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Fishing is one of the most relaxing classes you can pick up in Final Fantasy 14, but sometimes, leveling can be frustratingly slow. Fishing is slightly different than the other gathering classes because you have to make sure you’re in the proper location and using the right bait depending on what fish you’re trying to reel in. It’s also important to keep your gear up to level so you’ll reel in higher quality fish and lower your chance of them getting away. Otherwise, follow this quick guide with tips on the best fishing spots, bait, and levequest locations per 10 levels, and you’ll be a level 80 fisher in no time.

Levels 1-9

Leveling Guide

Your level 1 and level 5 fishing job quests are fairly easy and you can complete both by fishing outside the Fisher’s guild using Pill Bugs or Lugworms as bait. Levequests for these levels can be found in Red Rooster Stead, and keep an eye out for Triple Leve Quests starting at level 5 because they can award you triple the amount of EXP if you turn in extra fish. If you’d rather save up your leves for higher levels, fishing in the Nym River in Middle La Noscea using Moth Pupa or Crayfish Balls or fishing in Middle La Noscea’s Summerford with a Pill Bug or Goby Ball are your best bet.

Levels 10-19

Leveling Guide

Fishing in The Mourning Widow, West Agelyss or the Nym River using Moth Pupa or Crayfish Balls will help you complete the level 10 job quest, while for the level 15 quests you’ll want to head over to Brewer’s Beacon with some Rat Tails as bait. Level 10 levequests can be found in Quartertone while level 15 are in Aleport’s Skull Valley. If you’re particularly lazy and don’t mind spending a few gil, you can buy the lower level fish from the marketboard and then turn them in for quests for a quick EXP boost. Otherwise, fishing in Swiftperch using Pill Bugs and Rat Tails is great for leveling between 10-15 and Fallgourd Float in the North Shroud is the best place for slightly higher level catch if you’re using Bloodworms or Midge Baskets.

Levels 20-29

Leveling Guide

Once you’ve completed your level 20 fishing quest in Oakwood and the level 25 quest in Fallgourd Float, head to Silent Arbor for your levequests. It might be best to focus on those triple levequests here because there aren’t as many optimal fishing spots for levels 25-28. Fishing with Crow Fly bait in Oakwood until level 25 and in Burnt Lizard Creek or The Silver Bazaar until level 28 are the best places. After this you’ll want to move on to the Ceruleum Field in Bluefog and use Chocobo Fly or Syrphid Baskets. Level 22 will unlock the skill Release.

Levels 30-39

Leveling Guide

Between these levels you’ll unlock Dunefishing, which allows you to  fish for desert fish in areas like Southern Thanalan, and Double Mooching, which will let you use a smaller fish as bait for a higher level fish. Levequests are in Bloodshore and Dragonhead. Fishing in the Ceruleum Field using Syrphid Baskets is still the best spot until you reach level 35. Then, you’ll want to move over to the Sangoili Desert with some Sandleech as bait.

Levels 40-49

Leveling Guide

Level 45 unlocks Cloudfishing and the best place to grind around this level is at The Sea of Clouds. Before level 45, you’ll want to check out The Burning Wall in Eastern Thanalan. Again, don’t forget the levequests in Whitebrim and Saint Coinach’s Find as they’ll really help you power through these levels.

Levels 50-59

Leveling Guide

At level 51, you’ll unlock the skills Patience and Powerful Hookset, which will help you out in the later quests catching HQ fish. You’ll also have access to the scrip system now by speaking to Collectable Appraisers in all the cities, and make sure to take advantage of that when leveling especially if you’re low on leves. Check out the levequests in the Foundation and don’t forget the level 50 side quests in the fisher’s guide. For levels 50-51 use Balloon Bugs and Red Balloons at Greytail Falls, levels 53-58 use Stonefly Nymphs at Voor Sian Siran, and use Goblin Jigs at the Delta Quadrant for the last two levels.

Levels 60-69

Leveling Guide

Level 61 unlocks Spearfishing, which is a great way to boost EXP during these couple of levels especially since there are limited fishing spots. Also take advantage of Spearfishing’s Veteran Trade skill so you won’t have to waste time catching lower level fish that you’ve previously caught. Umineko Teahouse holds levequests and a couple of side quests. The One River Southern Riverbeds is a good spot until level 68, and after that you’ll want to head over to The Isle Of Zekki in The Ruby Sea. You’re almost there!

Levels 70-80

Leveling Guide

Level 70 unlocks Crystarium Deliveries, which are special deliveries that have up to 12 allowances a week, and can reward a fair amount EXP. Around this level also try to grab some Landking Scrip gear if you have the scrips as that will give you a needed stat boost for some of these harder to catch fish. Levequests are found in The Crystarium although try to avoid the levequest “The Source of the Problem”because it can be more hassle than it’s worth. To grind, check out Southeast Source for levels 70-73, Seagazer Shoals for levels 74-76, South Longmirror Lake for levels 76-78, and lastly, Where the Dry Return to finish up the last couple of levels.

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