Top 5 Final Fantasy XV Best Hotels

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Two things to consider when staying in - price and experience boost

Experience gain in Final Fantasy XV is unique compared to other entries in the franchise.

Instead of EXP being automatically reflected into your Level, it will accumulate and be rewarded to you only when you rest in a lodging.

With that, choosing where you spend the night is important as some lodgings provide experience boosts. In this guide, I will be talking about the best places in Eos wherein you can stay and level up.

5. Hidden Getaway in Cape Caem

It’s not exactly the best. Okay. To be honest, it sucks. But, stay with me on this one. 

What Makes the Hidden Getaway Great

  • It’s free
  • You’re sleeping in a scenic area. – on a lighthouse hill!

There are no EXP boosts. There are no meals to cook here so no food buffs.

So why bother? The Hidden Getaway is a great place to rest or fast-forward time without spending a buck. If you do not want your EXP points to tally, make sure you equip the Nixperience Band before you rest here. 

Besides, the area is beautiful. It’s like giving your boys a cute vacation spot.

I used the Getaway to fast-forward the days for the carrot-farming quest.

Hidden Getaway Details

  • Free
  • Experience Boost x 1.0

4. Three Z’s Motels

Three Z’s is a chain of motels littered across Lucis. The place is cheap and the boost is not bad as well.

Any Motel will do fine but make sure to rest at the one in Taelpar at least once. A special scene with Prompto will come out. You will be given choices as to what to respond to Prompto. Be his best friend and you get the Playful Pop filter for the camera.

Three Z’s Motel Details

  • 300 Gil per night
  • Experience Boost x 1.5

3. Leville Hotel in Lestallum

It’s impossible for you to miss this place. You will be required to go here by Chapter 3 as part of the main story quest.

What I really like about the Leville in Lestallum is that you get exactly the same benefits as staying in any motel. Yet, the place is so much nicer. And you are smack right in the middle of the city. Talk about an upgrade!

Leville Hotel in Lestallum Details

  • 300 Gil per night
  • Experience Boost x 1.5

2. The Quayside Cradle

This will be fun. The Quayside Cradle in Galdin Quay will be available as early as Chapter 1.

If you do not want to wait until Altissia to start your strategic level grinding then The Quayside Cradle is a great place to start.

This place offers x2 EXP boost! If you have been racking up, say, 50,000 EXP and stay here, the boys will be rewarded with 100,000 EXP each!

Just make sure to equip the Nixperience Band if you need to rest beforehand but do not want to tally up your points.

Make sure that you have cash as each stay here costs 10,000 Gil!

The Quayside Cradle Details

  • 10,000 Gil per night
  • Experience Boost x 2.0

1. Royal Suite in Leville Hotel Altissia

Once you reach Altissia, you have an option to stay at the Leville Hotel there.

You may notice that there are two attendants at the concierge. You want to talk to the one ON THE RIGHT to book the Royal Suite. The guy on the left will offer the standard Leville Hotel room.

This room is truly fit for royalty as it provides x3 EXP boosts! The interiors are not bad as well.

The price is for royalty, too, as it costs 30,000 Gil a night.

Once the part of your journey in Altissia is done, you may come back to rest there by summoning Umbra at any caravan, motel, or hotel.

Royal Suite Details

  • 30,000 Gil a night
  • Experience Boost x 3.0


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