[Top 10] FF16 Most Important Side Quests To Do


Role-playing games have two types of quests that are offered to players: Main Quests where the details of the main story are explored upon, and Side-Quests, short missions that deal with the repercussions or after-effects of the main story and provide insights to the plight of other people as well as bonuses and XP.

As it is the tradition of every Final Fantasy game, each and every game contains side-quests; the same can be said for the latest entry in the series. If you need insight regarding the lore, then all of the sidequests are necessary to complete, but in this article, we will be discussing the necessary sidequests that are sure to bring you upgrades in both your first playthrough and New Game Plus.

That being said, let us begin discussing the most important side-quests of the game.


10. All Bark & Playthings

Witness the sidequests here.

Both sidequests take place during the “Righting Wrongs” Main Quest and involve Moore, a village located on the outskirts of Northreach, as well as Oriflamme. 

On the road towards Moore, you will have the chance to partake in two side quests that will forever alter Clive’s viewpoint and his resolve to free Bearers all over Valisthea.

The first quest, All Bark, starts with a man named Benoit, requesting Clive to save his son from a wolf attack with a hefty reward. Once Clive killed the wolf, the boy came out and demanded Clive be dead since he had the Bearer mark at that time. 

Once Clive saw the body of another Bearer, he decided to bury him while being disgusting and lashing out against Benoit and his son. Upon reaching the body of the Bearer and burying him, the screams of Benoit and his son can be heard when they get a bigger wolf to hunt Bearers with. Talk about Karmic Justice.

The second quest, Playthings, sets the same dark tone established by the previous sidequest in that a girl named Lisette is standing near the gate of Moore and asks Clive to help her find Chloe, her pet. Clive agrees to help her, and a Fastidious Farmwife can be found directing Clive towards the location of the dead body. 

It turns out that Chloe is a dead Bearer girl and it isn’t the first time that Lisette had Chloe. In fact, she is more annoyed over her death rather than remorseful and is about to find another Bearer girl, earning Clive’s wrath. 

Why you should do these sidequests: 

  • Provides all the information regarding the treatment of Bearers in Valisthea.
  • Strengthens Clive’s resolve to free the Bearers once and for all.
  • Provides Lore Context to the game.


9. For Great Justice (I and II)

Explore the origins of Lostwing right here.

The next sidequests that we will discuss is regarding Lostwing, a village located in Central Sanbreque inside the Fallen ruins of an “airship” and controlled by Quentin, a mysterious ally of Cidolfus Telamon and sympathizer to the Bearer cause.

For Great Justice I reveals the origins of Lostwing and who Quentin actually was before forming the Bearer village. Available after completing the “Out of the Shadows” quest, this sidequest makes Quentin ask a favor from Clive which he accepts where he has to drive off Black Shields surrounding the outskirts of Lostwing. It is then revealed that Quentin was a former judge in Sanbreque and he created Lostwing to enact his vengeance on a former colleague of his.

The direct sequel to this sidequest, For Great Justice II, is available after completing the “Cloak and Dagger” quest where Quentin will be taking his small band of fighters towards the residence of his nemesis towards The Dragon’s Aery area and Clive will have to follow him to get him out of the trap set in that area. There, he will fight Minas, after which the rest find out that Lostwing has been taken over by Akashic enemies.

Completion of this quest would result in gaining the “Hanged Man” Signboard, and other items as a reward, along with lore points revelations.

Why you should do these sidequests:

  • “Hanged Man” Signboard as a reward, necessary for completing the Hall of Memories.
  • Provides all the information regarding the treatment of Bearers in Valisthea.
  • Strengthens Clive’s resolve to free the Bearers once and for all.
  • Provides Lore Context to the game.


8. Please Sir, Can I Have Some Morbol?

See Clive vs Morbol here.

This is a unique sidequest in that you will be required to find a Notorious Mark, slay it, and fetch its innards to Nigel, the head botanist located in the Hideaway.

This is your typical fetch-and-run sidequest, but this sidequest grants you a guaranteed upgrade via an Invigorated Morganbeard Extract crafted from the innards of the Morbol. You will need to have reached “A Song of Hope” main quest to activate it, and you will have to hunt the Notorious Mark “Carrot” at The Whispering Waters located northwest of the Three Reeds!

Why you should do this sidequest: 

  • The potency of your healing items will be increased.
  • Notorious Mark will be hunted, aiding towards the completion of a trophy.
  • Clive’s stature amongst his peers will increase.


7. Laid to Rest

See the sidequest here.

This is a rather simple sidequest, albeit filled with an emotional backdrop as it takes place in the continent of Ash within The Kingdom of Waloed.

You will need to have completed “The Last King” main mission and be on “Brotherhood,” from where a wounded Royalist soldier will request Clive’s help to place his ring near his parents' graves, which are located in Ranvenwit Falls.

Once you reach the cliff edge, you will oversee the graves. Interact with it, and you will get items as a reward, which are useful for crafting.

Why you should complete this sidequest: 

  • A perspective from the Royalist’s is presented towards Clive.
  • Reward items received that will help in crafting.
  • The only sidequest available in Waloed which is relatively easier to complete and provides a closure for the soldier as well.


