[Top 5] FF14 Best Solo Classes

A Black Mage casting a powerful spell

Final Fantasy 14’s long-awaited patch 5.4 arrived only a couple weeks ago, and since then, players have been enjoying various class and job changes. The most recent patch has really shaken up some of the classes as there was a major overhaul of a class as well as some minor but crucial tweaks to other DPS classes. Because of these changes, we’ll take another look at solo classes in FF14 and determine which five are the best so far for solo content.

5) White Mage

A White Mage raising her staff in the night sky

White Mage retains its spot among the top 5 as the best healer class in the game, and while Scholar did see a couple of minor updates with the 5.4 patch, Scholar will need a lot more love if the class hopes to compete with White Mage and Astrologian. Overall, White Mage remains an excellent class because of its raw healing power, decent damage, and straight-forward rotation.

Why White Mage is great for solo:

  • Best of the three healing classes
  • Raw healing power
  • Damaging spells like Holy
  • Easy class to learn
  • Overall, fun to play

Solo Rating: 74/100

4) Paladin

A fearsome Paladin

With no changes to any of the tanking classes in the 5.4 patch, Paladin remains the best tank, although Dark Knight gives it a run for its money. Insane defense buffs will keep a Paladin thriving whether they’re soloing a Fate for EXP or fighting through the challenging Palace of the Dead alone. Add in a mix of damage-over-time actions and some standard damage dealing moves, and Paladin becomes a great option if you’re craving a boost of defense in your solo FF14 experience.

Why Paladin is great for solo:

  • Best of the four tanking classes
  • Excellent defense buffs
  • A healing spell to keep up HP
  • Decent damage output

Solo Rating: 79/100

3) Monk

A Monk ready for battle

Monk is the real winner of the 5.4 patch, and with total overhaul of the class, Monk is now able to compete now with other high ranking DPS classes. As an okay support DPS with a relatively clunky rotation, Monk lacked the firepower of other melee DPS classes. However, with the tricky Greased Lightning action now allocated as a trait, Monk is able to keep its support buffs while also enjoying a smoother rotation and far more impressive damage output.

Why Monk is great for solo:

  • Buffs like Brotherhood boost damage
  • Overall damage output for nearly every action was significantly buffed
  • Greased Lightning is now a trait
  • Easier to master rotation
  • More fun to play and less frustration

Solo Rating: 83/100

2) Samurai

A Samurai unleashing a powerful attack

Of the four melee DPS classes, Samurai was the only one that did not receive any updates, and for good reason. While not a team player in any sense, Samurai still remains one of the hardest hitting DPS, which makes it an excellent choice for solo content. Samurai also enjoys one of the simplest to master rotations, making it even easier to decimate enemies with little effort. 

Why Samurai is great for solo:

  • Insane damage output
  • Simple and easy rotation
  • Damage buffs boost already high damage
  • A powerful and rewarding class

Solo Rating: 89/100

1) Black Mage

A mysterious masked Black Mage

Alongside Samurai, Black Mage is another of the heaviest hitting DPS classes currently in the game. Using a mix of ice and fire magic to balance your mana, Black Mage is able to unleash fearsome amounts of damage with flashy explosions and powerful spells. An added bonus is just the amount of fun you’ll have with this class.

Why Black Mage is great for solo:

  • Some of the best damage output
  • Tears easily through enemies
  • Balancing ice and fire spells can be a fun challenge
  • Several actions allow for quick movement

Solo Rating: 91/100

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