[Top 5] FF14 Best Crafting Class

FF14 Best Crafting Class
Lets fix this Crafting Class Confusion

What are the best crafting classes in Final Fantasy 14?

Welcome to the best crafting classes of Final Fantasy 14. I’m sure you’ve visited the realm of Eorzea, seen your options and stopped- 

Where do I start? 

Which one do I pick up first? 

Should I concentrate on one or pick up a few? 

I am familiar with your dilemma for I am the fool who tried to do them all at once.

While that left me struggling for a time I soon figured out which to ignore and which one to concentrate on first. 

Allow me to prevent you from struggling the way I did. Here I am providing you with five of the greatest crafting classes in Final Fantasy 14 with all the reasons why you want to concentrate on them. Trust me, these classes are worth it.

5 – Culinarian (CUL)

Culinarians get to wear one of the best hats in-game.

If you have always wanted to cook a meal that reaches the very pinnacle of flavor here is your chance. Join the Culinarians guild in Limsa Lominsa and you’ll be making your own cornbread and Bouillabaisse in no time! 

While food does not sell for millions of Gil on the market board, the culinarians guild is still worth investing your time in. In FFXIV food increases your XP in-take, making levelling a character that much quicker. Experienced FF players always eat food before a dungeon so there will always be a small market for the items. 

The storyline for the Culinarians guild is not to be missed as it gives a critical insight into the world of the Politician who will cause you a nightmare as the ending to a Realm Reborn unfolds. Do us all a favor and poison his aldgoat steak next time he drops by.

 I use the culinarians guild like I use botanist, a way to wind down and relax in-game. It always seems to make me hungry though.

Here are five reasons to love Culinarian.

  • You get to make Lord Lolorito squirm.
  • It inspires you to cook a great meal in real life. (Where can I buy aldgoat?)
  • The food provides a great XP boost for levelling.
  • It is a relaxing class to play.
  • There is always a small market for food on the market board.

4 – Weaver (WVR)

Be careful with the Spindle on that wheel, we all know what happened to Sleeping Beauty.

Weaver is one of the many guilds scattered in the maze that is Ul'dah. Here you will learn how to sew garments for healing and glamour. 

If you are saving up MP at the gold saucer then this skill is a godsend. The leader of the guild, Redolent Rose, stands at the gold saucer in disguise waiting for people to enter his dress-up challenges.

Not only is this a fun event to do but, with weaver skills under your belt, you can make the items you need to get top marks, instead of battling for the pieces on the market board. What’s more, when you know what will win, it is a good chance to sell those items on the market board for some extra Gil.

The skills of a botanist are a great match for the weaver’s guild as you will often need to collect cotton or Mokos grass to make your pieces. 

The second storyline of the weaver’s guild, the one that starts in Heavensward, is a beautiful tale of a mother and her daughter. If nothing else, it is worth doing to be witness to such a remarkable and well thought out scene. Brought tears to my eyes.

One of the best things about the weaver’s guild, however, is that there is always a market for glamour. Rack up the Gil by selling these pieces on the market board, you don’t even need them to reach a high-quality ranking for people to want them!

Here are five reasons to love Weaver.

  • Making your own amazing Glamour.
  • Selling Glamour for mucho gill.
  • A beautiful storyline accompanies the craft.
  • Redolent Rose Challenges at the Gold Saucer.
  • High-quality healer gear.

3 – Leather Worker (LTW)

Create your pals leather armor so he can blame you the next time he spends a dungeon on the floor.

Make your own armor, accessories and sofas. Leatherworker is a good all-rounder, to begin with. Like carpentry, it has many products that you can make that sell rather well on the market board. However, dealing with the master of the leather workers guild can be an intimidating experience.

Geva is not a woman to be messed with. You give her what she needs at the quality she demands or risk quailing under her dangerous glare. 

Seriously, I struggled with an early quest where she needed something of high quality. I just was not getting there, but I dare not buy a piece of the market board to pass as my own because she had instilled such fear in me that I honestly believed she would know.

Similar to carpentry in many respects of the crafting skills, leatherworker can prove to be vital to your survival if you are a DPS that would normally work alone. All the low-level pieces you pick up can easily be made in high quality if you level up your leatherworker. This saves both time and Gil. 

Not to mention, most of what you need to build leather armor is picked up naturally, like animal skins and hide. I would recommend, however, picking up miner as alumen can be quite pricey on the market board.

Bottom line, Leather Worker is perfect if you are a DPS, but if you are a Healer you may want to look into weaver, and tanks need armor so it’s best to check in with an armorer.

Here are five reasons to love Leather Worker.

  • Easy for someone just starting out in crafting.
  • Cheap to start as you get most of your needed goods by killing animals.
  • You can make your own pieces of armor saving time and Gil.
  • The furniture side of the crafting journal has some awesome pieces.
  • Geva is one of those NPC’s you want to get to know.

2 – Alchemist (ALC)

Look intelligent with the alchemist outfit.

Alchemy is tucked away in a little corner of Ul'dah. High up in the maze of the city, it is often missed. And yet, it is not a story you want to miss.

Here you will finally find a use for all of that blood you’ve been collecting as you slay animals. You will also be forever supplied with health potions that you can make at a low level, a useful skill by all accounts. And if that isn’t enough, alchemy gives you access to creating all of the other useful potions you can take into battle like Antidote, Eye drops, Echo drops and Smelling salts.

With a storyline to hit you in the feels and a quest giver you just want to hug, Alchemist has the most painful yet most rewarding story by far.

From helping reunite a man with the woman he loved, to searching for a serial killer with the power of alchemy, this class has some of the most intriguing stories in FFXIV.

Here are five reasons to love Alchemist.

  • The storyline.
  • The ability to create your own potions.
  • A way to use all that blood.
  • Alchemists are the ones who create Grimoires for Arcanists.
  • Makes a lot of the things high priced carpentry items use (like glue). Great for selling on the market board.

1 – Carpenter (CRP)

Create all the furniture for your in-game house with the skills of a Carpenter.

The Carpentry skill can be picked up in Gridania. Beatin will then take you through the intricacies of wood and show you how to create the perfect weapon, shield or bracelet. In the crafting journal, you will also find a whole collection of furniture you can now make.

Every crafting skill has a storyline, the storyline here is heartwarming and tense all at the same time. Make a new bow for a soldier who does not want one, despite the fact that his own bow cannot take much more. 

Can you make it in time to save the life of this numpty?

There is a lot of enjoyment to be found in turning wood into a table, or a bow, or a Knight Captains chair that will fetch you mucho Gil. Be warned though, it can be quite expensive to get all the ingredients to make these awesome pieces, so I highly recommend taking up botany alongside carpentry.

By turning carpentry into collectables, you also have the chance of exchanging for Materia and gear. 

Here are five reasons to love Carpentry.

  • Using Carpentry skills to make and sell furniture is the best way to make a fortune in Gil in FFXIV.
  • Many other classes require lumber that you need carpentry skills to make.
  • The only crafting class story I know that sends you running into a warzone for story purposes.
  • Beatin is another well fleshed out NPC that you would love to know.
  • Easy collectables; exchange your work for Materia and gear.

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