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The top 5 starting classes to help you on your journey in defeating darkness

What starting class will you choose?

Boasting a whopping 20 million players, Square Enix’s popular MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. Having recently extended the free trial through the entire first expansion and slashing the price of the game in half during August, there’s no better time to check out FF14. Whether you’re starting the game for the first time or you’re a veteran player creating a new character for that sweet new character EXP bonus, this guide will give you a heads up when choosing a class and  help you avoid embarrassingly common sprout, or new player, mistakes.

5) Lancer

Official concept art for the Lancer class

With the limited amount of starting classes, Lancer is still a decent option for starting players, especially if you have no experience playing other MMORPG’s and are unsure about jumping straight into healing or tanking. As a melee DPS, Lancer relies on combo actions and damage buffs to deal damage to enemies. Unlike other starting DPS classes, Lancer does not have an AOE attack, so you will have to take out enemies one by one. Also watch out for Lancer’s Jump attack because once its quick animation is triggered, you won’t be able to move until after it is over even if you are standing in the middle of a boss’ deadly AOE attack. 

Why Lancer is one of the best starting classes:

  • Easy introduction to DPS class and combo actions through True Thrust, Vorpal Thrust, and Full Thrust
  • You unlock a ranged attack, Piercing Talon, at level 15, making it easier to target enemies far away or on the move
  • Combo actions, coupled with damage buffs like Life Surge, Disembowel, and Lance Charge deal maximum damage
  • Unlocks the class Dragoon at level 30

4) Conjurer

Official art for the Conjurer class

If you’ve had experience healing in similar games and want to pick up that role in FF14 then Conjurer is the best class to start with. Simple and straightforward, Conjurer uses HP restoring spells and a handful of basic damage spells to support their team. Unfortunately, Conjurer is the only main healing class that is available as a starting class since Arcanist is a DPS/Healing class. Defeating enemies may also take slightly longer than a DPS class would.

Why Conjurer is one of the best starting classes:

  • Teaches healing with strong HP restoring spells like Cure, Medica, and Cure II 
  • Ability to resurrect fallen players is unlocked early on at level 12
  • At level 30, unlocks White Mage, which is the best of the healing classes and one of the best classes in the game overall
  • Faster queue times than DPS, so leveling can be less of a hassle

3) Gladiator

A Gladiator readies for battle

Like Conjurer, if you have had experience tanking in similar games or if you’re feeling particularly adventurous then Gladiator might be a good starting class for you. With a sturdy defense and decent HP, Gladiators use their shields and basic damage combos to protect their teammates. As expected, Gladiators deal less damage than DPS classes.

Why Gladiator is one of the best starting classes:

  • Teaches basic mechanics of tanking with tank stance Iron Will, and basic combo attacks Fast Blade, Riot Blade, and Rage of Halone
  • Unlocks AOE attack Total Eclipse at level 6 as well as a ranged attack at level 15
  • At level 30, unlocks Paladin, which is one of the best classes in the game
  • Like Conjurer, Gladiator has  faster queue times

2) Archer

A Roegadyn Archer

Second best of the starting classes and a fan favorite, Archer is a physical ranged DPS class that relies on damage buffs and damage over time (DoT) attacks to destroy enemies. While it doesn’t use combo attacks like other DPS classes, the DoT attacks are a useful skill to learn. Archer unlocks Bard at level 30 as well as the ability to play instruments which, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to hold a miniature concert in Limsa Lominsa? 

Why Archer is one of the best starting classes:

  • Physical ranged allows the player more movement to avoid enemy attacks 
  • There are no spell casting times so the player does not have to stand still in order to attack like magical ranged classes
  • Unlocks AOE attack Quick Nock at level 18, allowing you to target many enemies at once
  • Overall, attacks and abilities are straightforward and easy to pick up

1) Arcanist

Official art for Arcanist

Arcanist takes the number one spot as an excellent starting class because of its range of DPS, healing, and tanking abilities. As a magical ranged DPS, Arcanist does damage with a variety of DoT attacks as well as has the ability to summon battle pets to inflict damage, but it also has quite a few useful healing spells. 

Why Arcanist is one of the best starting classes:

  • DoT attacks like Bio, Miasma, and Bio II do damage with help from buffs like Fester
  • Can use the basic healing spell, Physick, at level 4 and unlocks Resurrection at level 12, both of which come in handy supporting your team’s healer when they’re in a pinch
  • Can summon a tanking pet to take enemy aggro off of you and momentarily tank if the tank is down
  • At level 30, unlocks the healing class Scholar as well as the DPS class Summoner, which is typically considered one of the best classes in the game


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