[Top 10] FF16 Most Powerful Abilities In The Game (Ranked)


You cannot show off your combat skills in front of your enemies without having some of the most powerful abilities in Final Fantasy 16, the latest entry in the long-running and historic RPG franchise of gaming.

Clive has a set of Eight Eikons that he can summon and use their Abilities on his command, and he can equip three of them at the same time with all the abilities of the Eikons being interchanged with each other, allowing the player to utilize the best of the stratagem and combat approach against the horde of enemies.

In today’s topic, we’ll discuss the most powerful abilities present in-game that will help give Clive an edge in combat against the hordes of enemies that he will face.


10. Dancing Steel (Powerful)

Precision Dodge

The Dancing Steel ability is part of Odin’s Skilltree that may not deliver much damage to the enemies, but it can make for some excellent combos, and it helps build up the Zantetsuken Gauge, which, when filled and upgraded, it can one-shot enemies.

Executing Dancing Steel is a tricky maneuver in that it requires the first slash to be hit on the enemy to initiate the combo; if that is missed, then it will take a while to refill that Dancing Steel gauge, but if the hit is a success, time will freeze and a flurry of attacks will be given, eventually filling up the Zantetsuken gauge.

Dancing Steel details: Summon a second blade and unleash a flurry of attacks. Each hit landed significantly fills the Zantetsuken gauge.


9. Rising Flames (Powerful)

Rising Flames

The first Eikon ability that you attain in the first playthrough of the game, Rising Flames, is Clive’s default ability that is assigned to the Phoenix Eikon, the default Eikon that Clive has unlocked.

Very useful for launching smaller enemies into the air and breaking the defense of a blocking enemy, you can execute the 4-hit combo after this move to perform the Rising Combo battle technique, and it has a very short cooldown compared to other Eikon abilities, making it very useful and powerful in the early game segments.

Rising Flames details: Summon a fiery wing that deals damage and can launch lighter enemies into the air.


8. Upheaval (Powerful)


Belonging to the moveset of Titan, the Earth Eikon, Upheaval is the next ability where Clive manifests Ttitan’s colossal arm and slams it to the ground to give massive damage to all the enemies surrounding him.

The great thing about this ability is that it can also be used airborne and without charging to deliver a more devastating impact!

Upheaval details: Slam a fist to the ground, dealing damage to all enemies within range. Hold the button to increase the range. Can be used in midair.


7. Flare Breath (Powerful)

Flare Breath.

Part of Bahamut’s skill set, Flare Breath is the next ability on the list that is worthy of mention, but it also acts as a double-edged sword.

You can entrap smaller enemies with this flame and delete their healthbars but it may not work well against big bosses and has a slow movement. You can, however, use it on bigger enemies when they are staggered to deliver that much-needed damage.

Flare Breath details: Breathe forth a plume of light-aspected flame that deals continuous damage.


6. Pile Drive (Very Powerful)

Pile Drive

Ramuh’s useful ability, Pile Drive, is nothing to be scoffed upon, as this ability can change the tide of the battle in mere seconds.

If you are surrounded by enemies and you cannot seem to control them, then this handy Eikon ability will help you with crowd control.

Pile Drive details: Drive Ramuh's staff into the ground, electrifying all enemies within a radius of the strike.


5. Earthen Fury (Very Powerful)

Earthen Fury.

The Ultimate Eikon Ability of Titan, Earthen Fury, takes the #5 spot on the list and for a very good reason.

All the enemies surrounding Clive get damaged with this move right here and can launch smaller enemies mid-air. This can heavily damage the boss enemies as well!

Earthen Fury details: Drive both hands into the ground, causing the land to surge upwards, sending nearby enemies flying.


4. Flames of Rebirth (Very Powerful)

Flames of Rebirth.

On #4, the Phoenix Eikon’s Ultimate Ability, Flames of Rebirth takes the spot, and we have to give credit to this Eikon where it is due.

Reviving Clive’s health while damaging the surrounding enemies can turn the tide of the battle for Clive, considering he is in a near-death situation, of course. If fully upgraded, this attack can deliver massive damage.

Flames of Rebirth details: Summon a massive pillar of fire that burns all enemies caught within the flames while also partially restoring Clive's HP.


3. Judgment Bolt (Super Powerful)

Judgement Bolt

The Ultimate Move for Ramuh, Judgment Bolt, is a worthy addition to the list as it packs a punch when unleashed against enemies.

This move has a relatively shorter cooldown compared to others, and on using this ability, Clive sends two Levinbolts to the sky (provided it is fully upgraded and mastered) and obliterates the enemies’ healthbar! Any surrounding enemies will also be damaged due to the impact of the attack!

Judgment Bolt details: Summon from the heavens a mighty levinbolt that deals massive damage to a single target.


2. Diamond Dust (Super Powerful)

Diamond Dust

On #2, we have Shiva’s Ultimate Eikon Ability, Diamond Dust, which is a game-changer when used correctly.

Clive surrounds his enemies with ice and freezes them as well as time itself and releases a blizzard to damage them as well as increase the Stagger multiplier, which can help you defeat enemies quicker and faster!

Diamond Dust details: Summon a winter storm that freezes enemies in place within a radius before dealing massive ice damage and knocking them back.


1. Gigaflare (Super Powerful)


Last but not least, we have Bahamut’s Ultimate Eikon Ability, Gigaflare, which releases a huge beam of light and deletes health bars in a mere second.

The great thing about this ability is its fast movement, rapid cooldown (which is the fastest for an Ultimate Ability), and versatile use against a multitude of enemies. This Ability is a necessary addition to your Eikon Skillset, which is why it takes the top spot.

Gigaflare details: Fire a massive beam of overcharged light that burns any enemy it hits.


And that’s about it with the most powerful abilities in-game. Hope you have a great one ahead.


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