[Top 3] FF14 Best PvP Classes that Wreck Hard

Final Fantasy XIV best pvp class
Crushing Foes has never been easier.

What Are The Best FF14 PvP Jobs?

PvP is all about testing your skills against other players and trying to see who is the strongest.  Everyone has something to prove except for blue mages; they are the worst. They can only prove they have a unique sense of posh and style among the others.  Do you want to wreck your enemies? Stay far away from this class if you are looking to pick a class that specializes in demolishing your opponents than look no further! 


 Three classes are wrecking their way through the meta of the game currently. This list is broken down into which classes are the best tank (Beefy warriors), the best DPS (Damage peeps), and the best support  (Healers.) 


After looking through several threads and overall ranking from the last season of PVP it looks like a lot of the classes are all viable however there are three that have seen more action in the arena than others. And these three classes are currently the best of the best

1) Warrior

Get ready to run away when this class enters the fray!

Out of all of the classes since day one Warrior has stood above all of the other tanks. Even after every update, the  Warrior is still the king of Melee classes. Side note: Nothing is scarier than seeing someone with a great battle-ax running at you with glowing eyes.  

What makes Warrior OP in PvP: 

  • ·The Warrior is not only the strongest tank class in the game can dish out tons of damage. 
  • ·They have high damage output and high survivability. Good luck trying to win in a one on one fight because  The Warrior cuts down any foe standing in their way with lethal blows while taking a beating.
  • ·Both it's Onslaught and gap closing abilities are easily two of the best in a warrior's arsenal. Alongside its bread and butter combo, the warrior is practically unstoppable!
  • ·They are sometimes unkillable rocking close to around forty thousand HP when reaching the level cap.
  • ·The Warrior can take a lot of cross-class skills from both the Paladin and Dark Knight, making it a well-rounded fighter suited for any situation.

PvP power rating: 90/100

How to build a powerful Warrior               

2)  Dragoon

The masters of the high jump, These dragoons control the power of dragons themselves in order to rend their foes and mow them down. In fact, some of the best players in the meta right now are dragoons!

What makes this class OP in PvP:

· The dragoon has very good utility and can overwhelm an entire team of players.


· The dragoon isn’t an overly complicated class. And can be easy to pick up. This accompanied by a wide range of skills and abilities and makes it an absolute killer. 


· Keep Jumping to victory! 


·The  Dragoon recently got a good amount of buffs making it much stronger than it already was. 


·Picking dragoon doesn’t necessarily mean you will be a god at destroying your foes, but if you master the dragoons abilities you might do pretty good.


PvP Power rating: 75/100

> How to build a Powerful Dragoon.                               

3) Black Mage

You are a nuke.

The Black Mage is a master of the dark and ancient arcane magic while also being the lord of explosions and damage. Every single aspect of the way this class is built screams OP. The black mage is completely unstoppable. Do you like to sit back and throw pillars of flame and death everywhere? Then this is the class for you!

What makes Black Mage OP:

- Everything. But seriously, the damage that this class can dish out alone is more than two to three monks all hitting the same target at the same time.

- Out of the casters in the game, the black mage easily tops the charts with the strongest area of effect spells around.

- The Amount of spells that the black mage has is less compared to its siblings however each spell has much more impact and can completely overwhelm opponents


-  Their Rotations are simple to learn and easy to master. not to mention they back one hell of a punch!

- If you pick a Black Mage, nothing can stand in your way from absolutely devastating your foes with arcane magic specializing in making your enemies go Boom!

How to Build a powerful Black Mage

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