doesn’t do much damage.
  • Weapon is attained post-game.

Flame gun full details: A gun that burns with intense heat. Foes vulnerable to fire best beware.

  • 210 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Spirit: +16
  • Inflicts fire-based damage.

7. Quicksilver

Same skin, different name.

Final Fantasy XV Weapons Guide - Firearms

Quicksilver is up next and (while it is the same gun with a different name and different ability set) is Prompto’s default gun in Chapter 14.

It’s perfect for Prompto to hold as it kills moving targets and destroys appendages with ease. If you want Noct to have one, you should be able to buy it at the Hammerhead and Kingsglaive Base Camp shops in Chapter 14 for 8000 gil. Then again, another issue is that it’s in the end-game but it can prove useful in Chapter 15.

Why Quicksilver is good:

  • Deals moderate to good damage.
  • Breaks appendage of monsters easily.
  • Only available in endgame.

Quicksilver full details: A gun made for tracking moving targets. Allows the wielder to destroy appendages with greater ease.

  • 222 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Spirit: +18
  • +80% breakage on body parts/appendages

6. Enforcer

The devs sure were lazy. They placed the same skin on Death Penalty as well.

Final Fantasy XV Weapons Guide - Firearms

Enforcer’s next and you can get this gun (which is a reskin of the Death Penalty) by winning 180,000 medals in the Totomostro minigame and trading it for the gun.

The only good thing about this gun is that it increases the critical hit rate and deals a fair amount of damage to the enemies. Other than that, winning it via the Totomostro game is pretty tedious in itself.

Why Enforcer is good:

  • Deals moderate to good damage.
  • Increases critical hit chance.
  • Tedious method for obtaining a gun.

Enforcer full details: A gun that fires special rounds capable of inflicting fatal wounds. Increases the odds of landing a critical hit.

  • 243 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Spirit: +19
  • +10% Critical Rate

5. Lion Heart

For the Lion within Prompto.

Lion Heart weapon

Definitely not to be confused with Squall’s Ultimate Weapon (Squall is the main hero of Final Fantasy VIII. One of my all-time favourite Final Fantasy games.), this fire-arm is a homage to the aforementioned weapon and is one of the most amazing firearms present in-game.

You get this gun by completing the Episode Prompto DLC which you can get via the Season Pass or the Royal Edition and is exclusive for Prompto’s use only. (If you can find a better gun, you can swap it with that and give this gun to Noct.)

It definitely helps when the player has low HP and its shots sure pack a punch. You can’t go wrong with this firearm.

Why Lion Heart is great:

  • Deals great damage.
  • Bonus damage when HP is low.
  • Faster speed of shooting.

Lion Heart full details: A high-performance prototype firearm developed exclusively for high-ranking officials. Deals more damage when HP is low.

  • 262 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Strength: +9
  • Spirit: +9
  • Damage bonus when the wielder has low HP: Damage + (30 + 9n% where n is every percentage point reduction under 30% HP)
  • Stays in inventory from the start of a new game

4. Executioner

Same skin, different name. Part Deux.

Executioner Weapon Location

Well, this gun certainly lives up to its name despite being a reskin. The Executioner firearm is a post-game gun which can be found on the boss floor of the Greyshire Glacial Grotto maze and can be picked up once you defeat the boss of that floor.

It sure packs a punch and can completely obliterate enemies. What’s more, is that it has an extended range to which it can deliver damage so that’s another plus point.

Why Executioner is great:

  • Deals a great amount of damage.
  • Extra harm is given to vulnerable foes.
  • Additional damage to lone enemies in 65 feet radius.

Executioner full details: A gun designed to devastate stationary targets. It inflicts extra harm when used upon vulnerable foes.

  • 363 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Spirit: +22
  • +50% damage to lone enemies within 65 feet radius

3. Hyper Magnum

“You gotta ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky?” If you know, you know.

Hyper Magnum Location

Considered one of the most powerful firearms, this bad boy can be attained North of Fort Vaullerey by the eastern fence or in the Keycatrich Trench maze.

The great thing about this gun is that it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to destructive power and like a Magnum cartridge, it packs a punch. Definitely worth equipping over Prompto for that sweet, sweet Trigger-Happy gun combo. (Or on Noct too if you feel like you can have one more copy of the gun.)

Why is Hyper Magnum superb:

  • Delivers great damage.
  • One of the highest attack damages in the Firearm category
  • Can deal with multiple enemies at once.

Hyper Magnum full details: A gun designed with simple devastation in mind. Though it harbors no enchantments, it fires rounds with exceptional force.

  • 388 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • Spirit: +21

2. Abandon of the Vortex

An older Prompto doing his best to pummel those enemies while trying to not look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo at all.

FFXV x FFXIV All New Weapons

You probably know this weapon by now. And its other party member counterparts as well. You get this for Prompto only (or Noct if you feel like giving it to him for a change.) when you complete the FF14 Collaboration Quest “Adventurer from Another World” and buy it off from Y’jhimei in her trading post.

Glows green during battle as shown in the photo above and packs a punch along with extra buffs. You definitely cannot go wrong with this weapon. And it makes sure it breaks appendages too.

Why Abandon of the Vortex is superb:

  • Deals a great amount of damage.
  • Always inflicts critical hits.
  • Breaks appendages and does 50% more damage to vulnerable enemies.

Abandon of the Vortex full details: A firearm that unleashes the raging power of the Lady of the Vortex. Destroys appendages with ease and deals greater damage against vulnerable foes.

  • 399 ATK
  • 100 CRIT
  • Max MP: +60
  • Strength: +31
  • Vitality: +31
  • Magic: +31
  • Spirit: +22
  • Strengthened enemy appendage breaking power 
  • Deals 50% more damage to vulnerable targets
  • Always inflict a critical hit
  • Glows green in battle

1. Death Penalty

If only it had a different touch or skin.

How to get Death Penalty

And on the top of our list comes the one and only Death Penalty made in homage to Vincent Valentine’s Ultimate Weapon from the Final Fantasy VII series. You can get this gun as early as Chapter 8 by defeating the Lv.99 Melusine monster or by defeating the endgame boss of the Menace Dungeon of Balouve Mines in Chapter 15.

There’s a reason this gun is placed at the top list. It guarantees a chance to inflict instant death on enemies and has the highest damage rate in the Firearms category. Getting this deadly weapon as early as Chapter 8 can prove quite easy for your playthrough for a smooth experience.

Why Death Penalty is superb:

  • Highest damage in the firearms category.
  • Inflicts 1% chance of Instant Death, a feat which no other firearm has.
  • Has a faster firing and reloading rate compared to all other guns.

Death Penalty full details: A dread pistol employing rounds that inflict mortal wounds. A single hit has the power to kill instantly.

  • 424 ATK
  • 2 CRIT
  • +25 Spirit
  • 1% chance to inflict Instant Death

And with that, we are done with our firearms list. Hope this provides some ease in helping you find the perfect gun for Blondie and Noct and gives you the best Marksman experience one can hope for. See ya.

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