[Top 15] FF14 Best Adventurer Plates That Look Really Cool

Want to impress friends and strangers in FFXIV? Check out the Adventurer Plate system to find out how!
From top-of-the-line creations to meme masterpieces, these Adventurer Plates on FFXIV are changing the way players interact with each other!

Don't you just love showing off your online character in the many cities and hubs of Final Fantasy XIV? Are you itching to show your creativity through the ever-changing world of Eorzea? Through the beautiful process of creativity and informational exchanges comes the next best addition to Final Fantasy XIV's social system: the Adventurer Plates.

On April 12th, 2022, Patch 6.1 updated Final Fantasy XIV with Adventurer Plates, a new customizable interface. Essentially,  Adventurer Plates act as a 'mini-profile' customized by players to showcase their character's appearance and stats. This new feature helped players form parties and alliances and display their class/job roles, levels, and available playing hours.

Since then, Patch 6.2 (updated on August 23rd, 2022) further enhanced the customization options for Adventurer Plates, including custom Portraits that depict players with different gear/armor. Whether you intend to create Portraits for serious inquiries, casual role-play, or just to be funny, the Adventurer Plates are a great fit for all players to express themselves in the online world of Final Fantasy XIV.


FAQs about Adventurer Plates:

How Do I Make an Adventurer Plate?

Customizing your own Plate is simple enough, just start by opening up your Character Menu. After that, choose the ‘Adventurer Plate’ option. You'll be directed to the Adventurer Plate interface, complete with a default portrait of your character.


What Can I Edit on the Adventurer Plate?

Select the ‘Edit Profile’ option to customize the info about your character that's displayed on the Adventurer Plate. There are multiple topics you can change/switch out on your Adventurer Plate. These topics include your favorite Job/Class, title, and type of playstyle (dungeons, raids, role-play, etc.). You can also set what hours of the day you have available to play Final Fantasy XIV.

Do you want to craft a special message that comes up at the bottom of your Adventurer Plate? Thanks to Patch 6.2, you can do so with a Search Comment. At the bottom of the editing interface, you may type whatever kind of message you want, just keep in mind that you can only write up to 60 characters.


What's a Portrait?

This is an image of your character that you can customize to your liking. You can change how your character looks in your Portrait with different poses, expressions, armor/gear, background, lighting, and the overall design of the Portrait.

Start creating your Portrait by accessing the ‘Edit Portrait’ option while viewing your Adventurer Plate. This is where you can edit the Portrait that appears on your Adventurer Plate. To make things easier, you can also Import Portrait Settings so it saves your preset changes/edits for other designs, saving you the headache of remaking every design for other characters/Plates.


Is There a Way to Earn More Customization Options?

You can unlock different customization options for your Adventurer Plate by just generally playing the game. Completing quests can reward you with alternative titles to display on your name, as well as frames/backgrounds for Plates. Of course, you can always buy new Plate options via vendors or earn them through various activities (PVP, raids, dungeons, etc.)


How Can I View Other Players' Adventurer Plates?

Curious about how other people made their Plates? You can view other Adventurer Plates by right-clicking on another player's character and selecting the ‘View Adventurer Plate’ option.


Check out these awesome Adventurer Plates made by players. Some hold awesome poses and references, while a few are downright hilarious.

Here are the Top 15 Adventurer Plates Trending Now:


#15: A Pretty Pugilist.

This melee madam knows how to strike a target and a pose. Credit to u/player0614 on Reddit.

This Adventurer Plate shines as a great example of what a simple Plate can look like. In this Portrait, player0614 captures their Pugilist with a cutesy wink expression fitted with an appropriate bandana that screams "martial artist". The striped, blue background compliments the dark hues on Mirrah's armor and hair.

Is anyone else wondering what they'll look like as a Level 90 Monk? Maybe they'll go with the same color palette or try out a new one altogether for a fiery female warrior. Here's hoping that adorable cat sticker stays with Mirrah Mirano!


#14: Say Howdy/Konichiwa to this cowboy Samurai!

Giddy up, kouhai, we're defending Eorzea at high noon. Credit to u/spades1211 on Reddit.

Who needs a set of traditional Japanese armor when you could run around as a katana-wielding desperado from the wild west? Spades1121 breaks the norm of what a Samurai can look like on the field of battle, sporting a classic white cowboy hat with a dark shirt and a brown satchel holstering a pistol. It's safe to say that Kenshin Yujii knows their way around Eorzea as a Level 90 Samurai with that iconic western look.

You could count on this player being ready almost any day at any hour with their available time selected. With their Search Comment, Spades1121 makes it known that everyone's welcome and that no one is a stranger to them. A strong note to end with an equally strong Adventurer Plate design.


#13: Could the Miqo'te be Intergalactic Visitors?

Coffee "enjoyer" doesn't even begin to describe her love for a cup of joe. Credit to u/RevengenceIsMine on Reddit.

