Final Fantasy XV Best Characters (Ranked)

Final Fantasy XV Best Characters

Final Fantasy had been the home of some of the most memorable characters in video gaming history. In this article, we will be talking about the characters of the latest installment, Final Fantasy XV. These characters are ranked from more-forgettable-than-yesterday’s-meal to you-wish-this-person-is-real.

I will try to be as spoiler-free as I can with 90% accuracy. I also specifically omitted some characters to prevent spoiling important storylines and arcs. Don’t want to waste all the fun and suspense, right?

10. Iedolas Aldercapt

Iedolas Aldercapt, Ruler of the Niflheim Empire

In Final Fantasy XV, Iedolas is described as once beloved as a just ruler, the war changed him, and his newfound lust for power came to instill fear—not fondness—in the hearts of his subjects.

Sounds promising for the antagonist of the game, right? He is the reason why the plot happened in the first place. 

Yet, after his grand scheme took place at the start of the game, he is suddenly gone. Throughout the game, you get representatives of the Nilfheim Empire instead of the boss. Well, it does make sense since he is the emperor. He doesn’t go around doing a lackey’s job.

This gave me the impression that when I see him again at the end of the game, he would be stunning and all-powerful.

But no.

I got an old geezer. Disappointing. This makes him the last on my list as the hype that he created for himself did not live up at all.

9. Cindy Aurum

Cindy Aurum, a mechanic at Hammerhead

Cindy Aurum is Cid’s granddaughter and a mechanic at Hammerhead. Whenever you want to customize and change something about the Regalia, just drive her over to Hammerhead and Cindy will take care of it.

A sexy gal with a sexier passion for everything automotive. We have a dream girl right here. In the English version, she has a thick Southern accent. She is fun-loving and perky, too.

What I do not like about Cindy is her design. This is considering that the current design is already an improvement from her design during beta testing of the game.

I just do not like that her outfit is impractical for a mechanic. Her orange bikini top and denim micro-shorts make her look like she is a sexy carwash girl. Slap on a yellow cropped jacket, then, boom! We got a sexy mechanic. Which is a shame because Cindy is such a sweetheart.

With an outfit like that, her breasts would jiggle and bounce with every little movement. Beta testers were complaining about how overly sexy Cindy was because of all the jiggling. Instead of changing the bikini top into a sports bra or a camisole, the devs decided to remove the jiggling. Because of that, Cindy’s breasts looked unnaturally stiff and somewhat fake. Who knew a mechanic in Lucis could afford implants?

8. Iris Amicitia

Iris Amicitia, Gladiolus' younger sister

Iris is a sweet girl whom Gladio and the rest of the boys love and adore. In the game, she will be part of your party as a guest for a time. She conducts healing and close combat. Not too shabby for a 15-year-old girl.

What I particularly don’t like is her crush on Noctis. It’s natural, sure. Noctis is a prince and is handsome. Yet, there are parts of the game wherein her crush is more pronounced. It’s like an Aerith vs Tifa scenario.

Dude, she’s 15. The boys are already in their 20s. Cringe. Talk to us again, Iris, when you reach your debut then you might be a contender. One look at her character design and you know that she is a kid.

7. Aranea Highwind

Aranea Highwind, a mercenary working for the Empire

Aranea is a free-spirited mercenary whom the boys encounter multiple times throughout the game. Sometimes, she is on the bad side. Sometimes, she is good. All the time, she is a badass.

I love many things about Aranea. I love her surname, which is a nod to Cid Highwind of FFVII. She comes as a guest party member now and then. It is an absolute treat when she shows up in battle. It’s like a WWE wrestler’s entrance!

Her battle style is a homage to the Dragoon job class of Final Fantasy's past.  I can honestly say that she can wield a lance better than Ignis.

The only thing that I don’t like about her is her massive cleavage. It’s impractical in the sense that, if I was an enemy, I would command everyone in my team to aim at her breasts. It’s uncovered and it goes straight to the heart. 

Camouflage it with chainmail or fishnet, at least. Even the night sky can’t cover it due to her pearly white skin.

6. Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, Noctis' bride-to-be

Lunafreya is the main heroine in the story. She is the one destined to marry Noctis at the start of the game until Iedolas swooped in and stole the show. She is a princess and an oracle who wields the powers of communicating with the gods.

Lunafreya may look like it but she is no damsel in distress. She is smart and cunning -   as to how a leader should be. She can also hold her own in battle. I also love her romance with Noctis. They were childhood friends who developed feelings for each other. It was fun seeing all the little cutscenes in the game.

I just wish that she was given more screen time. Square attempted to fix that by creating her own Episode. Alas, her Episode was included in the last three canceled ones. The other two were Episode: Noctis and Episode: Aranea. At least, they novelized the three DLCs into Final Fantasy XV: Dawn of the Future

5. Ardyn Izunia

Ardyn Izunia, Nilfheim Chancellor

The official in-game description states that Ardyn is the Chancellor of Niflheim. Ardyn rose to power by introducing magitek infantry to the ranks of the imperial army and has since amassed political power at the emperor's side. An aloof manner shrouds the chancellor in mystery.