6. The White Winged Wonder

See Ambrosia's Reunion with Clive here.

If you have played the prologue portion of the game, you must remember Ambrosia, the White Chocobo that accompanied Clive and helped him escape during the “Night of Flames” tragedy.

After the timeskip, Clive travels by foot, that is until he hears the exploits of a white chocobo helping the townspeople of Martha’s Rest, in Rosaria. To access this quest, you will need to have completed the main quest “Gathering The Storm” and interact with Rowan, the trader at Martha’s Rest, who will ask for Clive’s help as usual to find the chocobo.

It’s not until Clive defeats the poachers that he is finally reunited with his dear Ambrosia, who was the white Chocobo saving the townsfolk all along and seeing the reaction of the chocobo, he decides to give it to Clive. Completing this quest also grants Clive the ability to use the Chocobo during his travels, a tradition in the Final Fantasy series.

Why you should complete this sidequest:

  • A heartwarming reunion between Clive and his dear old Chocobo is witnessed.
  • Ability to travel the world through Chocobo is unlocked.
  • Lore insight is added.


5. Blacksmith Blues (I till IV)

See the errands of Blackthorne here.

Blackthorne is one of, if not THE most important members of the crew of The Hideaway, where he crafts one of the strongest weapons and armor for Clive and his Bearer army. The “Blacksmith Blues” sidequest series deal with the issues of Blackthorne trying to become a Blacksmith better than himself and the later two parts deal with his origins and how he became a blacksmith and how he was ostracized from his village Dravost, located in the Dhalmekian Republic.

You will receive rewards upon completion of these sidequests and blueprints for some of the strongest belts, vambraces and the Gotterdamerung sword, which is the strongest sword in the game. If you complete these quests in New Game +, you will receive the blueprint to unlock the Ultima Weapon, which is the strongest weapon in-game!

Why you should complete this sidequest: 

  • The Strongest Sword, Belt and Vambrace is unlocked upon completion of these quests.
  • Origins of Blackthrone is revealed to Clive.
  • Lore insight is added.


4. Under New Management (I and II)

See Northreach's Civil Unrest here.

This questline is unique in the fact that it sets a proper political tone in the city of Northreach in that the Duke of Oriflamme has come to Northreach and is changing the way the city is run, much to everyone’s disgust.

Completing this series of sidequest will grant the necessary items required to craft the Gotterdamerung sword and Ultima Weapon (in New Game +) which will make Clive in his strongest.

Why you should complete this sidequest: 

  • Political Intrigue of Northreach is addressed and resolved.
  • Crafting items for Gotterdamerung sword and Ultima Weapon (if you’re on New Game +) will be granted.
  • Lore insight is added.
  • Final two Hunt Board entries are unlocked.


3. Weird Science

Battle the Bomb King here.

Unlocked once you have completed the “Out of the Shadow” Main Quest, you will unlock a side quest that will give you a boost in terms of your satchel.

You will have to find Owain, the head alchemist present in the Hideaway, where he will ask you to hunt for the Bomb King and ask for Bomb Ash, present in the remains of the Bomb King. Once you complete the Hunt and you deliver the required items, Owain will reward you with Treated Potion Satchel, where Clive’s inventory will be increased.

Why you should complete this sidequest: 

  • Clive’s inventory capacity is increased.
  • Another entry is crossed off the Hunt Board.
  • Clive’s battle abilities are tested as “Bomb King” is a difficult opponent in itself.


2. Priceless

Share Clive's moment with Jill here.

A rather emotional sidequest which is unlocked right before the final mission, “Back to Their Origin” where Joshua writes a letter to Clive regarding the current emotional state of Jill.

She willfully gave her Eikon powers to Clive back when the pair had arrived in Waloed and this has made her depressed in the later years. To come up with a plan to cheer her up, Clive decides to find a field where Snow Daisies are found since Jill used to love them when she was a child, not until a monster comes in to ruin their special moment.

Completing this sidequest will grant you the Snow Daisy Garland Curiosity necessary to complete the Wall of Memories and a heartwarming moment of the two lovebirds.

Why you should complete this sidequest: 

  • Snow Daisy Garland is rewarded as completion for Clive’s Wall of Memories.
  • Heartwarming moment with Jill is seen.
  • Lore insight is added.


1. Where There’s A Will

Witness an emotional reunion here.

Perhaps one of the most emotional moments in-game where you talk to Joshua, who reveals that Cyril, a member of The Undying, who are dedicated to protect the Dominant of the Phoenix, has found their father’s will. Their father was none other than the late Archduke Elwin Rosfield, who passed away prematurely in the Night of Flames.

You will need to have to defeat a monster named Simurgh, which contains an item necessary for quest progression, after which, they will be revealed the location of Elwin Rosfield’s Memorial. The two share an emotional moment, and Joshua permanently joins your party.

Why you should complete this sidequest: 

  • Tearful reunion and lore insight is added regarding the late Archduke Elwin Rosfield.
  • Joshua permanently joins Clive’s Party.
  • Closure for the past of the Rosfield Borthers is provided.


And that’s about it with the most important side-quests in-game. Hope you have a great one ahead.


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