There are a whole lot of mysterious creatures and mythical races in Eorzea, so one of these species could be visitors from outer space! With RevengenceIsMine's Plate, they show off their character as a dark Miqo'te gazing below amongst the endless cosmos, accompanied by a passing ship in the background.

Of course, this possible space traveler is accustomed to the finer things in life in our world. As a Level 90 Sage, Kophi Supresso expresses their love for caffeinated beverages with a fitting Plate design (if their name wasn't evident enough). Kophi's preference for cold-hard gil over snacks promotes an enthusiastic demeanor for their Plate design that's out of this world.


#12: High-Altitude Scholar on the Horizon!

Is this player happy, scared, or just bowling in the sky? Credit to u/lynnkris90 on Reddit.

Here's a creative player who decided it'd be fun to launch their character high in the sky. Is Sweet-Pea enjoying their time up there since they're from the Au Ra race? With a Search Comment like, "Oh no, not again,” we can't help but wonder if this is the last time we'll see Sweet-Pea above the clouds again.

This is another great example of how players can bend the different possibilities of making their character's Portrait. With appropriate poses/expressions, you can mold your character to appear in any situation you can think of. Be sure to fly high, Sweet-Pea, unless this kind of altitude is not your style.


#11: A Smooth Samurai.

Even in the midst of perpetual danger, you got to know when to take it easy. Credit to u/Darkbeastzelda on Reddit.

Detlaff Regis lets other adventurers know that they’re a chill person and sets up a calm atmosphere with their laid-back Portrait. With a casual smile, closed eyes, and one relaxed pose, anyone who sees this humorous (and a little captivating) Adventurer Plate can feel at ease. There's also a nice Final Fantasy VII reference with their clan badge displaying the Wutai Nation.

Adventurer Plates are a nice way to tell others just what kind of player you are in Final Fantasy XIV. As creator Darkbeastzelda has shown here, just a little work with the Plate editing system can make a hardy melee job user look carefree just as any healer job user (minus the fact when they go to battle). Given that the creator placed a Wutai reference, is it possible that the name 'Regis' is also a callback to Noctis' father in Final Fantasy XV?


#10: A Cheerful Dancer with a Unique Time Schedule.

This "Doting Doman Dumpling Head" makes up for one innovative Plate design. Credit to u/Vermin23 on Reddit.

The Adventurer Plates offer a great way to show off your creativity to other players, whether it be a cute pose of your character or flexing that innovative brain for some out-of-the-box ideas. With Vermin23, they nail two of these concepts into one swell-looking Plate, that is, if you're able to notice it. Aside from the adorable double-peace sign and extravagant appearance of Vermin23's character, there's a special little message hidden inside their available play time gauge.

The character's name, Himitsu, is spelled out on the play time gauge with the highlighted hours filled in. Now that's a unique way to let others know just how creative you can be with your own Plate. Wouldn't it be great if the highlighted hours spelling Himitsu's name is the player's actual available play time? 


#9: Hope This Lalafell Doesn't Fall!

Let's pray that Lalafell doesn't Lalafall from wherever these mugging Moogles came from. Credit to u/aichanuwu on Reddit.

The Lalafell people are known to be short, and while they can handle monsters just as well as others, it appears that they too have their own run-ins with mischievous Moogles. But with the pleasant castle scenery in the back, there’s a chance that these rascals are perhaps friends with this player. Whatever the situation, one thing's for sure: these two Moogles are taking Aichanuwu for a little ride.

This Plate is a great example of using stickers in one's Portrait. The clever use of having Moogle stickers lining up with the player's pose gives the illusion that they're flying away with her. It seems Himitsu is not the only player writing words in their time gauge either; so, can you spot Aichan's secret message?


#8: Is This The Original Warrior of Light from Dissidia?

A classic homage to a classic FF icon. Credit to u/Evolvingjoker on Reddit.

Diehard fans of the Final Fantasy franchise know that the 'Warrior of Light' title was not originally introduced in the fourteenth installment but was used in the very first game back in 1987. True worshippers of Final Fantasy would also know that the Warrior of Light from Final Fantasy Dissidia is depicted the same way Evolvingjoker made their character's Portrait. 

Everything from the armor, pose, Job, and even Search Comment matches what the Warrior of Light from Dissidia would canonically be like. This should inspire other players like Evolvingjoker to recreate past protagonists from previous titles onto their own Plates, whether their characters are an exact copy or just resemble those heroes in their own way.


#7: A Dancing Cactuar Dealer Blocks Your Path!

Friend or foe, this prickly adventurer will deal the first blow. Credit to u/anon1039 on Reddit.

Now we're starting to see some monsters in these Portraits, but who knew they were this stylish?  This dashing little Cactuar not only looks great, but they're holding up a powerful hand of cards as they flashily block your path. We also can't ignore that glittering castle in the background.

