[Top 5] Final Fantasy XV Best Summons (Ranked)

The Hexatheon, all present in one photo.

We’ll be talking about the Top 5 Best Summons in this article which is the staple trademark of the Final Fantasy series.

The unique thing about the summons is that the same names and concepts are rehashed in every single instalment. Meaning that every summon design and personality are different while keeping the names and elemental nature the same. In this instalment, there are no summons story-wise. They are known as the Astrals, The Six or The Hexatheon who protect the world of Eos and are worshipped by its populace as gods. As the game’s plot follows, they bind a pact with Noctis either by themselves or by teaching them a lesson after which you can summon them in battle as conditions are met.

So come along and I’ll tell you the best summons in the game ranked from lowest to highest. Let’s go.

5. Bahamut (Good)

I am not going to lie to you, this Bahamut looks genuinely scary.

Bahamut Summon vs Ifrit

First up we have Bahamut who is also known as The Draconian or The Bladekeeper in-universe. Throughout the series, he is typically depicted as a dragon but in this instalment, he’s depicted as a giant deity clad in armour with a lot, and I mean A LOT, of blades. He’s also the in-game God of War of the universe. (Bet ya didn’t see that, huh?)

Out of all the Hexatheon, Bahamut is one of the most mysterious Astrals in-game since there are no records present which describes or even depict him. But he somehow is the chief of all the six deities. 

The one thing that I really REALLY hate about him is that we can’t get to keep or use his summon at all. Why? I do not know. He is only used ONCE and that too in a story-related cutscene where Bahamut unleashes “Ultima Blade” on Ifrit. That’s it. That’s part of the reason why I placed him on the bottom of the list despite not even having the chance to keep the guy.

Why Bahamut is good:

  • Cool design.
  • Flashy moves while performing “Ultima Blade”.
  • One of the most mysterious of all the summons.

4. Titan (Good)


Adamantoise vs Titan – Special Summon Scene

Next, we have the summon Titan who is also known as The Archaean resides in the Disc of Cauthess. You get this Titan automatically in Chapter 4 when you get to fight him disturbing his slumber. (That’s where you get the Blade of the Mystic Royal Arm as well.)

Part of the reason why there are shards present on his face is because he caught the Meteor and was resting ever since. That is until Noct came in knocking. But once he has made a pact with him, he’s one of the most loyal Astrals out there. Hell, he even makes a wall to protect Noct and Luna when fighting against the Leviathan in the later chapters.

To activate this guy, there are a certain set of conditions which need to be there. One of them being that you must be out in wide open areas. That’s a must for the Summon to activate. The other is that you and your party members have low health and are in danger zone. Just hold L2/LT and voila, Titan’s coming to save the day. Either by throwing a huge chunk of rock or by landing blows to it and punching the earth and forming walls after which the attack “Gaia’s Wrath” is done.

Why Titan is good:

  • Big tough guy ready to pummel some enemies.
  • The first Summon you get which proves to be quite helpful.
  • Performs “Gaia’s Wrath” which provides devastating damage in surroundings.

3. Leviathan (Better)

Ah, yes. The famous boss fight teased in multiple trailers which could’ve been a bit better.

Leviathan Summon

Up next, we have the Leviathan also known as The Hydraean. She is known as the Goddess of the Seas in-game and was planned to make an appearance in the then-known game “Final Fantasy Versus XIII.”

In most Final Fantasy instalments, Leviathan is depicted as a male serpent but in this instalment, Leviathan is known as a female. You get to use her as a summon after you defeat her in the climactic battle in Chapter 9 where the game takes a turn in terms of pacing and linearity. The conditions for summoning her are that ONLY Noctis must be in the danger zone AND the battle must be ongoing near a body of water, a lake or a river. (Which makes sense considering she is a water-elemental.) Gladio’s, Iggy’s and Blondie’s health bars are of no concern to her, sadly.

And well, while summoning, she gets to unleash “Tsunami” which deals loads of damage. So, yeah. Worth keeping.

Why is Leviathan better:

  • Useful if you’re fighting a tough boss near a body of water.
  • Deals a huge amount of damage.
  • Dependent only on Noct’s health and none other.

2. Shiva (Better)

Looks like Noct has got himself an icy Royal Harem, eh?

Shiva Summon

Up next, we have the famous Shiva on the list. Also known as The Glacian, Goddess of Ice and The Frostbearer, she makes another appearance in this instalment of Final Fantasy.

Out of The Six, she is the most friendly and compassionate towards humanity after witnessing Lunafreya’s dedication towards mankind as Gentiana. (If you know, that is her human form where she acts as the Messenger from the Gods to mankind.) Lore-wise, Ifrit did warm her heart a bit too before Ifrit started the whole War of the Astrals but before that, her heart was true to her name towards the whole of humanity.

You get her as a Summon when you complete Chapter 12 via a story-related cutscene and thankfully, you don’t have to fight her to get it but getting the conditions to summon her is often quite random. She can appear in the open world but not in dungeons and EVERY party member must be in danger state while having the battle prolonged for a long time. Plus, her making an appearance via summon is very rare. But once she does, she makes her signature “Diamond Dust” move and freezes enemies right there on the spot. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Why Shiva is better:

  • A great deal of damage dealt to enemies via her “Diamond Dust” attack.
  • Famous recurring summon making her appearance whichis a treat for fans.
  • Has a cool animation.

1. Ramuh (Best)

“Okay, kid. Come here and hop on my palm.”

Ramuh Summon

And on top of the list, we have Ramuh also known as The Fulgarian, God of Judgement and The Stormbearer.

Lore-wise, he was resting in Angelgard after the War of the Astrals until awoken by Lunafreya to bind the contract with Noctis. And luckily, you don’t have to fight him either. You get him as a Summon in chapter 5 and rain hell (pun intended) on enemies from the get-go. His only requirement to be summoned is long battles. That’s it. No danger zones required.

Personally speaking, this is one of the best summons in-game. Period. You get to use him in almost every battle and even in outdoors and dungeons. Suffice to say, he’s one of the more useful Astrals. And his famous “Judgement Bolt” does a massive amount of damage too.

Why Ramuh is best:

  • “Judgement Bolt” deals a tremendous amount of damage.
  • You get to use this summon both indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Most occurrences of Summon in-game with no health damage required.

“Alright, kid. My job here is done. I gotta skedaddle now.”

And that’s it with the list. Yes, I know I know Ifrit’s not on the list. That’s because he is a villain in it. If you want to use him as a Summon, get Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn but he doesn’t really play as a Summon either. More like a sidekick. Carbuncle was scrapped here and only appears in reviving players when playing in easy difficulty and Garuda is another summon that you can use after completing the Final Fantasy XIV collaboration quest but this list is for the top 5 most used. So there’s that.

Like Ramuh said in the photo above, I gotta skedaddle. See ya.

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