You meet this guy early in the game and you will continue to meet him as you journey all around Eos. He is intelligent and mysterious. On his first appearance, you would know right away that he is an important part of the plot.

Given his position, you would assume that he is a bad guy. Yet, his scenes offer friendship and advice. There is only one way to find out how he can help or destroy the gang.

His VA did an excellent job in matching his eloquent words with an eloquent voice. It could give Ignis a run for his money. 

I just wished that his outfit was more suited for someone who is a chancellor. I wish for something more posh and refined. He looked like one of those people aiming to travel the world in 80 days. The old fedora that he wore did not help, either.

4. Prompto Argentum

Figure 8 Prompto Argentum, class clown and all-around good guy

And now we are down to the Fab Four of the game!

Prompto is Noctis’ best friend from school, his kindness and sense of humor earning him a seat in Noctis’ heart. Thus, despite his non-royal upbringing, he also became close to Ignis and Gladiolus. Eventually, the four became inseparable.

What road trip would be complete without pictures? As they did say, “no pictures means it didn’t happen.” Since FFXV is the “roadoad tripof a lifetime”, I really am impressed that they thought about adding the ability to take photos in-game via Prompto. I know it’s also a marketing tactic but impressive nonetheless.

Some may say that Prompto is too comical, sometimes downright annoying. I do agree at some , points. But, I’m sure that you know someone who fits that bill as well. It makes Prompto’s character more real.

What I didn’t like about him was his story arc. It was Square Enix’s attempt to give him a tragic backstory. It did not make sense. It gave more questions and no answers. You know how backstories are supposed to make you go “Oh, that’s why” or “Wow, who knew?” Prompto’s was more of a “Huh?” than anything else.

3. Gladiolus Amicitia

Gladiolus Amicitia, the muscle of the group

Gladiolus is the oldest son of House Amicitia. He grew up alongside Noctis and Ignis. He was trained in combat to accomplish his task as bodyguard to the heir. He is the official Shield of the King.

He looks and sounds the part of your bulky and muscle character but he also has a good head between his shoulders. He really cares about the group. He is focused and determined as with his lines throughout the game. My favorite line of his is “Stop bitching. Start killing.”

Not only that but I really love that he is the voice of reason for Noctis. He really sees him as a friend and not just as a ward. He is not afraid to call him out on his shortcomings.

He wields a great sword and his techniques are amazing for AoE damage.

My only complaint is the reason why he steps away in some part of the game. I do understand that it is part of the plot to introduce Episode: Gladiolus. Still, given his character and dedication, his reasoning for stepping out is so off.

Yes, I do know that uncharacteristic decisions can happen but his reason is not strong enough for me.

2. Noctis Lucis Caelum

Noctis Lucis Caelum, the star of our show

Noctis is the heir to the Lucian throne. He is the main playable character of Final Fantasy XV.

He is the string that ties the bromance together. He has a good sense of humor. He is supportive and kind. In general, he has the true makings of a king.

I love playing him in combat. I believe he is arguably the strongest protagonist in the Final Fantasy universe. Lightning in FFXIII: Lightning Returns competes with him on the top spot. 

We are not talking about stats. We are talking about lore. His ability to wield any weapon, along with the almighty Ring of Lucii and the aid of the Astrals, Noctis is indeed one tough cookie. Of course, he also has the power of friendship.

Why is he number two? This is only because he reminds me too much of Cloud Strife – an emo boy with emo hair. He even has his own Lifestream-Esque moment in the game. Yes, he has a lot of weight on his shoulders but the premise of his breakdown is sort of flat. 

Before I really get into the moment and even shed a tear or two, the moment ends. This is considering that I am a fast crier when it comes to watching movies and such.

On top of that, his climax is… well, anticlimactic if you ask me. I was disappointed and heartbroken at the same time and for different reasons.

1.  Ignis Scientia

Ignis Scientia, Hand of the Kind and best boy

Ignis Scientia was trained all his life to take his role as adviser to the heir of the throne. Thus, he is the Hand of the King (getting Game of Thrones vibes.)

Ignis is smart and posh to a tee. I mean, his definition of casual wear is a suit! When Ignis talks, you can see his lifetime exposure to studies and texts. Or maybe, he has a fascination for all things Shakespeare and Austen. Also, who doesn’t relate to a coffee junkie?

His combat style is as fluid as the weapon that he uses. His techniques are a mixture of damage dealing, combat teamwork, and healing. He is like the Mother Hen of the group, making sure that everyone is good and well.

And his plot twist in-game is perfection.  It’s like something that can happen to a Game of Thrones Hand of the King. My heart was broken! Yet, in true Ignis fashion, he tries his best to push forward.

If you are unsatisfied with the ending like me, Episode: Ignis provides an alternative. Our best boy saves the day again even for one last time.

The only thing I do not like is his spiky hair. It’s too high for my liking. Good thing that he changed his style mid-game.

We have the list of the FFXV characters that we love and hate. Would you agree to the ranking on this list? It may have been five years since the game’s release and the game aged like fine wine. Check out how our characters fared in this FFXV review.

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