This Plate shows that not every Portrait has to include your character's face. Utilizing Glamour (preset clothing), stickers, and effects, this brilliant Portrait makes for one captivating image, resulting in a beautiful, bizarre piece of art. 


#6: A Mage In Their Element.

Creates a "Kingdom Hearts" kind of vibe, huh? Credit to u/UrmaLovesYou on Reddit.

This piece captures an otherworldly Portrait of a Black Mage Lalafell, falling into their own element of magic. The contrasting colors of black against white magic are captured here through the frame and background. It gives off a mystical sense of being caught between two types of magic that are both the same and entirely different.

It's a simple Plate and Portrait design, but the color palette and the Lalafell's expression, pose, and armor make it a piece worth discussing. Through the editing of the Plate settings, you too can make a piece that reflects your character's inner spirit through their respective class/Job, just as UrmaLovesYou has shown here.


#5: One Bodacious (Lala)fellow.

This guy definitely has no idea what he's doing in Eorzea, and we love every minute of it! Credit to u/Sorr0wz on Reddit.

Sometimes, even the Lalafell people can show off their own unique style befitting their own humorous personality. For creator Sorr0wz, their character fits that profile with a fiery flair. Surely, you can't go wrong with that amazing shades and goatee combo.

Here, we have a Plate that has a simple character design yet is straight to the point on how the player is socially. If someone came up to you with the name "Baked Beans Of the Golden Ladle", you just know you're in for a good time (with some possible jokes and culinary enthusiasm). If you can't trust someone with the 'Brain status' of a Tonka Truck like Baked Beans here, then who can you go into battle with?


#4: A Convincing Wanted Poster.

Not all Warriors of Light stay on the righteous path forever. Credit to u/sterdecan on Reddit.

Sometimes, you don't always want to portray yourself as the good guy anymore. Ever wanted to feel wanted, in an "evil villain" sort of way? Well, creator sterdecan has constructed a great example of building up your Plate as a wanted poster of a felon on the run.

Opal Eye here is a dangerous Samurai, associated with the Drinking Responsibly gang. Her characteristics include a steel amulet, rugged armor, and her most definable attribute: her completely white eye. Anyone brave enough to stand against her could win an enormous reward of $60 billion. What's the exchange rate of dollars to gil in Eorzea anyway?


#3: No One's Scared of Clowns Here, Right?

All that's missing is a red balloon and a drain pipe.  Credit to u/Mezoteus on Reddit.

You couldn't possibly think there would be any kind of silly-looking clowns in the fantasy land of Eorzea, right? Well, you're technically correct, because the clowns here are menacing in nature. With Mezoteus' Portrait, you'd think that they'd be better off with an intimidating helmet rather than a frightful, red nose, but you'd be wrong.

With a mix of proper lighting, a too-eager expression, and a giant red nose, Mezoteus had successfully made a proper, frightening clown Portrait of their character. Can you imagine the fear random players feel when they see this loading on the PVP screen? The Red Mage Job is just perfect for this Portrait, maybe they hold their Black and White mana in that big nose of theirs.


#2: An Idol Can Make It To Eorzea Too!

Making all your dreams come true with some signing and dancing on your foes. Credit to u/stang90 on Reddit.

Idols have an international reputation in our world, but who knew they could make an appearance in the land of Eorzea? Creator stang90 cooked up a wonderful representation of what an idol in Final Fantasy XIV could be like, all in her cheerful, super-moe look! 

Speed O' Round makes her appearance known through her energetic double peace pose and playful wink as she stands in front of a grand castle background. The Portrait frame also appears as a smartphone, further sealing the deal that this magical idol is taking a picture somewhere in Eorzea. If only her chosen Job was a Dancer, that way she could both entertain and heal her party members during raids.


#1: It's a me, Warrior of Light!

Becuase why not have the best plumber from Brooklyn defend the realm of Eorzea? Credit to u/Electronic-Feed4553 on Reddit.    

Finally, we have the number one spot for one of the coolest (and most recognizable) characters in gaming history, the big Mr. Nintendo himself. At least, it's a cheerful fan recreating Mario's iconic outfit and jumping pose. With the addition of gold coins to the side and the cheerful Search Comment, this player shows that anyone from any game can be made in Final Fantasy XIV (at least, in their Portraits).

What better position could this recreation of Mario be known as than a Flame Captain for his use of the Fire Flower? Isn't it just great that the player's chosen Job is a Dragoon, the one class that deals a lot of damage by jumping? The only thing that's missing from this masterpiece is one significant factor: a brown, bushy mustache. 


Overall, these Adventurer Plates have made Final Fantasy XIV a better social game than before. These Plates offer another chance for the millions of players in Eorzea to further distinguish themselves in their virtual world of fantasy. Whether you decide to make your Plate for serious inquiries, role-play factors, or just to meme around, make sure that you have a lot of fun laughing and discovering the wonderful world of Final Fantasy XIV's Adventurer Plate system.


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